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She Did Her Avoda with Mesiras Nefesh

The source of the name “Mushka” is in the gemara (Berachos 43a) referring to the fragrance “mushk” (the Rif and Rabbeinu Yonah refer to it as “Mushka” ). The Rambam and other commentaries say that “mushk” is the translation of “mor dror” (wild (distilled) myrrh – musk)(wild (distilled) myrrh – musk) which is mentioned in Tissa 30:23 ).

Many women’s names (in Hebrew and other languages) are names of flowers and other fragrances. The name Mushka was given originally as the name of the fragrance. The Alter Rebbe explains in Torah Ohr the spiritual avodah symbolized by the Moir is “is’hapcha” (transformation to the good).

(Sefer HaSichos 5750 p. 297)


The Rebbetzin. . . She did her avodah with mesiras nefesh (self sacrifice). This was the emphasis in her upbringing and education: mesirus nefesh , which completely permeated her. This should be an inspiration to us, we should learn from her conduct and live in her spirit, to emulate her mesirus nefesh in our daily lives, in all aspects of Torah and mitzvos : to establish shiurim in Chassidus and nigleh , especially in those places that don’t yet have shiurim ; to strengthen existing shiurim , including also topics which arouse to Yiras Shomayim (fear of G-d), especially to avodas ha’tefilah (prayer), performance of mitzvos including tzedakah . Especially naming children with her name and bringing them up in her spirit, which adds life, vitality and long, healthy good years.

(Sefer HaSichos - 22 Shevat 5749 p. 236)



Harav ha’tzaddik R. Mendele Horodoker led a group of Chassidim to settle in the Holy land, after the histalkus of his Rebbe, the Mezritcher Maggid. Once a commotion broke out in the street, that Moshiach had arrived. R. Mendele Horodoker was resting at the time. One of the family members quietly entered R. Mendele’s room, whereupon R. Mendele abruptly got up and asked: “What happened?” The family member replied that there was a commotion outside that Moshiach has come! R’ Mendele went over to the window, opened it and sniffed the air outside and said: “I don’t sniff Moshiach!” and he went back to rest.

When the Mashpia, R’ Gronem told this story, he explained, that inside his house, R’ Mendele always smelled the air of Moshiach, that’s why he had to go to the window to sniff the air out.

(Likkutei Sipurim by R. C.M. Perlow p. 284)


Moshiach is already here. . .

When R. Shlomo Yunik (one of the caretakers who helped out in the Rebbe’s house) was once discussing certain problems (during the trial of the seforim ) with the Rebetzin Chaya Mushka , he remarked that soon Moshiach will come and then we will not have any of these problems.

The Rebetzin responded: Moshiach is already here, we just have to acknowledge and recognize him! Shlomo Yunik then grabbed the opportunity and said to the Rebetzin : Why don’t you just ask him to, and he will reveal himself? And the Rebetzin answered him: It would be preferable that you ask him – he will listen to you faster!


(As heard from Shlomo Yunik)

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