B"H Wednesday, 23 Sivan 5779 | June 26 2019
Shturem.org Taking The World By Storm
The Jewish Answer to Huffington Post

The Algemeiner Journal, the legendary Yiddish icon, has now been referred to by Fox News as the fastest growing Jewish Newspaper in the United States.

Beginning last month, readers have been wowed by a cutting edge new design that is completely unique in the world of Jewish media. Additionally 15,000 new homes around the tri-state area received complimentary subscriptions to the paper.

Simultaneously a new website, Algemeiner.com, styled as a Jewish version of the Huffington Post, has been launched, with a large and rapidly growing database of prominent contributors and bloggers, Including Dr. Elie Wiesel (who is also chair of the advisory board), Ed Koch, Dore Gold, Ronn Torossian, William Rapfogel, David Brog and many more. Additionally many new young talented Jewish writers from around the world have been recruited as contributors to the site, and it is has rapidly become a hub of activity and conversation.

Following the launch of the English edition 18 months ago, the NEW English Algemeiner has experienced unprecedented growth. Building on the extensive history as a trusted source for news and commentary, coupled with the most advanced media tools and cutting edge methods of proliferation.

“The majority of our staff is under 30” said Dovid Efune, the paper’s young director, “we intimately appreciate the shifting new age media environment and are able to harness cutting edge media tools and strategies to that end.” He continued, “Businesses are constantly looking for new and creative ways to generate interest and we have had a very positive response from our advertisers.”

But the success is not only in the business model; “we are filling a serious market gap” said publisher Simon Jacobson, “On the one hand people are looking for an authentic Jewish perspective on the news, but on the other hand, many feel alienated by the insular style of many of the orthodox papers, we have been successfully able to bridge that gap.”

The NEW Algemeiner is under the umbrella of the Gershon Jacobson Foundation, based in New York, the foundation is mandated to ‘serve as a valiant media voice addressing the most compelling issues of our time, with vision, integrity and moral clarity, informed by the power of 4000 years of Jewish experience and wisdom.’ Advisory board members include, Malcolm Hoenlein, Abraham Foxman, Arthur Schneier, Israel Lau, Julius Berman, Norman Lamm and others.



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