B"H Saturday, 14 Elul 5775 | August 29 2015
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Judge Harkavy appears as an 'observer"
 Hearing of Gabboim appeal against Aguch 
Judge Harkavy in insert
Judge Harkavy in insert | Photograph: Shturem
The appeal presented by the Gabboim of 770 against the ruling of Judge Ira Harkavy that Aguch are the sole owners and determine policy in 770 was heard today in court by a panel of four judges. ■ Both sides were told that the final verdict could take 5 weeks up to a year. ■ More


Erev Yom HaKodosh: Gallery
 Erev Yom Kippur,Chatzros Kodsheinu 
Crown Heights, N.Y.: Kan Tzivo, as the holiest day of the year is approaching.  Tmimim running to the Mikveh, minyonim for Mincha in every corner of 770, lekach given out, l'chaim being said ■ more 
Chabad targets Jews who won't pay hundreds of dollars
 Chabad is fastest growing movement today 
Synagogues in Ottawa will charge families hundreds, even thousands of dollars, for Yom Kippur services tonight -- except for a Jewish outreach group whose services are free. ■ It's just another way the Chabad movement is getting under the skin of the Jewish establishment across North America. A U.S. expert says it's the fastest growing movement in modern Judaism, and in some communities, it is reordering daily life. ■ More
PETA was there to protest
 Kaporos in Crown Heights 

Hundreds of residents of Crown Heights performed the ancient custom of Kaporos Erev Yom Kippur last night until day break. ■ This time there was wide media coverage who came to cover the event including representatives of the PETA organization who came to protest, the N.Y. Times, JTA and more.■ More  

Chabad.org seeks your help
 "We are their only Jewish lifeline." 
Hundreds of thousands of Jews -- many far removed from any structured Jewish community -- count on us to fill their plates when they seek spiritual inspiration, Torah learning, or practical tools to enrich their Jewish experience. ■ More
Rabbi Shea Hecht:
 "We will not be intimidated by Peta" 
Rabbi Shea Hecht
Rabbi Shea Hecht

We intend to continue the practice, despite PETA's efforts to prevent us from doing so - and those efforts have been pretty grim. Our email inboxes were jammed and our fax lines were flooded with mail from thousands of PETA supporters. We received one of the most vicious, anti-Semitic messages I have ever seen, and the NYPD Hate Crimes Unit has opened an investigation. ■ More

Picture of the day
 Discussing latest developments 
Rabbi Shloime Zarchi, Shloime Ezagui and Yoske Wilmovsky caught today by a Shturem photographer's lens on Kingston in front of 1414 and Mermelstien talking about various developments. ■ Additional photos
At Chabad of Boca Raton
 Lieberman: Israel is in McCain's Kishke 
Rep. Adam Hasner introducing Sen. Joe Lieberman
Rep. Adam Hasner introducing Sen. Joe Lieberman

At the Chabad of Boca Raton, Lieberman launched today his third major campaign swing in South Florida for McCain this year. He was joined by state Rep. Adam Hasner, the Florida House majority leader from Boca Raton who leads a national Jewish support group for McCain. ■ More

Shmuley Boteach asks:
 Why Orthodox youth are leaving the fold 
Shmuel Boteach
Shmuel Boteach
When I joined Chabad before I was bar mitzva, it was almost unthinkable for Lubavitch children to choose to be non-observant. Indeed, the majority gave their entire lives to the Jewish people by choosing to go to the far corners of the globe on shlichut. But today Chabad is beginning to ask itself why a not-insignificant number of its youth are giving up observance, even as they remain attached to the Chabad community and continue to live in Crown Heights. ■ More
Shiva in Crown Heights
 Nichum Avelim for Rabbi Pevzner 
INFO to be Menachem Avel: Mrs. Yehudis Raksin, Mrs. Fruma Junik and Mrs. Nechama Lazar

Mrs. Yehudis Raksin, Mrs. Fruma Junik and Mrs. Nechama Lazar all of Crown Heights will be sitting shivah for their brother RABBI HILLEL PEVZNER OBM on Tuesday (only) at the Lazar residence, 642 Empire Blvd 2nd floor (between Kingston & Albany) ■ more
Full video and photos
 Behind the scenes of the Seforim case 

Last night at about 8:30 PM a special workshop took place in the Kolel building where hundreds of Temimim heard a summary of the Seforim case that shook up Lubavitch in the mid 80's. ■ More+full video+photos  

$2.00 a Chicken in Crown Heights
 NCFJE Subsidizes Kaporos 
Kaporos in Crown Heights
Kaporos in Crown Heights | Photograph: Boruch Ezagui, Shturem

Crown Heights, N.Y.: After last year's great success, it was only natural that NCFJE, under the directorship of Rabbi Shea Hecht, would do it again.  And indeed, the residents of Crown Heights were given the opportunity to shlog kaporos with live chickens at a token price ■ more 

First time video
 Vov Tishrei 5752 
Yesterday the bochurim in 770 had an unusual overloaded day. Besides a farbrengen, seder, a shiur and workshop, the Vaad Hatemim Haolomi screened a special video of the Rebbe davening seen for the first time. The film was shown in Getzel's Shul. ■ The bochurim were glued to their seats for an hour watching the Rebbe davening Shachris at the amud on Vov Tishrei 5752. ■ Photos
Once a year
 Yeshiva in Detroit relocate to Ohel for 10 days 
It happens once a year between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. That is when the Yeshiva in Detroit sets up a seder at the Ohel and for 10 days the yeshiva is relocated from Detroit to the Ohel. More+photos+video  
It's OK
 OK lecture about Kashrut of Bamboo Schach 
Listening to Rabbi Levy
Listening to Rabbi Levy | Photograph: Shturem
Rabbi Dan Yoel Levy, the head of the OK Kashrut Supervision delivered a shiur in Kashrus at Oholei Torah yesterday. ■ He elaborated for almost two hours on the kashrut of everything relating to "schach" especially the bamboo mats that have become a hit in recent years. ■ Photos
A meting of friends
 Shimenke meets Velvel 
Photograph: Eli Spitzer, Shturem
What happens when Shimenke Lazaroff the head shliach in Texas meets Rabbi Velvel Kesselman the "mashpia" of Kfar Chabad?" Well, residents of Crown Heights had a chance to see for themselves yesterday. ■ More+photos

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