B"H Wednesday, 17 Iyar 5779 | May 22 2019
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Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
 Jewish Man Attacked with Ax, Badly Injured 

A 26-year-old Jewish man was attacked by an ax-wielding neighbor earlier in the day in the Ukrainian city of  Dnepropetrovsk. The young man was badly injured and rushed to the hospital, where he underwent surgery ■ Head Shliach and Chief Rabbi Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki,  told Chabad.org that the operation was successful, and that the young man’s status remains “serious, but stable ■ more  

"Soldiers Saved the Entire World"
 CIS Jewish Community Celebrates Victory Day 
Photograph: Levi Nazarov
Hundreds of Jewish communities across Russia commemorated yesterday the country’s victory over Nazi Germany in 5705. Victory Day, celebrated in Russia every year on May 9th, is an important date for the country, whose entire population, including millions of Jews, was affected by World War II and its aftermath ■ Rabbi Lazar recited the Kaddish prayer for soldiers, who perished fighting the Nazis ■ more
Elation in Dnipropetrovsk
 Ir HaMelech Hosts Special Guests 
Photograph: Shturem/Ukraine
The Jewish community of Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, received a special visit from the Jewish businessman and philanthropist Hillel (Leonardo) Farkas from Chile along with a distinguished delegation of Rabbis and Shluchim of the Rebbe, headed by the Vice- Chairman of Merkos, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky and his son Rabbi Menachem Mendel Kotlarsky ■ more 
Mivtza Purim 5777
 Rovno, Ukraine: Purim in the Mikdash 

After the great success of last year's Purim in Yerushalayim, Rabbi Schneur Zalman and Racheli Schneersohn, Shluchim to Rovno, Ukraine,  took the next step and launched the ultimate Purim celebration: Purim in the Bais HaMikdash ■ Rabbis Menachem Makover and Yisroel Ariel, world-renown experts on the Bais Hamikdosh, assisted with the technical details ■ more

Fire in Haditch
 Huge Blaze Rages at Tzion Site, B"H No Injuries 
Photograph: News 24
A huge fire raged in Haditch, Ukraine, at the Hachnosas Orchim site near the holy Tzion of the Alter Rebbe. B"H the Ukranian firefighters were able to control the blaze, and there were no injuries reportedmore
Mivtza Purim 5777
 Boundless Simcha in Kharkov 
Purim in Kharkov was celebrated around the clock, starting with an early morning performance at the Kharkov Circus with over 2,000 people in attendance.Everyone joined despite the early hour on Sunday to hear the megillah, get Mishloach Manos, put on Tefilin and enjoy the simcha of Purim ■ more
Mivtza Purim 5777
 The Four Mitzvos & A Frozen Megillah 
Photograph: Shturem
A Megillah carved in ice was the center of attraction at a Purim event for the Jewish community members in Omsk, Russia. Shliach Rabbi Osher Krichevsky, who hosted the seudah, helped the crowd fulfill the four mitzvos of the day ■ more
Mivtza Purim 5777
 Moscow: Thousands of Yidden, 100 Events 
Photograph: Levi Nazarov
Moscow, Russia: Thousands of Yidden of all types and stripes, attended 100 (!) Purim events at venues across Moscow during the 24 hours of Purim. Megillah readings, gatherings, Tzivos Hashem rallies, masquerades, seudos and farbrengens took place across the city by The Rebbe's Shluchim, headed by Head Shliach Rabbi Berel Lazar. ■ more 
Purim 5777
 Moscow: Mincha & Machatzis HaShekel 
Photograph: Levi Nazarov
The Jewish community of Moscow fulfilled the minhog of Machatzis HaShekel at the Marina Roscha Shul, lead by Head Shliach and Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar. After Mincha the entire community davened Maariv and broke their fast with a rich assortment of refreshments for all ■ more
Cheder Menachem, Moscow
 Excited Mechina Boys Get First Siddur 
An emotional ceremony took place recently in Moscow, when the students of the mechina class received their very first Siddur. The event was celebrated in Cheder Menachem, with proud parents and guests on hand for this exciting milestone ■ Head Shliach and Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar addressed the children and guests, and presented each boy with his siddurmore
Photo Gallery
 Halal Under the Supervision of Rabbi Lazar 
Photograph: Levi Nazarov
Such cooperation, can happen only in Russia: The Muslims proudly introduce kosher products fit for Muslim consumption ( 'halal') that actually stand under the supervision of the Russian Rabbinate BaDatz, which Muslims trust and market them among the Muslim public ■ more
B"H Good News
 Rabbi Deitch: Wife and Baby B"H Improving 
Photograph: Shturem Archives
Yesterday thousands of fellow Shluchim and Anash across the globe stormed the very Heavens in tefillos for Shlucha Sora Chana bas Fruma and her newborn baby boy, who were in serious condition ■ R' Zalman reports an improvement in the baby's health as well, and thanks Anash for their heartfelt prayers and support ■ more
A Holy Atmosphere
 Rabbi Ashkenazi Guest at Dneper Yeshiva 
Photograph: Shturem
Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi, rov of Kfar Chabad, visited the the Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Dnepropetrovak, Ukraine, during a visit to Ukraine. Rabbi Ashkenazi addressed the Tmimim and the staff, spoke words of Torah, and shared his positive impressions of the yeshiva and the Tmimim, the serious learning atmosphere and heilige atmosphere ■ more 
"Shluchim Shtetl"
 Winter Camp for Yaldei HaShluchim Success 
Over 80 boys and 90 girls from nine European countries including Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Northern Cyprus, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary and Poland, traveled to Zhytomyr and Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine for a week full of friends, activities, Chassidishe chayus and inspiration at “Shluchim Shtetl ■ more
Chabad of Georgia
 Tblisi: Shluchim Host President Rivlin 
The President of Israel Mr. Reuven Rivlin visited FJC’s community in Tbilisi, Georgia yesterday, as part of a two-day official visit to the country. He met with FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Chabad school and kindergarten children, danced with them in Tbilisi’s ancient synagogue and addressed community members ■ more
Mivtza Chanuka 5777
 Moscow: Chanuka Joy for Hospitalized Kids 
Photograph: Levi Nazarov
This year, for the first time ever, Chanukah parties were arranged in Moscow hospitals for children with various diagnoses. There is no doubt that the Chanukah joy brought to them by the community cheered them up, helping them in this difficult period in their young lives ■ more

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