B"H Wednesday, 23 Sivan 5779 | June 26 2019
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Please Adopt the Biniashvili Family
Rabbi Yona Biniashvili, OBM, was the Shliach in the Beit Hakerem neighborhood of Yerushalayim for twenty seven years. He was known for his selfless devotion to his Shlichus and a passion to help his fellow Yid in any way possible.

On the 11th of Sivan 5776, at the young age of fifty, he suddenly passed away from heart failure, leaving behind his wife Miriam and six children ages 12 to 24 years old.

Reb Yona was a very active Shliach. As such his activities were ahead of his budget, yet he always made sure his family had what they needed. His sudden passing left them in debt and without their primary bread winner. This put Miriam in the impossible position of carrying the financial responsibility for her family as well as single-handedly caring for her six young orphans.

For over eleven months she heroically attempted to make ends meet without turning to others for help. This task, however, has proven to be too much for her to bear. The debts continue to mount with the growing needs of her family.

On the 3rd of Sivan (one week before her husband’s first Yahrzeit) she will B’ezras Hashem marry off her son. what is a source of happiness and comfort in this year of mourning, has become a tremendous stress. It is the “straw” that made it impossible to manage on her own.

With no other choice, she turned to the “Adopt a family – Shluchim fund” for help. We assured her that we would do all we can to raise the funds necessary for the wedding and to set up a fund that will pay up her debts and help her achieve financial stability. We took this upon ourselves because we simply couldn’t do otherwise. How can we watch a women that served her community for 27 years with Misiras Nefesh fall apart as she carries this load all alone?

I am confident that you – her extended family – fellow Anash and Shluchim around the world, will join together and carry the burden of securing financial stability for Miriam and her six children. We will not let her down!

I urge you to open your hearts and donate as generously as you can. I personally assure you that your donation will go directly to Miriam and her family in the most respectful manner.

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20 Iyar 5777