B"H Thursday, 24 Sivan 5779 | June 27 2019
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Photograph: Chaim Tuito
Hachnosas Sefer Torah in North Cyprus

 For the first time in history, a new Sefer Torah was completed and welcomed into the local Bais Chabad in North Cyprus, directed by Shliach Rabbi Chaim Hillel Azimov. The last letters were inscribed by sofer Rabbi Betzalel Yakunt of Kfar Chabad, and donated by philanthropist Hillel Leonardo Farkas, who was unable to attend the gala simcha.

Fellow Shluchim and family members were on hand to celebrate with the community and the Shluchim. Participating in the historic occasion were Shluchim Rabbi Mendy Chitrik (Istanbul), Rabbi Mendy Levitin (Givat Ada), R' Shlomo Azimov (Kfar Saba), and Rabbi Zalman Wishedsky (Basle, Switzerland), and Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Krichevsky (Keren Meromim), Rabbi Moshe Nisson Azimov, brothers Rabbis Shmuel and Sholom Ber HaCohen Aharonov and Chazan R' Berel Zucker.

 At the conclusion of the tahalucha, hakofos and official event, the Shluchim farbrenged until the wee hours.

9 Iyar 5777