B"H Tuesday, 6 Tammuz 5778 | June 19 2018
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Impressive Pilpulim at Annual Kinus Torah
It’s been happening for more than 50 years and it happened once again this year. The annual Kinus Torah in Chicago took place on Chol Hamoed Pesach at Cong. Bnei Ruven.

The program began with divrei brocha by the event organizer, Head Shliach of Illinois Rabbi Meir Moscowitz and was followed by Rabbi Baruch Hertz, Mora D'asra who gave a talk in connection to sfiras haaomer.

This years guest speaker was Guest Speaker noted Rov, HaRav Dovid Zucker Rosh Kollel of the Chicago Community Kollel who spoke at length about the Halochos of Chol Hamoed.

The program was followed by a number of local Tmimim who shared impressive pilpulim.

Since the early Lamed years, an active participant and later a driving force behind the kinusim was the late Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz a’h.

Rabbi Moscowitz would often recall that some of his friends would deride him and his Chabad friends for “wasting” time that could be used for Torah study to give out shmurah matzah or to help people make the blessings over the lulav and esrog. Yet when it came time to share a Torah thought at the Kinus Torah, they were too busy at the ballgame.

22 Nisan 5777