B"H Thursday, 24 Sivan 5779 | June 27 2019
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Photograph: Shmais
Loss: R' Aviv Stein, OB"M

With sadness we inform you of the untimely passing of R' Aviv ben Moshe Halevi Stein OB"M. R' Aviv passed away at the age 65.

The levaya will take place today-Tuesday at Shomrei Hadas, 3803 14th Ave 6pm, and passing 770  at approximately 7:00pm.

Kevura will take place at Chesed Shel Emes 113 Old turnpike Woodridge NY 12789 at 9:30 pm.

Shiva will be observed at 608 E. 8th st Brooklyn NY .

The Niftar is survived by - yibadlu l'chaim tovim - his wife Wife, Abigail and children: Dovid, Moshe, Meir, Menachem, Shoshana , Leah, Chani, Malky and Tsirel.

14 Iyar 5777