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 Longevity-3320 Years and Counting 
Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Companies often advertise themselves as “in business for 89 years,” “brewing beer since 1874,” “loyally serving you for six decades.” By invoking generational continuity these businesses are trying to elicit confidence. We tend to trust something that has lasted for an extended time period. It means that the company is time tested, has weathered ups and downs while others failed and has the experience and know-how that you can depend upon. That’s why it has lasted so long.

Never mind that many of these companies have changed hands and are no longer owned or controlled by the founding family. Still, the mere mention of longevity engenders trust in the brand. Read More
 THE Golden Calf - The challenge of success 

Much has been said how pain and loss often serve as wake up calls, making us aware of deeper truths. How about joy and success – what do they tell us about the human condition? When you are riding high and celebrating success, do you feel arrogant and self-important? Posturing as if you deserve all your blessings and taking them for granted? Or do they make you humble and gracious?

One of the ultimate barometers of life’s destiny is measured gauged by the way we behave in times of plenty. But the challenge is great: The complacency and false sense of confidence bred by success can be our worst enemy.

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 Clearing the Rubble 
Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Rabbi Simon Jacobson

If a mapolet (collapsed building) falls on someone [on Shabbat], even if it is doubtful whether he is there or he isn’t there, whether he is alive or dead, whether he is a Jew or a heathen, one must clear the rubble-heap from him.

How far should one check (if the victim’s body shows no signs of life)? Until his nose. Another opinion is: until his heart. If one finds that the higher ones (i.e., those in the upper part of the rubble-heap) are dead, one should not presume that the lower ones have also died; it happened that the higher ones were found dead and the lower ones lived.

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 KADDISH - Beating Death 
Honoring the conclusion of reciting Kaddish for my father, Gershon Jacobson, Nissan 19 5766, April 17, 2006
 Father, I will ask you... 
"Father, I will ask you four questions".That is how I – and millions of other children – would begin asking the traditional four questions at the annual Passover Seder.
 The Freedom to Ask Questions 
The Passover questions are intended to avoid repression.
 From Rome to Jerusalem - Excerpts of a diary 
Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Tuesday, March 15, Purim 2006 – Milan, Italy - Land Monday at Malpensa Airport in Milan.
 A moment of truth 
3318 Years and Counting
 Faith and Reason 
Photograph: Boruch Nachshon
With all the recent talk about faith and reason, it seems wise to retrace the steps to the roots of this conflict.
 The Root of Arab Rage 
Many wonder what lies behind Arab rage against Israel? Why the double standard when dealing with Israel?

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