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Dor Hashvi'i: Not a Result of our Own Choosing

BASI LeGANI On Yud Shevat, 5711, the Rebbe accepted the mantle of leadership, succeeding his father-in-law the Previous Rebbe. At that time, he said the Maamer Basi LeGani in which he elaborated on our avodah in this era – the “Seventh Generation.”

The following are some excerpts of this Maamer: This is demanded of each and every one of us of the seventh generation, “and  all that are seventh are cherished”; although the fact that we are the seventh generation is not a result of our own choosing and our own avodah , and indeed in certain ways perhaps contrary to our will, nevertheless “all those who are seventh are cherished.” We are now in ikvesa d’Meshicha (Moshiach’s footsteps) ; indeed, at the conclusion of this period, and our avodah is to complete the process of drawing down the Shechinah , moreover the essence of the Shechinah – specifically within our lowly world. . . . The Rebbeim , up until the [Previous ] Rebbe, have paved the way for our avodah and they have empowered us to follow in their footsteps. This in itself is an indication of the dearness of the seventh generation: so much power has been given and revealed for us. And by fulfilling this avodah , the Shechinah will come down into this physical world, even on a more superior level than it was revealed previously. This is also the  meaning of what is written (Yeshayahu 52:13) about Moshiach that he will be greatly exalted – even more than was Adam before the sin [of the “Tree of Knowledge”]. . . . All the above is accomplished through the histalkus of Tzaddikim , which is even harsher than the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash . Since we have already passed all these things, now it all de pends on us – the seventh generation. May we merit to see and meet with the Rebbe here in this world, in a body, in this earthly domain – and he will redeem us .



Among the achievements of the Previous Rebbe, is also the very unique and emphasized one – that he explained and proclaimed, and he instructed to publicize about our time, that “all pre-set times for the coming of Moshiach have already passed,” everything is already prepared, including that the table is already set for the feast of “Livyasan,” “Shor Habar” and the “Yayin Ha- meshumar” in the true and complete geulah, as Chasidus explains, that this feast will primarily be in a physical sense!

Similar to the Shabbos feast which has to be literally a physical meal, as the Shulchan Oruch explains the severity of fasting on Shabbos, and likewise also – according to Chabad viewpoint – one should refrain from fasting and inflicting punishment in all days of the week, but rather it advocates “tov lev mishta tomid” (the happy heart, (a happy disposition), has a constant feast), as the RaMaH writes in the conclusion of first part of Shulchan Oruch , as is well known, and accepted by all.

(Shabbos Parshas Va’eira 5752)  

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