B"H Thursday, 24 Sivan 5779 | June 27 2019
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Rabbi Kotlarsky & Shliach Meet Mayor
Picture of the Day - Portugal

On Friday, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky of Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch and Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld, the Shliach to Portugal, met with Mr. Carlos Carrères, mayor of Cascais, a city in the center of Portugal, a luxury suburb of Lisbon.

Rabbi Rosenfeld and the mayor have established a good relationship since his arrival in the country seven years ago, a link that greatly helped the development and success of Shluchim's activities in the country.

Rabbi Kotlarsky spent the Shabbos in the city, during which he farbrenged with the leaders and members of the Jewish community. The visit to Portugal was the first stop before of the European and central Africa regional Kinus which started today in Girona, Spain.

17 Sivan 5777