B"H Friday, 9 Kislev 5777 | December 09 2016
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Kinus HaShluchim 5777
 Tzeirei HaShluchim with The Meshaleach 
A packed program had been prepared for Tzeirei HaShluchim who join their fathers traveling to the Kinus HaShluchim 5777.  As every year, the Tmimim learning at the Central Lubavitcher Yeshiva in 770 planned an exciting program, utilizing the few days together to the maximum ■ more
Chabad’s Terror Victims Project
 Fires Rage: 300 Chabad Houses Mobilized 
Chabad’s Terror Victims Project (CTVP), with the resources of over 300 Chabad Houses all across Israel, is going from family to family, reaching out to everyone impacted by the fires that have raged throughout the country ■ In addition to the physical aid CTVP is providing, all the victims of terror have the comfort of knowing that there is a Chabad House nearby to assist them in every way possible ■ more
Kinus HaShluchim 5777
 Don't Miss: Excerpts of JEM's "Linked" 
Excerpts of JEM's new film Linked debuted on Sunday evening at the International Kinus HaShluchim, 5777. Featuring an interwoven montage of the Rebbe's talks and personal experiences as recounted by his Shluchim more
New Program Launched
 Graduate Chabad Opens Its Doors 
 After a series of popular pilot events, a new organization launched this week to serve Jewish graduate students and faculty. Based in New York, Graduate Chabad will bring intellectually engaging encounters – lectures, seminars, Shabbatons – to graduate schools in collaboration with local Chabad on Campus Shluchim ■ more
Kinus HaShluchim 5777
 Photo Gallery: Shluchim Kids & Mentors Meet 
Young Shluchim who participate in MyShliach’s Ach Sheli “big brother” program met their mentors for a special program in Oholei Torah this past Thursday ■ As participants from around the globe traveled to Crown Heights for the Kinus HaShluchim they were offered a chance to meet their long distance chavrusas face to face ■ “The energy was incredible” said Rabbi Mendel Weingarten, Ach Sheli coordinator ■ more
Rabbi New: "Not Bashert"
 East Boca: Moving Foward, Museum Nixed 
Photograph: Archive Photo
According to Rabbi Ruvi New — spiritual leader of the Chabad of East Boca — sometimes things don't work out exactly how you planned — and you just have to adjust and move on.Such was the case for New on Tuesday, Nov. 15 when the Fourth District Court of Appeals in West Palm Beach issued a two-sentence order denying the Chabad's Oct. 14 Request for Oral Argument in a lawsuit concerning the City of Boca Raton's approval of the Chabad's site plan for its proposed synagogue/museum project in east Boca Raton ■ more
The Eighth Yohrtzeit
 Remebering the Bombay Kedoshim, HY"D 
Photograph: Shturem Archives
The Holtzberg and Rosenberg families are commemorating the eighth yohrtzeit of their dear children, Shluchim Gavriel Noach and Rivky Holtzberg, HY"D, who were brutally murdered, giving up their lives al Kiddush Hashem at their Bais Chabad in Bombay, during a mass terror attack. Four Yidden, visiting at Bais Chabad, were killed with Gaby and Rivky ■ more
Shock Treatment!
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: 
Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: Learning in college is not merely a matter of learning facts. It entails being exposed to certain circles and activities that are antithetical to the values and faith of the believer. It would be like taking someone from a warm environment and casting him into cold water – “shock treatment” – several times a day ■ more
From: Chabad on Campus International
 To: Dear Crown Heights Community 
Photograph: Bentzi Sasson

When asked for their highlight of the entire Shabbaton experience, Amy from University of South Florida simply replied, “My hosts!” Chabad on Campus International would like to thank the holy community of Crown Heights, the Rebbe’s community “Kahn Tzivah Hashem es HaBracha”, and host families for their partnership—for being positive Jewish role models for the 1,200 students you so generously welcomed for the Shabbaton—the impact of which knows no bounds ■ more

Cheder Chabad of Monsey
 Hundreds Gather to Celebrate Cheder Children 
Photograph: Nechemiah Kaplan

Hundreds of parents and Anash gathered at Monsey’s Atrium Plaza Ballroom for Cheder Chabad of Monsey’s "Our Children’s Cheder Celebration". The event’s honorees were outstanding medical professionals of the greater Monsey community, who are parents and friends of Cheder Chabad and have through their generosity, community service and personal example impacted Jewish life in the community ■ more

The Eighth Yohrtzeit
 India Remembers "Moshe Boy" and Parents 
Photograph: Shturem Archive Photo
It's been eight years that baby Moshe lost his dad, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and mom Rivka, during the terror attack on Mumbai in 2008. Now, the baby has become a strapping lad of 10, who stays with his maternal grandparents in Afula, Israel. Ahead of the anniversary of 26/11 terror attacks, his granddad Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg shares some aspects of the boy's life that make Moshe even more special for the people of India ■ more
S. Dakota Shlichus Creates Media Buzz
 The Wild West's Newest Shliach 
He’s the Wild West’s newest mensch, leaving behind Brooklyn’s boulevards and brownstones for the plains of South Dakota — to become the only rabbi in the entire state. Hasidic spiritual leader Mendel Alperowitz, of the Crown Heights-based Chabad Lubavitch movement, is packing up his wife and two daughters for a new homestead in Sioux Falls next month ■ more
Kinus HaShluchim 5777
 Chaim Tuito's Banquet Gallery 
Photograph: Chaim Tuito/ Shturem
Photographer Chaim Tuito played an important role at the Kinus, as part of the Shturem.net team covering the Kinus HaShluchim 5777 minute to minute. His concluding Kinus gallery is a click away ■ more
Severe Issur
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: 

Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: [Studying in university] is a severe issur (prohibition) and [spiritual] danger, and the danger is great. Moreover, it is known that exposing oneself to danger is even worse than violating a prohibition ■ more

Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Loss: Rabbi Sholom Levertov, OB"M 
Photograph: CHI
With sadness we inform you of the passing of R' Sholom Levertov OBM, a well known baal menagen and longtime resident of Crown Heights. He was 89 years old. The levaya will take place Monday, 12:00pm at Shomrei Hadas and passing by 770 at around 1:00pm ■ more
Kinus HaShluchim 5777
 6,000 Banquet Guests Break Out in Dance 
As Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky concludes the Shluchim Roll Call, 6,000 Shluchim, relatives and lay leaders break out in a Chassidishe rikud ■ more

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