B"H Sunday, 30 Shevat 5777 | February 26 2017
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Rubashkin Trial Update
 Rubashkin Requests Change of Venue 
Photograph: Shturem Archives
Former Agriprocessors CEO Sholom Rubashkin asks for a change of venue for his September trial because of extensive pretrial publicity ■ Defendant Rubashkin has a story to tell, but he won't tell that story until he's in court ■ more
Chabad La Costa
 Big Changes Under Way 
A Farbrengen at Chabad La Costa
A Farbrengen at Chabad La Costa | Photograph: Shmais
Last March, after years of renting the site, the Orthodox Jewish congregation purchased its half-acre parcel and building ■ He said he enjoys giving to Chabad La Costa because "it is for such a good cause, and the people are so good to you. G-d has always been good to me. It's the least I can do ■ more
Just Released
 A Letter to Moishele 
Lipa at Soul II Soul
Lipa at Soul II Soul | Photograph: Shturem Archives

Lipa Schmeltzer's new CD featuring his very emotional song "A Letter to Moishele" was released last night ■ Lipa sang the song for the Crown Heights audience at the Soul II Soul concert recently ■ more 

S. Diego Rejoices
 Unanimous Vote for Chabad Expansion 
S. Diego Council Meeting
S. Diego Council Meeting | Photograph: Shmais
S. DIEGO — The S. Diego City Council cleared the way yesterday for an expansion of the Chabad Educational Campus in Scripps Miramar Ranch ■ More than 100 people appeared before the council to support the project ■ more
"Security :Our Responsibility"
 Mosdos Directors Meet with Security Company 
Photograph: Menachem Kozlovsky
Thursday, the 4th of Shvat, roshei mosdos of NCFJE, Beis Rivka, Lubavitcher Yeshiva,
Colel Chabad and the Shluchim Office met with consultants from T&M Protection Resources ■ "We owe it to everyone who relies on our mosdos to be as responsible as we can with security,"said Rabbi  Shea Hecht of NCFJE ■ more
"Shiur with an Appetizer".
 Rabbi Garelik Shiur for Beis Midrash Attendees 
Rabbi Levi Garelik
Rabbi Levi Garelik | Photograph: Shturem Archives
Rabbi Levi Garelik, who will be giving this week's shiur following the Beis Midrash learning, has kindly provided a list of Marei Mekomos for those who wish to prepare for an enjoyable shiur ■ more
Keynote Tmimim Address
 Shliach Rabbi Menachem Mendel Groner 
Rabbi Groner
Rabbi Groner | Photograph: Y. Belinko

The keynote speaker at the Kinnus HaTmomim HaOlami will be Shliach Rabbi Menachem Mendel Groner, Mashpia in Tomchei Tmimim Kiryat Gat ■  Thousands of Tmimim that will be coming to the Rebbe for Yud Shvat are expected to take part in the kinnus ■ more

Hot off the Press
 Hacahyol Magazine is Here 
The latest issue of the wildly popular Hachayol Magazine has just arrived ■ Packed with Chassidishe toichen and fun, it inspires, educates and entertains ■ L'Iluy Nishmas Sarah Bas R' Yekusiel Yehudah a”h Rohr ■ more
Hilula Gallery
 Crown Heights Commemorates Baba Sali 
Photograph: Eli Spitzer, Shturem

The Yohrtzeit of Rabbi Yisroel Abuchatzeira, known as Baba Sali, took place last night in Crown Heights, at the Ahavas Moshe Shul on Maple Street ■ Rabbi Chaim Sasson took his place, regaling the audience with stories of Baba Sali's connections with the Rebbe ■ more 

Rabbi and Mrs. Hershy Spritzer
 New Shluchim to S. Fernando Valley 
Rabbi Hershy Spritzer
Rabbi Hershy Spritzer | Photograph: shmais
The Rebbe's army of Shluchim has acquired new forces: Rabbi & Mrs. Hershy and Frumi Spritzer of Crown Heights, will IYH be moving on Shlichus to the S. Fernando Valley in California ■ more
Shloshim Kinus
 "The Mameh of Machon Chana" 
Mrs. Mera Galperin ob"m
Mrs. Mera Galperin ob"m | Photograph: Shturem
“Keep a Pot on the Stove” was the theme of the Shloshim held for Mrs. Mera Galperin at the Machon Chana dormitory Tuesday evening ■ “If you have an extra spoon of something, share it with someone else,” Mrs. Galperin would always tell her ■ more
Atlantic City Hosts
 ULY's Unit Chitas Enjoys Shabbaton 
ULY"s Chitas Unit
ULY"s Chitas Unit | Photograph: Shturem
"It's been well deserved" said one of the participants of this long awaited Shabbaton, as 10 students of Lubavitcher Yeshivah's Unit Chitas packed a van for Atlantic City on Friday morning ■ more 
Kinnus Hakhel
 Tmimim Unite on Yud Shvat in 770 
First Kinnus Achus in 770
First Kinnus Achus in 770 | Photograph: Shturem Archives
All local yeshivos will be gathering in 770, along with the hundreds of Tmimim coming from yeshivos the world over, to learn the Maamer Bosi L'Gani together, in complete achdus ■ more
One Shabbat One World
 A Shabbos Dedicated to Moshiach 
 In what they are anticipating as the largest turnout ever, Shluchim are encouraged to invite all to attend. Rabbi Chaim Hershkowitz, director of the program says they went "All out this year ■ more 
From the Web
 Rubashkins Thank All for Tfillos and Support 
R' Aaron and Sholom Mordechi Halevi Rubashkin
R' Aaron and Sholom Mordechi Halevi Rubashkin | Photograph: Matzav.com
“Justice prevailed today,” said Guy Cook, Mr. Rubashkin’s attorney. “Judge Reade protected this man's constitutional rights. She made those rights come alive! ■ It means so much to Sholom and I to know that we have this continuous spiritual strength behind us during these times ■ more
Shturem Presents
 Calendar for Chodesh Shvat 
We are proud to present the Chassidishe calendar for the month of Shvat, shared with our readers by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous ■ more

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