B"H Friday, 25 Sivan 5776 | July 01 2016
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Tmimim Feeling Better B"H
 Watchtower Back in Crown Heights 
Watchtower in the Shchuna
Watchtower in the Shchuna | Photograph: CrownHeights.Info
Two Bochurim on their way home from Shul were accosted and attackedby a large group of Black teens. One of the bochurim was knocked unconscious after being pistol-whipped, while the other male sustained injuries on his head and inside his mouth ■ more
A Dollar and A Brocho
 Video: Rabbi Holtzberg and the Rebbe 
Gavriel Holtzberg by the Rebbe
Gavriel Holtzberg by the Rebbe | Photograph: From the Video

As a child, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg was zoche to recieve a dollar from the Rebbe, along with his holy brocho: you should beblessed in all things that you are involved in, and you should be a Chossid, yire shomayim and a lamdan". (Free translation) ■ more 

Mazel Tov
 First Name for Rivky HYD 
Photograph: Shturem
SHMAIS.com has learned that on Shabbos morning, right before Shachris began @ Chabad of Atlanta, Georgia, one of the Baalei Batim approached Rabbi Yossi Lew of the Shluchim and informed him that his wife had given birth on Friday to a baby girl, and they both wanted to name the baby after Rivky Holtzberg HYD ■ more
No Words
 Mumbai - Outrage. Anger. Pain. Tears. 
Photograph: Shturem
The following is a very touching editorial from Vos is Neias Website, that covered the tragedy from beginning to shocking end.  Food for thought ■ Above all, let us not be afraid. Let us hold our heads high. Let us walk the streets victorious. We are Jews. We are one. We are proud. And they can never destroy us ■ read more
Cheder Lubavitch Davens
 Oak Park School Prays for Sister Site 
Cheder Lubavitch
Cheder Lubavitch | Photograph: CrownHeights.Info
OAK PARK -- While many television sets around Metro Detroit were tuned in to Thanksgiving Day parades and Lions football Thursday, supporters of the Lubavitch Cheder in Oak Park were watching news of the Mumbai terrorist attacks unfold thousands of miles around the globe■ more
N'Shei Initiative
 Open Letter from N'Shei Chabad 
Chabad House Mumbai
Chabad House Mumbai | Photograph: Meir Alfasi, Shturem
Nshei Chabad of Crown Heights would like to record a list of the Mitzvos being done in honor of the Holtzbergs. It is our hope that the list will give comfort and encouragement to the Holtzberg and Rosenberg families… knowing full well that the best comfort and encouragement will be when these dedicated Mitzvohs will break the walls of Golus ■ more
Rabbi Krinsky Issues
 Statement from Lubavitch World Headquarters 
LNS, NY) Once again, terrorism has reared its evil head, this time in Mumbai (Bombay) India . Our Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish Community Center, located in Nariman House in the Colaba district, is still occupied by the terrorists ■ more
More Police On Beat
 The Shchuna on Alert 
The Front of 770
The Front of 770 | Photograph: Shturem
The terror attacks in Mumbai Has caused many governments around the world to step up their security operations, and the U.S.A is no different.  Our New York Shturem correspondent reports that since the early morning hours police protection has stepped up in the Shchuna ■ more 
Picture Gallery
 Evers- Halberstam Chasene 
Evers- Halberstam Chasene
Evers- Halberstam Chasene | Photograph: Ezra, Shturem

Many Rabbonim, Mashpiim, Shluchim, family members and well-wishers gathered last night to participate in the chasene of Chosson HaTomim Elimelech Evers (Amsfoort, Holland) with Kallah Chaya Halberstam (Crown Heights) at the Oholei Torah Hall ■ more 


Rubashkin Trial News
 Sholom Rubashkin Pleads "Not Guilty" 
Sholom Rubashkin
Sholom Rubashkin | Photograph: VIN
Postville, IA - Agriprocessors' former CEO Sholom Rubashkin pleaded not guilty today in U.S. District Court to 12-counts involving illegal immigrants, identity theft and bank fraud. Several family members attended the hearing. The U.S. Marshal's warned the members after the hearing that contact was prohibited ■ more
Shnas Hatzlocho
 Rabbi Wilhelm Farbrengs on Yom Huledes 
Rabbi Wilhelm Farbrengs
Rabbi Wilhelm Farbrengs | Photograph: Ezra, Shturem

Rabbi Nechemia Wilhelm, Shliach of the Rebbe in Thailand, celebrated his Yom Huledes with a traditional farbrengen near the Ohel.  Tens of Tmimim crowded around the Shliach ■ more

All Welcome
 World's Largest Chanukah Dreidel 
BASKING RIDGE, NJ — The largest Chanukah Dreidel in the world stands proudly in front of the Chabad Jewish Center in Basking Ridge, generating stares and proud smiles from passers-by ■ more
Urgent Assistance
 A Call from Postville to Anash 
Empty Grocery Shelves
Empty Grocery Shelves | Photograph: Postville Emergecy Site
The People of Postville, Iowa are suffering. You can help. An Emergency Relief Website has been set up to accept monetary donations so food and shelter can be extended to hundreds ■ more
Picture of the Day
 Shluchim to Australia in Group Picture 
The Shluchim from Down Under
The Shluchim from Down Under | Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo, Shturem

During the course of the Kinnus, the Shluchim from Australia took the opportunity to pose for a group picture.  The picture was taken at the end of the grand Banquet ■ more

Bardugo's Best
 Cherished Moments: Photo Gallery 
Cherished Moments
Cherished Moments | Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo, Shturem
Two days have passed since the Grand Banquet, and the strong impressions remain with us still  ■  The official Kinnus photographer, Yisroel Bardugo, presents a gallery with fond memories of an unforgettable event.
Postville News
 Court Names Plant Overseer 
Photograph: Shturem Archives
Postville, IA - The new de facto leader of Agriprocessors Inc. said that he hopes to restart production at the Postville meatpacking plant as soon as possible. Joseph Sarachek, a New York bankruptcy lawyer, was appointed by a federal judge to serve as the company's trustee ■ more

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