B"H Wednesday, 13 Av 5775 | July 29 2015
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Video of the Day
 Loss: Jerry Weintraub, OB"M 
The Rebbe Watches Jerry Weintraub Perform "Hagbah"
The Rebbe Watches Jerry Weintraub Perform "Hagbah" | Photograph: Chabad.org
Jerry Weintraub, friend of Lubavitch, passed away on the 19th of Tamuz. In this fascinating interview with Larry King, for the West Coast Chabad Telethon, he shares his most amazing moments with The Rebbe ■ more
Fulfilling The Rebbe's Horo'oh
 The First Siyum Masechta in the World 
Chabad of Sydney is the first point on the globe to fulfill The Rebbe's horo'oh to learn and conclude masechtos in the Nine Days, and even before Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av ■ more
Reveal the Treasure
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day 
Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: On summer days, when many children have an abundance of free time, as the school in which they learned during the winter and beginning of the spring is closed (for whatever reason), the child has a few extra hours free each day, and especially on Shabbos kodesh and erev Shabbos. A child should not be left in a state of time that is "empty of substance", even if the child is not aware of it ■ more
Urgent Tehillim
 Kiryat Malachi: 11 Year Old Seriously Injured 
The Accident Scene, Kiryat Malachi
The Accident Scene, Kiryat Malachi
Urgent Tehillim: An 11 year old boy was hit by a car near the Kiryat Malachi swimming pool. He suffered injury to his head and extremeties.The boy received emergency care and was taken to the Bais Refuah Kaplan in serious condition ■ more
AD Mosai? Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Loss: HaTomim Aryeh Grodko, OB"M 
With sadness we report the passing of HaTomim  Aryeh Grodko, ob"m, of Crown Heights. Aryeh remained in Crown Heights after his Kivutzah year in 770, 40 years ago.  The levaye took place in Crown heights, and his aron was flown to Eretz Yisroel  ■ more 
Workshops, Farbrengens, Achdus
 Annual UK Kinus HaShluchim 
Photograph: CHI
There are 117 families of Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim in the UK. Last week, 84 of those Shluchim gathered for the annual Chabad Lubavitch UK Kinus Hashluchim that was held in the magnificent setting of Bosworth Hall Hotel (part of the Britannia Group) in the picturesque village of Market Bosworth, Leicestershire ■ more
"Wow is Right"
 Kita Ches Inspires Survivor to Put on Tefillin 
Photograph: chabad.org
The guest speaker at the Illinois Holocaust Museum posed an unanswerable question to the dozen Chabad eighth-grade boys sitting in front of him. Mitchell Winthrop, 88 years of age, a survivor of the Auschwitz and Mauthausen Nazi concentration camps, had been raised in a secular Jewish home in Lodz, Poland. Why had he, he asked the boys—someone who hadn’t even had a bar mitzvah—been chosen to survive the Holocaust and not his pious, white-bearded grandfather ■ “It’s never too late to make a bar mitzvah!” called out 14-year-old Yankel Raices ■ more
Attention Anash & Tmimim
 Please Say Tehillim and Give Tzedoko 
Shturem.org readers are urgently requested to say Tehillim and give tzedoko l'zchus Shliach Rabbi Avrohom Boruch ben Eska and HaTomim Schneur Zalman ben Rivka for a refuah shleima NOW ■ more
Melamed Saves Torah
 Fire Breaks Out Next to Cheder 
Photograph: CHI
A massive blaze broke out in a Thornhill home that was under construction, sending plumes of thick black smoke that was visible for miles. The fire was in close proximity to the Shmuel Zahavy Cheder Chabad, which was not damaged in the blaze ■ Videos of one of the Cheder teachers removing the Sifrei Torah’s from the Shul went viral on social media and messaging apps prompting a scare that it was the Cheder that went up in flames ■ more
Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm
 Is a Picnic Allowed on Shabbos? 
Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, dean of Online Smicha, discusses the halachic aspects of outdoor picnicking on Shabbos ■ more
Live Tonight
 MyLife: Chassidus Applied Episode 75 
MyLife: Chassidus Applied Episode 75: "Workplace tensions can be quite challenging. The difficulty is only compounded when working for a Rabbi. “How should I deal with my Rabbi boss who always unfairly criticizes for nonsense and responds with anger? I learned in Hayom Yom that we should embrace rebuke, but is this true in every situation? Can you provide some sources from the Rebbe about a Rabbi working under another Rabbi ■ more
AD MOSAI? Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Loss: Shliach Rabbi Simcha Zirkind, OB"M 
With great sadness and pain we inform you of the sudden passing of Rabbi Simcha Yerachmiel Zirkind OBM, Shliach of the Rebbe to Tunisia and later to Montreal, Canada. He was 76 years old. The levaya will take place Sunday morning in Montreal at 7:00am in front of the Yeshiva on Westbury. It will then pass by 770 in Crown Heights at around 2:30pm ■ more
Ten Couples Join CTeen
 CTeen Kinus Triples in Size in its 2nd Year 
The Second Annual CTeen Kinus recently took place in Bushkill, PA. For the thirty-six couples in attendance from around the world, the Kinus was a chance for them to gain inspiration, insight, and chizuk about their goals as shluchim ■ more
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 A Historic Exception: The Rebbe's Trip to Camp 
Photograph: Shmais
 A Historic Exception: The Rebbe's Trip to CampAfter coming to America in 5701, the Rebbe spent his every single day working tirelessly on behalf of the Jewish people from his office in 770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. On only three occasions did he leave New York City limits, each time to visit Camp Gan Israel in the Catskill Mountains, NY ■ more
100 Tmimim, Exciting Program
 Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston Opens with a Bang 
With excellent camp staff and counselors, and newly renovated camp grounds, Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston began the summer season with a great bang – as the bus rolled into the new camp grounds, over 100 Talmidim, from both Mechina and Mesivta programs, and 25 staff members were amazed at the facilities, the vastness of the grounds and the comforts in the various buildings, and that amazement carried through the whole first weeks of camp ■ more
Hilchos Beis Habchira
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: 
Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: During the three weeks, "Bein Hameitzarim", one needs to add in learning Torah in matters relevant to the time and matters connected to the building of the Beis HaMikdash.First of all- the halachos of Beis Habechira in Rambam, including also- psukim in the written Torah ■ more

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