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Rebetzin Shterna Sarah and her Memoirs
Rebetzin Shterna Sarah and her Memoirs
13 Shvat: Yahrzeit of Rebetzin Shterna Sarah
Today the 13th of Shvat is the yahrzeit of Rebetzin Shterna Sarah obm, wife of the Rebbe Rashab and mother of the Previous Rebbe.

Rabbi Yosef Goldstien, ob"m, tells the following:

When the news came that Rebetzin Shterna Sarah passed away, the Previous Rebbe was in Chicago at that time (it was in 5702). Chassidim who were with the Rebbe then were contemplating who will notify him about it. When they finally did notify him, he wept very much.

Afterwards he said: "In general, when a Jew passes away it's very painful, especially a relative and of course a mother, especially a mother of an only child. But that is not the reason why I'm crying. I am crying because she did not merit to see the coming of Moshiach. (end of Rabbi Goldstien's story)

Motzoei Shabbos the 13th of Shvat after he was informed of the passing of his mother he still received people on yehidus for several hours and it was only the next day that he returned to N.Y. by train. The funeral took place the next day on Monday.

The Rabbonim then said it was forbidden for the Rebbe to go to the funeral because of his weak health. The Rebbe then remarked that although he wants to go to the funeral but he was raised as a child to follow the instructions of Rabbonim.

The Rebbe's visit to Chicago was interrupted because of the passing his mother and it is noteworthy to mention what Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov obm wrote then:

"A few years later the Chabad chassidim in Chicago requested that the Rebbe return to Chicago in order to complete the visit he started in 5702, a visit that was important for the Klal. But his wife, the Rebbetzin, was adamantly against it, she felt that such a visit was hazardous to his health and all the requests and arguments by those closely related did not help.

"Later, when one of the Chassidim who was to have accompanied the Rebbe on his trip to Chicago entered his room the Rebbe said, "What can we do when "malchus" has spoken..." (an allusion to what is written in Kabbalah and Chassidus that Sefiras Hamalchus is the feminine world, the world of speech).

During a certain period in her life Rebbetzin Shterna Sarah copied in her handwriting the biography of the Alter Rebbe and memoirs of his arrest.

When Rebbetzin Shterna Sora was nifter, the Frierdiker Rebbe instructed the purchase of a plot at the Old Montifiore Bais HaChaim in Queens. Until that time, members of Anash were buried at the Anshei Lubavitch plot in Bayside Acacia Cemetery and a Lubavitcher chelka in Staten Island.   

The Maamar Hayosheves Baganim, comprising chapters 6-10 (i.e. Part II) of the series of discourses with the general title of Basi LeGani, was released in advance for study on 13 Shvat 5710,  in honor of the yahrzeit of the Frierdiker Rebbe's mother, the saintly Rebbitzin Shterna Sarah.

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A rare picture of Rebetzin Shterna Sarah obm
A rare picture of Rebetzin Shterna Sarah obm
First Page of her Memoirs.
First Page of her Memoirs.
Photograph: Kevarim.com