B"H Monday, 20 Elul 5774 | September 15 2014
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Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 Having Doubts About Moshiach? 
A Jew cannot suffice with the holiness in his home and his immediate environment, but he needs to go out from his place, “go out to battle over your enemy” to eliminate the existence of the enemy and opponent to holiness, to the extent of conquering the entire world, because how can he sit comfortably in his own environment, when he knows that somewhere in the world there is “Amalek” who poses G-dliness ■ more
Neirot In Depth Sicha
 Ki Seitzei: The Concept of Jewish Marriage 
This week’s parsha presents the concept of Jewish marriage. Rambam prefaces his Laws of Marriage with an account of its proceedings before the giving of the Torah. This Sicha analyzes Rambam’s reason for doing so and explains its practical relevance ■ more
The Chassidishe Parsha
 Ma'amar "Ki Seitzei Lamilchama" 
“Ki Seitzei Lamilchama…” This Ma'amar discusses the verse in the Parsha that describes the laws involved during warfare. The verse states numerous regulations of conduct upon one going to war with the enemy and taking captives ■ In truth there is a daily war that every Jew battles and it is not limited only to the actual battlefield with swords and guns ■ more
Marking 80 Years
 Head Shliach Visits Far East Kehillos 
Photograph: Shturem
Rabbi Berel Lazar, chief rabbi of Russia, conducted a tour of the Jewish communities in the country’s far east, including Birobidjan, the autonomous Jewish region designated to be a ‘socialist Jewish homeland’ by Stalin ■ more
Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Gal - Farkash Chasene Gallery 
Gal - Farkash Chasene Gallery
Gal - Farkash Chasene Gallery | Photograph: Nitai Abel/ Shturem
Mazel Tov! Last night the Gal (Ramat Gan) and Farkash (Yerushalayim) families celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Yossi and Miriam Gella ■ more
United in Condolence
 Long Island Remembers 3 Kedoshim 
More than ten weeks have passed since the search parties found the bodies of the three missing Israeli teenagers, Naftali Fraenkel, Gilar Shaer and Eyal Yifrach, HY"D. This tragic event has not been forgotten. On Long Island NY, thirty government leaders gathered to pay their respects by sending letters of condolence to the grieving families ■ more
Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier
 Parshas Ki Tetzei: Double Standards? 

Our parsha concludes with the prohibition against using dishonest weights and measures, followed by the mitzvah to remember what Amalek did to us on our way out of Egypt and to destroy them. Chazal explain that this is actually a sequence; the punishment for not having honest weights is the attack of Amalek. But what's the connection between this specific sin and being attacked by Amalek ■ more

Despite all Odds
 Torah Cafe Ends Successful Summer 
Torah Cafe wraps up a successful summer season. The organization, directed by Rabbi Yisroel Deitsch, conducted varied activities geared to the youth, IDF soldiers, students and tourists. It was uncertain if the activities would take place due to the security unrest ■ more  
Rabbi & Mrs. Yosef Goldwasser
 New Shluchim Enlist in The Rebbe's Army 

New Shluchim - Rabbi Yosef, Bina and Menachem Mendel Goldwasser have joined The Rebbe's Army in Mobile, Alabama. The local media reports on their arrival in town: MOBILE, Alabama – In the Jackson Heights neighborhood of west Mobile, a new Jewish community center is taking shape. Operated out of the home of Rabbi Yosef Goldwasser and his wife, Bina, who moved to Mobile two weeks ago, Chabad of Mobile will be the third Chabad center in Alabama, behind Huntsville and Birmingham ■ more

Lubavitch Proud
 Heichal Shlomo: 20 New Lubavitcher Rabbonim 
Photograph: Shturem
Mazel Tov! Twenty new Lubavitcher Rabbonim received their smicha - Rabbinical ordination - certificates today at the prestigious Heichal Shlomo Chief Rabbinate.
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 Thousands of Rebbe Photos Released 
A veritable treasure trove containing tens of thousands of photos of the Rebbe have been released by JEM's Living Archive. They are the works of photographers Velvel Schildkraut, Levi and Yisroel Freiden, Yossi Melamed, Chaim B. Halberstam and more ■ 38 extensive galleries including tefillos, Sunday Dollars, PaNim, Lekach, farbrengens, Kos Shel Brocho, Selichos, and much more ■ more
Are You a Baal Tefilla?
 Rebbes Chazan Records High Holidays Nusach! 
“Nusach,” or the special liturgical tunes which are used for the tefillos of various holiday seasons, most notably the “Yomim Noraiim” the Days of Awe. Formalized nusach dates back at least 600 years to Rav Yaakov Malin ● . Rabbi Nochum Kaplan, who was zocheh to be a shaliach tzibur during the Rebbe later years, has recorded the “Nusach” of the “Yamin Noraiim” recently, at the request of his children ● more
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 A Special Welcome Home from Camp 
A Special Welcome
A Special Welcome | Photograph: Excerpt fron JEM Video
A Special Welcome: At the end of the summer of 5748, the campers of Gan Yisroel Detroit returned from camp, and davened with the Rebbe at his home ■ more
Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Kirenberg - Grumach Chasene Gallery 
Kirenberg - Grumach Chasene Gallery
Kirenberg - Grumach Chasene Gallery | Photograph: Nitai Abel/ Shturem
Mazel Tov! Last night the Kirenberg (Yerushalayim) and Grumach (Beit Dagan) families celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Betzalel and Mina ■ more
Recharging at Menorah
 In Turbulent Ukraine, Shluchim Unite 
This challenging year has seen revolutions, war, and economic collapse. Through all the unrest and tension, Jews throughout Ukraine have reached to the Shluchim for support, and the Shluchim continue to provide for their needs – both practical and spiritual -  with devotion ■ This past Shabbos provided a much needed chance for the Shluchim of Ukraine to recharge their batteries ■ The Shabbaton was held in the beautiful Menorah Center in Dniepropetrovsk, the ‘largest Jewish center in the world ■ more
Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Ben Shachar - Appelbaum Chasene Gallery 
Ben Shachar - Appelbaum Chasene Gallery
Ben Shachar - Appelbaum Chasene Gallery | Photograph: Nitai Abel/ Shturem
Mazel Tov! Last night the Ben Shachar (Kfar Chabad) and Appelbaum (Buenos Aires, Argentina), celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Avi and Michal ■ more

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