B"H Friday, 4 Sivan 5775 | May 22 2015
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Chabad of Puerto Rico
 Halachic Experts Check New Mikveh 
A magnificent Bais Chabad is being built in Puerto Rico, by Shliach Rabbi Mendy Zarchi. The large edifice will house a shul, a Mikveh, and rooms for community programs and events ■ more
Honoring R' Boaz, OB"M
 Friends & Family Farbreng at Shiva End 
Tens of close friends and family of Rabbi Boaz Lerner, ob"m, farbrenged at the conclusion of shiva in Nachlas Har Chabad. R' Boaz passed away suddenly ■ more
Lag B'Omer 5775
 Lag B'Omer Comes to Bais Refuah Hadassah 

 Who brought Lag B'Omer to the children who were physically unable to attend one of the many parades and rallies in Yerushalayim? The Rebbe's Shluchim, of course. Faithful to The Rebbe's horo'oah that every Jewish child should celebrate Lag B'Omer, Shliach Rabbi Yisroel Naftolin of Bais Chabad Hadassah, hosted a very special Lag B'Omer celebration for the children hospitalized on Lag B'Omer ■ more

" Joy and Optimism"
 Groundbreaking for New Chabad House 
Photograph: VIN
A groundbreaking was celebrated Wednesday for the new Merrin Chabad Center opening near Stony Brook, New York. The center will serve the needs of the Chabad at Stony Brook congregation, which includes more than 400 families based in and around Stony Brook.The community, one of the fastest growing Jewish congregations on Long Island ■ more
Lag B'Omer 5775
 Thousands March for Achdus in Bnei Brak 
Photograph: bshch.blogspot
Two gala events were the talk of Bnei Brak this Lag B'Omer. Bartenura Square was packed with cheder children marching down the main thoroughfares of Bnei Brak in perfect precision with their madrichim - Tmimim from Migdal Haemek, Kiryat Gat and Kfar Chabad ■ more
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day 
Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day:About what you write, that according to one opinion, it is necessary to send a [person] away from the yeshivas Talmud Torah, it is understood that this is alarming, especially to a person who has a correct understanding of Torah and Chassidus and its path and customs. From this, the meaning of expulsion from becoming attached to the camp of Hashem ■ more
Nichum Aveilim:
 The Boyaner Rebbe at the Bistritzky Home 
The Boyaner Rebbe visited the Bistritzky family members, who are sitting shiva after the passing of their dear mother Mrs. Ita Bistritzky, ob"m ■ more
Lag B'Omer 5775
 10,000 Conclude Parade Singing "Ani Maamin" 
The most impassive Yerushalmim were moved to tears of joy and yearning as 10,000 pure voiced shook Kikar Hashabbos with the singing of "Ani Maamin" at the conclusion of the Lag B'Omer Parade in the Holy City. It was a fitting finale to an incredible parade and Kinus of Cheder boys from Talmudei Torah and chadorim in Yerushalayim ■ more
Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Loss: Mrs. Ita Bistritzky, OB"M 
With sadness we report the passing of Mrs. Ita Bistritzky, OB"M, of Yerushalayim. The levaye will take place today, Wednesday, at 6:30 PM, from the Shamgar Funeral Home, to Har Hazeisim ■ more
Kiddush Hashem in Berlin
 2500 Eat Kosher at Government Reception 
2500 guests including the most members of the German government, members of parliament, ambassadors, presidents and leaders in communities and many others participated in the official gala event commemorating 50 years of the diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel ■ more
Lag B'Omer 5775
 Dimona: Thousands Attend Popular Parade 
 The annual Lag B'Omer Parade has become the most popular event in Dimona. Thousands of children and adults marched in honor of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and attended the gala rally coordibated by Shliach Rabbi Yisroel Gellis ■ more 
Frankfurt, Germany
 Shluchim & Tmimim Greet Rabbi Dovid Lau 
Photograph: Refoel Herlich
Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau was greeting by the Rebbe's Shluchim to Frankfurt am Main on a stopover in the city. Shluchim Rabbis Zalman Gurevitz and Yosef Havlin, and other Shluchim from the area welcomed Rabbi Lau at the airport, where they held a reception for him ■ more
Good News from JEM
 Missing Farbrengen Tape Found 
JEM has great news to share: Several months ago, our archivists discovered the original recordings of a Farbrengen with the Rebbe from summer 5741 that had previously never before been seen. Our staff decided that this would be the perfect new release for Gimmel Tamuz ■ more
Role of Bais Rivka
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day 
Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day:When it comes to the chinuch of girls, it is not a matter of Talmud Torah, gaining knowledge, but, rather, it is about ensuring that there will be Yiddishe kinder. Most of the time the girls live in an environment where people are worried about parnassa "making a living" or, on the other extreme, when there is an abundance of parnassa, "having a good time ■ more
Achdus: Thousands Respond
 Emergency Campaign Reached Goal! 
Thanks to the unprecedented outpour of love and support expressed by you and thousands of Anash and Shluchim around the world, (and the tremendous efforts made by Rabbi Y. Gerlitzky - Tel Aviv, Rabbi Y. Kramer - Tveria and Rabbi N. Lurie - Kfar Chabad,) the amount needed to immediately start the treatment was raised within less than two days!!! This powerful and immediate response made it possible for this life-saving procedure to begin as early as the end of this week! It has given Rabbi Ceitlin a tremendous boost of joy and confidence, seeing that he is not alone in this battle ■ more
Kaddish at the Track
 President Reuven Rivlin Visits Berlin 
Yesterday, on 22nd of Iyar,, the President of Israel arrived in Berlin to participate in a series of events commemorating 50 years of political ties between Germany and Israel. President Rivlin took part in the ceremony at the Platform 17 - the infamous place from where 55 000 Jews were sent to death camps. At the event memorial prayers were recited by Shliach Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal ■ more

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