B"H Sunday, 7 Iyar 5778 | April 22 2018
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Photograph: Odelia S
Or Chaya: Thousands at Annual Gathering

Thousands of women from across the country gathered in Yerushalayim to commemorate Chof Bais Shvat, the yohrtzeit of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka. The gathering was hosted and coordinated by the Or Chaya Center for Jewish Women.

Speakers included Rabbi Yaakov Halperin of the Yerushalayim Municipality, Mayor Nir Barkat, Mrs Sara Nachshon and Rivky Kotzer, who read the Kapitlach of the Rebbe and Rebbetzin, guest lecturer Shliach Rabbi Nissan Dubov of Wimbeldon, England, Mrs. Daniella Golan, director of Or Chaya, and Mrs. Rochie Michalashvilli. Mrs. Yafush Barkan and Tehilla Rabinowitz, and  Nemuel Harouche provided the musical interludes with nigunim. 

The highlight of the gathering was a plea to the Rebbetzin by Mrs. Golan to bless each and every woman present in all realms of life. The letter will be read at the Rebbetzin's holy resting place on her yohrtzeit.

The evening was produced by Michael Caplin Productions. 

19 Shevat 5777