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At the Ceremony
At the Ceremony Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo
Rabbi Shimon Elituv Inaugurated to Council

Rabbi Shimon Elituv was inaugurated into Rabbinate Council on Tuesday, along with 14 other Rabbonim, after a period of four months without a council. The ceremony took place in the President's residence, where the Rabbonim pledged loyalty and to fulfill their duties. The new members of the council are Rabbis Yosef Gliksberg, Y.D. Grossman,.Y. Ralbag, A. Yosef, Y. Peretz, R. Arusi, T. Rozeh', S. Elituv, Y. Shapiro, and S. Eliyahu. The council is headed by the chief Rabbis as well as the Rabbis of the three largest cities: Yerushalayim, Tel Aviv and Chaifa.

A large contingent of Lubavitcher Chassidim and family members were on hand to hear Rabbi Elituv inaugurated to this new and honorable position, congratulate him and wish him success.

Rabbi Elituv, in a conversation with our Shturem correspondent, was quite down to earth. "The celebrations are over, and now we get to work. It is my true hope to be able to assist Shluchim all over the world and the Lubavitcher Rabbonim here in all aspects that are connected to the Rabbanut. Of prime importance is the removing aof the barriers that exist between the public and the Rabbanut, and to bring Yiddishkeit to the farthest corners of the country."


7 Cheshvan 5769
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1. innocent question
what happens to there poor guys when Halacha and gov't interests clash? Where do these Rabbonim stand? Between the frying pan and the fire! I wouldn't be happy to be in his shoes.
8 Cheshvan 5769