B"H Wednesday, 23 Sivan 5779 | June 26 2019
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Meah Shearim: Vandals Desecrate Lubavitcher Shul
Shock and disgust: Anonymous vandals  broke into the old Chabad shul in Meah She'arim last Friday night, wrecking and trashing  the shul walls, stealing books and pamphlets, and damaging everything in hand.

The acts were discovered when the legendary gabbai Rabbi Zvi Chanun returned as usual on Friday night in order to lock the shul gates to prepare and arrange for Shabbos after the last "oivdim" had already left for home.

Upon his return to shul, Rabbi Zvi was amazed to discover the horrors, when various materials were poured on the shul's walls, books and pamphlets were taken, and real havoc was wreaked inside the shul.

During the evening the gabbai and other worshipers worked to restore order as much as possible.

"The Lubavitcher Shul in Mea She'arim serves as a beacon for thousands throughout Yerushalayim, and every Shabbos hundreds of people flock to the shul to be uplifted in the light of Chassidus. The shiurim that take place throughout the week attract crowds, and as we prepare intensively for the joyous moments of the upcoming Yom Tov, we are sadly witnesses to these difficult phenomena. I am sure we can overcome this.

"Even those who have done the deeds are  invited to taste the light of Chassidus, and I am sure that once they have experienced the their souls' uplifting, they will not be able to part from it," he said.
26 Iyar 5777