B"H Thursday, 24 Sivan 5779 | June 27 2019
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Rabbi Shea Hecht
 Should we stop Simchas Beis Hashoeva 
After my last Op-Ed article about young Tishrei visitors to Crown Heights, who come and spend the month without a program or supervision, I was deluged with response and feedback. There were those who reached out to me by e-mail, those who bumped into me in the street and some people who called me by phone. After thanking me for bringing the subject out into the open most people had some variation of the same two questions: A) Did the article help create change? B) What's going to be with Simchas Bais Hashoeiva? Can we facilitate any change there? ■ More
 Don't send your kids to Crown Heights without a program 
Rabbi Shea Hecht
Rabbi Shea Hecht
The fact is that over the past few years, I have seen and heard about teens that have come to Crown Heights for the month of Tishrei and were seriously harmed B'Gashmius and B'Ruchnius. They were lost to their family and lost to their community. Leaving teens on their own - without supervision - is never a good idea. ■ Therefore, I urge all parents, with love and caution, not to send your teens to Crown Heights for Tishrei unless they have a full program every day of the week, 24 hours a day. ■ Continue
 The ABC's of dating 
Awareness of what you need and are looking for in a spouse. In communities where parents do the searching for their children's spouse they should know what their children are looking for.

Background check is very important before you proceed. Read More
 Peace for Peace 

Contrary to what you read in the media, since its founding in 1948, the State of Israel has tried every which way to make peace with her neighbors. And still gives much more than it gets when it comes to peace.

For the longest time I've been saying that when it comes to the Middle East the only way is "Peace for Peace." Nothing else will work. Not land for peace, not prisoner releases for peace or any other concessions for peace.

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 When a Police Commissioner Visits Crown Heights 
Rabbi Shea Hecht
Rabbi Shea Hecht

With all that is going on in our community, Crown Heights is lucky. The Police Commissioner, Raymond Kelly, has worked in our community as Police Officer and the Commanding Officer of the 71st precinct. He would visit and spend time at 770 and was very friendly with the Rebbe's secretaries. During his tenure with the NYPD Commissioner Kelly has served in 25 different commands and in fact, held every single rank.


I would think that this gives him a unique perspective of the tension and difficulties that Crown Heights has been experiencing lately.

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 Religious Pride 
Rabbi Shea hecht
Rabbi Shea hecht

It's no secret that I am Jewish; I sport my religion with great pride. When I read about other people who take public pride in their religion it gives me great joy. Here are two stories which I trust will be as inspiring to you as they were to me.


First there's the article titled "Pilot On Mission To South Pole Takes Religious Articles With Him."

Though there are only 2,000 other human beings living in minus-20-degree temperatures of the South Pole a small flame of Judaism will flicker in Antarctica over the next six months.

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 What Makes Marraige Work 
The title of a recent AP article really made me happy. The title "U.S. Divorce Rate at Lowest Level Since 1970" seemed like great news.

But the euphoria lasted only one moment, because as I read further I realized that the marriage rate is down and therefore the divorce rates are down. This title only reflects divorces, not couples who live together without the benefit of marriage who then decide to live separately. In fact, not only are more couples breaking commitments, but many more are even afraid to make a commitment. Therefore, the title of the article does not necessarily reflect good news, but bad.

The article quoted many different reasons for this drop in divorces such as pre-marital counseling, more openness towards counseling, more classes available to couples with issues, couples marrying later in life and a greater trend towards couples working out their differences instead of divorcing.

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 By the Price of a Gallon of Gasoline 
There are moments in everyones life that are simply telling. They are usually defining moments.
 What I Learned From a Jilted Bride 
Kyle Paxmans wedding fell apart six weeks before it was supposed to take place...Awful things happen to many of us on different levels every single day.
 Accepting Defeat Over Victory 
Israel accepted a cease-fire before all the stated goals of the war were met
 People Who Live in Glass Houses 
People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones
 Financial Terror 
The historical facts prove:the largest number of Arab refugees fled at the urging of their own leaders.
 Swedish Sensibilities 
Im also wondering what the Hamas have been doing to advance the peace.
 A UN Folly 
Iran on the UN Disarmament Commission? How ludicrous!
 Challenge! Dont Criticize! 
G-d gave us a spouse as a challenger - not a critic.
 The UN & Human Rights 
Not only does collective low self-esteem exist, but unfortunately the USA suffers from it.

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