B"H Tuesday, 6 Tammuz 5778 | June 19 2018
Matzah: Food of Ahavas Yisroel

Food of Faith Food of Healing
Food of Ahavas Yisroel
Shliach Rabbi Zushe Silberstein writes: Two days before Pessach Mr. S E living on the African continent, contacted me via whatsApp asking if on Pessach one puts on Tefilin?

In the course of the conversation I realised that the only proper thing he'll do for Pessach is NOT putting Tefilin!

I then contacted the Rebbe's Shliach in Congo R. Shlomo Bentolila, who is about 4200 KM away from Bouake. He immediately got in touch with this forlorn Jew and invited him to a Seder in "Abidjan"

Yesterday S E sent me a message that it felt great to be amongst fellow Jews. He added that he has no words how to thank the Rebbe and His Shluchim.
He lives 400 KM away from Abidjan and had no money or means to get there. The Shliach offered to pay for all his expenses; travel, hotel etc. and assured that this ONE Single Yid should have the opportunity to attend a Seder and a Pessach environment..

V'Atem Teluktu Li Echod Echod!! GEULO NOW

20 Nisan 5777