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Kiryat Malachi: Large Group Visits Chevron
" I was not at the Meoras Hamachpela for fifty years!" ... "I was very excited, it was a special experience" ... "After the Six-Day War the school took us to Chevron ..." Since then I did not get to visit the graves of their fathers and mothers. " .. residents of Kiryat Malachi remarked.

One hundred residents, including a large group of WIZO club members, traveled yesterday (Monday), the 24th of Shevat in two bulletproof buses to Chevron, to commemorate occasion of the yohrtzeit of Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel.

The group said Tehillim together, and continued to the Meoras Hamachpela, where they davened. Rabbi Yosef Hartman, who has been voluntarily organizing trips to Chevron for nearly fifty years (!)( five generations of his family lived in Chevron, read a Pidyon Nefesh Kloli for Am Yisroel, for the many patients complete recovery and and the Geula. Rabbi Yosef Schneerson assisted in the coordination; both are descendants of the Rebbetzin.

A seuda was prepared for the group at the Gutnick Hall, and were joined by hundreds of Anash and descendants who gathered to honor their illustrious and holy matriarch.

Rabbis Zev Dov Slonim and Moshe Tzvi Halperin as well as Shliach Rabbi Danny Cohen, R' Boruch Nachshon and R' Noam Arnon addressed the large crowd at the farbrengen.

Rabbi Yosef Hartman thanked those who subsidized the trip, including the head of the Department of Jewish Culture of Kiryat Malachi - Attorney Rabbi Betzalel Mizrahi.



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