B"H Monday, 1 Av 5774 | July 28 2014
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Erev Shabbos, Undisclosed IDF Base
 Shluchim, Taglit and CTVP Gladden Soldiers 
חמין לחיילים בערב שבת
חמין לחיילים בערב שבת
A group of brave young people from Taglit-Birthright Israel: Mayanot bus 720, joined with Chabad Terror Victims Project in a unique project, organized by CTVP, to bake challahs for Shabbos for the Israel Defense Forces soldiers ■ The bags were then distributed  by Rabbis Swerdlov and Kutner of CTVP, the Minkowitz family, and Rabbi Menashe Perman, Shaliach from Santiago, Chile ■ more
160 to 39
 From Oholei Torah to the World 
Beis Medrash Oholei Torah has just released this year's Shlichus list of their Talmidei HaShluchim going to 39 communities around the world ■ "There are 160 Tmimim ka"h going to all corners of the globe," he said. "Most of these bochurim were born in the year of Gimmel Tammuz, and this is the strongest indication of Zaroi ba'Chayim ■ more
Jews Unite in Prayer
 "Please Pray for Our Soldiers in Gaza" 
This morning Shliach Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz from Ft Myers Florida walked to the Kosel at 4:45 am to pray with the earliest Minyan at sunrise. The Kosel was full with over 20 Minyanim there were several hundred Jews there praying ■  As I walked away they said," Rabbi do you know that our soldiers just went into Gaza?" I said sure I know! Why do you think I went to pray at 5 am ■ full story
Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 Build Bais HaMikdosh for Entire World 

The Beis HaMikdash is the foundation of the entire world, as our Sages explain (Talmud Yoma 53b) that the “Even Hashesiyah” (the foundation rock), was inside the Kodesh Kodoshim (Holy of Holies) in the Beis HaMikdash on the Har Habayis, from this stone “the entire world was established” It follows that when a Jew learns the laws of the Beis Habechirah, then he/she is building the Beis HaMikdash for the entire world ■ more

Maamar Heicholtzu
 Likkutei Torah Parshas Matos 
Likutei Torah Parshas Matos: This Maamar speaks of the episode in this week’s Parsha which discusses the command of Hashem to Moshe to seek vengeance against the people of Midian who caused the Jews to stumble in promiscuity, as discussed in the end of Parshas Balak ■ more
Photo of the Day
 Chitas: The IDF's Secret Weapon 
Vayis'u Vayehi Chitas Elokim
Vayis'u Vayehi Chitas Elokim
Photo of the day: The secret weapon of Am Yisroel in general and the IDF in particular was photographed attached to an IDF APC ■ more
Moscow, Russia
 Shliach and Family Saved by Minyan 
The Minyan that saved our lives. This week Shliach Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz and his children Zeldie, Chaya Mushka and Peretz Meir Simcha visited Moscow and were hosted by Mr. Vadim Lipkind and Shliach Shmuel Kuperman ■ The ride from Moscow to the airport has heavy traffic so you send your luggage early with a car ■ more
770 Bais Chayeinu
 Security Beefed Up after Land Incursion 
Photograph: Shturem
As the news of the land incursion into Gaza spread around New York, security around Bais Chayeinu 770 was immediately beefed up with a police car parked outside and three armed policemen in front of the building ■ more
Miracle in Ofakim
 Shluchim's Home Hit by Shards 
Rabbi Hershkowitz in Action
Rabbi Hershkowitz in Action
 Ofakim, Eretz Hakodesh: At 1:50 AM the dreaded wail of air raid sirens pierced the dark of the night, rudely awakening residents from their well-deserved slumber. Moments later the very foundations of the city shook, and the guessing game began: was this boom a direct missile hit, chas v'sholom, or the interception ■ more
Torah, Tefilla, Tzedoko
 IDF Launches Ground Incursion 
The IDF launched the ground incursion into Gaza a short while ago. Thousands of soldiers are taking part in this most crucial operation; large forces from the IDF's infantry, armor, artillery, engineering and intelligence corps are operating in several zones within Gaza after breaching the security fence that separates it from Israel ■ more
Obstacles are Only Tests
 Shaarei Chinuch Directive of the Day 
"...The practical instruction is that when there seem to be difficulties, or even only obstacles, it is clear that these are only tests which Hakadosh Baruch Hu is placing a Yid in, in order to reveal in him or her great and even concealed powers to overcome these challenges ■ more
Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz
 Matos: How Can We Create Peace? 
Shliach Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz presents his short weekly Parsha video. This week, Parshas Matos, Rabbi Minkowicz answers the timely question: How can we create peace ■ more
Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier
 Parshas Matos: Front Lines Vs. Headlines 
Photograph: Illustration

A surgeon once came to the Rebbe to discuss a specific surgery he was going to perform on a Jew. During their conversation the man expressed his disagreement with the Rebbe's strong views on not giving up any land in Eretz Yisroel. The Rebbe asked, "You're an intelligent and kind person. Can you perhaps divide the surgery into ten segments, cutting open a little at a time ■ more

Rabbi & Mrs. Pinchas Adler
 New Shluchim Enlist in The Rebbe's Army 
Photograph: Shmais
Rabbi & Mrs. Pinchas & Mushky (nee Osdoba) Adler of Crown heights will IYH be moving on Shlichus to Palm Harbor, Florida in time for Rosh Hashana 5775, where they will serve as program directors at Chabad of Pinellas County ■ more
Yossi Piamenta Stars
 Concert and Barbecue for IDF Soldiers 
Yesterday evening, a group of Lubavitchers from the United States organized a concert and barbecue for hundreds of Israeli soldiers stationed near the Gaza strip.The concert featured the famed singer and guitarist Yossi Piamenta ■ Aside for the great food and entertainment, the organizers distributed to the soldiers several basic necessities, such as brand-new pairs of Tzitzis ■ more
Four Sets Found!
 Shliach Finds More Lost Tefillin 
Photograph: CHI

Rabbi Laibel Berkowitz, Shliach to Huntsville, Alabama, was intrigued and moved to read about the Jewish man from Florida who found 7 pairs of Tefilin for sale at a lost-luggage clearance shop in Scottsboro, Alabama – all of which were subsequently returned to their owners. Since Huntsville is a mere 30 minute drive from Scottsboro, Rabbi Berkowitz decided to return to the store and see if there were any more lost pairs of Tefilin for sale ■ more


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