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Photograph: Noel Kessel
Despite Rain, Sydney Parade Greatest Ever
What an Amazing Day!

Hundreds of families and thousands of onlookers took part in one of Sydney’s greatest Jewish parades in recent times!

The Great Parade took place in honour of the Festival of Lag Baomer.

Starting at the Iconic Bondi Beach on a beautiful Sunday morning, the place was packed to watch a very talented Ilan Smith all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa to perform mind blowing tricks as part of his Illusionist show, first time in Sydney, Australia.

Following the show, formalities were emceed by Director of the Parade and Chabad Youth NSW, Rabbi Elimelech Levy and included greetings from, Dean and Spiritual Leader of the Yeshiva Centre - Chabad NSW Headquarters, Head Shliach Rabbi Pinchus Feldman OAM as well as Rabbi Paul Lewin, President of the Rabbinical Council of NSW. The Hon. David Clarke MLC and Councillor Leon Goltsman of Waverley Council.

In a special show of prominence to the children, the 12 Torah Pesukim – passages’ were led by primary school aged children representing schools, educational institutions and Synagogues from across Sydney. This segment was presented by Rabbi Yehuda Straiton of Kesser Torah college.

Event organiser, Rabbi Elimelech Levy said; Thank G-d, it was truly an amazing event, it brought the whole community together in celebration. All the Jewish Day schools supported and promoted the Great Parade and a special thank you to all the individuals in each school and organisation who helped encourage the Parade in their surroundings.

Following the formalities, the Police held the Traffic to allow for the Parade to march along the main streets of Bondi Beach. Leading the way were impressive floats each by a different organisation, each with another positive message to the world, all had taken very significant effort and time to make. Next came the main Banner. Then came the Bondi, Campbelltown and Camden Marching Band, Chicken and Clowns Followed Hundreds of Children in Tzivos Hashem all marching in rank and the whole community carrying creative banners of all colours and sizes encouraging acts of goodness and kindness.

Thousands of bystanders along the route were cheering on the parade and taking pictures on. Many joined in and sang along the happy songs.

The Parade culminated at Barracluff Park where there was Dodgem Cars, Round Up ride, bungee trampoline and many more amusements awaiting the excited paraders, Also at the park was, a delicious Barbeque and live band, Banner competition, Arts and Crafts, Illusionist show and more.

"Everyone had such a great time", said Avremi Joseph, associate organiser of the Parade. "Adults and children really enjoyed themselves; there was a wonderful atmosphere".

"Even though the weather was not perfect" said Rabbi Levy," so many people braved the rain to parade through Sydney’s busy Bondi".

We are very thankful to all those who helped make Lag Baomer such a great day, the Sponsors, the communal leaders, the organisations and schools, volunteers, the CSG and all those who participated especially the children.

Pictures taken by Noel Kessel

20 Iyar 5777