B"H Sunday, 2 Cheshvan 5775 | October 26 2014
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Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 The Paradox is a Sign of Geulah 

NATIONS CLAMORING FOR YERUSHALAYIM: A SIGN OF THE GEULAH: We are recently witnessing all over the world, for all to see, wonders and miracles, which are a foretaste, sample and prelude to the wonders and miracles which will be when the Geulah comes immediately ■ more

A King in All His Glory
 Rare Footage: Tishrei 5763 
The King in All His Glory: a photo essay of the Rebbe from Tishrei 5763 on film  ■ Don't miss ■ more
Leb'n Mit Dem Rebbe'n
 Rare Audio: "A Guten Kvittel" 

 In many kehillos the traditional Hoshana Rabba greeting and blessing is "A guten kvittel." Twice in this rare audio clip, the Rebbe mentions this nussach in his brocho ■ more


Zman Simchoseinu
 Laws and Customs for Sukkos 
Shturem presents the Laws and Customs of Sukkos according to Chabad from Sefer Haminhagim-Chabad ■ more
New Year Reception
 Chabad of Berlin Welcomes Dignitaries 
On the 7th of Tishrei, the Jewish Educational Center-Chabad of Berlin welcomed dignitaries and guests for a New Year’s reception.Mr. Gröhler from German Bundestag, the Berlin Police President Mr. Kandt, the head of a Berlin district Mr. Balzer, the ambassadors of Bulgaria and Slovenia, Ministers from the Embassies of the USA, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Serbia and other guests were among those who attended the event ■ more
Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz
 "How to be Joyous in Challenging Times? 
Join Shliach Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz's weekly Torah video class. This week's class - in honor of Simchas Torah - deals with the question: "How can we be Joyous even in challenging times ■ more
Tishrei in Crimea
 Jewish Community Unites for Yomim Tovim 
The entire Jewish Community joined together for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkos. Shown are some of the men in the Shul sukkah in Simferopol, Crimea ■ more
Sukkos 5775
 Columbus Discovers Chabad Albany 
Columbus Discovers Chabad Albany
Columbus Discovers Chabad Albany
The Civil Calendar Columbus Day vacation during Chol Hamoed Sukkos helped Capital Chabad strengthen Jewish Awareness in general and especially Mivtza Sukkah and Esrog/Lulav.Many hundreds of Lake George area tourists and I-87 and 90 Travelers enjoyed minyanim and Sukkah at Saratoga & Albany Chabad, while Chabad of Clifton Park's "Sushi In the Sukkah" featured Jewish-American Heritage food ■ more
Trending Now:
 The Inflatable Sukkah is Here to Stay 
If you thought the Pop-Up  and Pedi Sukkah were the last word in Jewish genius, you haven't come face to face with Ezy Sukkah, or its Israeli double, "Sukkale". No huffing and puffing required, the inflatable Sukkahs come with a pump ■ more
In the News
 Jews on Journey Join Shliach 
Photograph: Excerpt from ABC Fox Report
The Jewish community in Missoula grew a little bigger when Rabbi Barry Nash and his wife moved in just four months ago.Rabbi Nash operates his humble Chabad through his home. The Nash Chabad is one of two places the small Jewish population in Missoula can practice their faith. The family of four identifies with the most rigid form of Judaism ■ more
Mivtza Sukkos 5775
 Chabad CBD Hosts Annual Sukkos Luncheon 
 Chabad of Melbourne CBD under the leadership of Rabbi Chaim Herzog hosted its annual gala luncheon in a beautiful Sukkah under the shade of some of Melbourne’s famous landmarks at Federation Square on Monday afternoon. An array of local businessman and visitors were graced by the presence of leading Rabbanim and politicians, including Rabbi David Rubinfeld of Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, The Hon Kevin Andrews MP, State Liberal MP David Southwick ■ more
In Her Ways
 Vov Tishrei Grand Banquet for Guests 
Photograph: Itzik Roitman
Hundreds of guests, students of Chabad high schools and seminaries in Israel, gathered for a festive event in the hall of the Jewish Children’s Museum, during which they heard fascinating speakers and inspiring speeches ■ more
Mivtza Sukkos 5775
 Achdus, 4 Minim & Pizza in the Sukkah 

Sydney's Pizza in the Sukkah was fantastic. Many hundreds of Jewish Sydney turned out to participate in the Sukkot celebrations. Rides, Petting Zoo, Fire Show, a grand Sukkah and delicious Pizza for all. For the first time in Sydney's East, Chabad Youth NSW and 10 other organisations ■ more

Photo Essay
 Tishrei 5775 in Lubavitch 
Tishrei in Lubavitch
Tishrei in Lubavitch | Photograph: Boruch Ezagui

Photographer Boruch Ezagui documented the scene in Lubavitch, with thousands of orchim - Anash and Tmimim- joining the locals in 770 and the Ohel ■ more

Unique Attraction
 Ketores Workshop and Daled Minim Tour 
It’s Sukkos and Crown Heights residents and visitors alike will be looking for unique Chol HaMoed attractions. The perfect outing might an inspiring exhibition and workshop on the Ketores Incense of the Beis HaMikdosh as well as a ‘Daled Minim’ tour just few minutes from Crown Heights at the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden ■ more
A Letter in a Sefer Torah
 Shaarei Chinuch Directive of theDay 

It is worthwhile and most correct that immediately when a boy or girl is born, a letter in a sefer Torah will be obtained for him... This draws down success and bracha into the child’s life, materially and spiritually ■ more

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