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Yohrtzeit of the RaShaG, OB"M

 The *6th of Adar  is the yahrzeit of Rabbi Shmaryahu Gurary of blessed memory, the son-in-law of the Previous Rebbe and brother-in-law of the Rebbe. Rabbi Gurary known as the Rashag was the head of the Lubavitcher Yeshivos.

In this rare picture one sees the Rebbe passing between the resting places of Rabbi Shlomo Aaron Kazarnovsky obm and Rabbi Alter Dober Haskind obm. The Rebbe had been praying at the grave of the Rashag.

 Rabbi Shmaryahu Gurary ("Rashag") was born in 5658; his father, a wealthy businessman and erudite scholar, was a leading chassid of the Rebbe RaShaB . In 5681, Rabbi Shmaryahu wed Chanah Schneersohn  the oldest daughter of the Frierdiker Rebbe. After the histalkus of the Frierdiker Rebbe, there were those who saw Rabbi Shmaryahu -- an accomplished Chassidic scholar and elder of the Rebbe's two surviving sons-in-law -- as the natural candidate to head of the movement; but when the younger son-in-law was chosen as Rebbe, Rabbi Shmaryahu became his devoted Chossid. Rabbi Shmaryahu served as the excutive director of Tomchei Tmimim, the world-wide Lubavitch yeshiva system -- a task entrusted to him by his father-in-law -- until his passing on the 6th of Adar I in 5749.

* The Rashag was nifter in a leap year.

7 Adar 5777