B"H Wednesday, 27 Av 5776 | August 31 2016
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European Kinus HaShluchim, Shnas Hakhel
 Back to Our Roots - Liozno and Liadi 
Photograph: Shturem at the Kinus
Twenty five years after The Rebbe's request, the Shluchim to Europe and FSU visited the holy towns of Liozno and Liadi ■ to the photos
500 Shluchei Adoneinu
 The Rebbe's European Army 
Photograph: Shturem at The Kinus
500 soldiers in The Rebbe's European Army stood for their annual Kinus HaShluchim group photo, this year in Lubavitch. The Shluchim toiveled in the river, learned Chassidus before davening, davened together, went to the Ohel, read the Pa"N Kloli, and dined together in a huge tent set up especially for the Kinus. The brunch evolved into a Chassidishe farbrengen ■ more ■
Lubavitch Lebt
 And the Weather Forecast for Lubavitch Is... 
Photograph: Screen Shot
Our dynamic Shturem correspondent to the European Kinus HaShluchim toured the streets of the sleepy town of Lubavitch, which are suddenly awake with hundreds of Shluchim walking the holy roads that our Rebbeim walked ■ more
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 Video: Prisoners Are People 
Prisoners Are People: While the modern legal system has prisons at the core of its establishment, the Torah never features prison as a form of punishment, even as a deterrent. This, because the idea of locking someone up is antithetical to the nature of humanity. According to the Torah, a person was put on this earth for a purpose. Withholding one’s ability to achieve that purpose is the most inhumane treatment they can possibly suffer ■ more
Photo Gallery
 Chof Menachem Av, 5751 
Presented in this album are photos of the Kinus HaShluchim that took place in Russia 25 years ago this week. The Shluchim visited the town of Lubavitch, printed a Tanya, visited the Ohel of the Rebbe Tzemach Tzedek and the Rebbe Maharash ■ more
Photo Gallery
 European Kinus HaShluchim to Commence 
Photograph: Itzik RoytmanIt
25 years to the day, the European Kinus HaShluchim is about to open. Some of the guests arrived before Shabbos, including Kinus chairman  Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky and a few staff members ■ more
Photo of the Day
 Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho 
Three Lubavitcher editors  - R' Shimmy Segal of Shturem, R' Menachem Cohen of Kfar Chabad Magazine, ans R' Sharon Goshen of COL, farbreng on the way to the European Kinus HaShluchim ■ more
Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Loss: Rabbi Boruch Yosef, OB"M 
Photograph: Shturem Archives
 With sadness we report the passing of Rabbi Boruch Yosef Levin, OB"M, of Yerushalayim. Rabbi Levin had no close family, and came in Eretz Yisroel from the USA ■ The levaye will take place today, Sunday, at 2:00 PM from the Shamgar Funeral Home, continuing to Har Hazeisim for kevurah ■ more
Rabbi Simon Jacobson
 MyLife: Chassidus Applied Episode 128 
How Can We Balance Fun and Higher Purpose? What is the Significance of Chof Av? What Attitude Should We Have to Jews Marching With Palestinians? Are Garments Anything More Than Superficial? How Important is a Beard? For the answer to these timely questions and much more, join Rabbi Simon Jacobson's weekly broadcast, MyLife: Chassidus Applied Episode 128 ■ more
In the Press
 State College Students' Go-to Address 
Photograph: Centre Daily Times/ Abby Drey
In a few short weeks, the hardwood oasis will once again be occupied by twin tables long enough to accommodate the upward of 40 or so guests that long ago made this barren patch of land into their regular Saturday night hangout, a place that the rabbi, his wife and now many others would just as soon refer to as home ■ more
Kabbalos Ol
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day 

Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: Kabbalos ol, discipline, and order are the foundations for success in learning ■ more

Don't Miss
 Video: Rabbi JJ Hecht at 770 
Photograph: JEM Screen Shot
Video: In commemoration of the Yohrtzeit of Rabbi JJ Hecht, we present a JEM clip of a riveting speech Rabbi Hecht delivered at the Didan Notzach farbrengen in 770. Rabbi Hecht relates a personal miracle by the Frierdiker Rebbe ■ more
Merkos Shlichus Hakhel 5776
 Meeting Holocaust Survivors in Germany 
Photograph: Chabad.org
HaTomim Yossi Spero reports: Over the past few weeks, we have traveled across Germany, visiting the cities of Worms, Darmstadt, Mainz, Michelstadt, Speyer, Limburg, and Heidelberg, to name a few. It has been both a wonderful and heavy experience. We were constantly cognizant that we were walking on soil that has been drenched with Jewish blood, yet we strolled the streets in Chassidic garb, on a mission to spread Judaism and bolster the spirits of the German Jews ■ more
Reaching Across Denominations
 "Shabbat House" to Open in Essex County 
Photograph: NJJN/ Johanna Ginzberg
Within a few weeks, Rabbi Boruch and Devorah Klar will move out of their West Orange home — in a residential section where most of the town’s Shabbat-observant people live — and into Shabbat House, their newest venture.Shabbat House will offer opportunities for guests to enjoy Shabbat dinner or lunch and take part in a variety of pre- and post-Shabbat activities ■ more
Rabbi & Mrs. Benzion Shemtov
 New Shluchim Enlist in The Rebbe's Army 
Photograph: Shmais
New Shluchim have joined The Rebbe's Army: Rabbi & Mrs. Benzion Shemtov and daughters Goldie and Rochel have just moved on Shlichus to Sierra Vista, AZ where they have established Chabad of Cochise County ■ more
Discipline is the Foundation
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: 

Chinuch Horaah of the Day: It is known that discipline is the foundation for success in learning and conduct ■ more


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