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Roving Rabbis offer Jewish connection in rural communities
 Mitzvot Arizona 
At Chabad of Arizona's summer program
At Chabad of Arizona's summer program | Photograph: Shlomy Levertov
Yeshiva student Dovid Kotlarsky leans back ever so slightly in his chair at one of the "learning tables" at Chabad of Arizona in Phoenix. His elbows are pressed against his thin frame as he speaks gently, no more than one or two sentences at a time, and his movements are mildly rigid as he tries to hide his shyness. Then he begins to talk about Judaism. He leans forward, places his elbows on the table and clasps his hands as he explains the purpose of his journey around Arizona this summer. His eyes glisten and he smiles as he speaks while the sunlight pouring through the window lights up his reddish, ragged beard. Continue
Excerpts from an article in the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix
 Go west, young Jews 
"We've seen an uptick in registration this year," said Rabbi Sholom Lew, spiritual leader of Chabad of the West Valley, about the nine-year-old Chabad Hebrew school in Glendale. Lew described it as "the longest-serving, continuously-run religious school west of I-17." The school will begin the year with 25 students, coming from Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, west Phoenix and Avondale, Lew said. The school also has five "graduate students," teens who graduated from the program and serve as mentors to the younger ones, he said. Read More
 Chabad Center, Publix plan kosher-education week 
Rabbi Levi and Fraidy Vogel with their son Noson
Rabbi Levi and Fraidy Vogel with their son Noson

The Chabad Center present "Kosher Awareness Week" Sunday to Aug. 29, the first time the event is being held in this area. The observance is planned at the St. Augustine Publix branches.

Everyone has heard of kosher, says Rabbi Levi Vogel. Yet many people still wonder what makes food kosher. Does it have to be blessed by a rabbi?

Is healthier than other foods? Continue

It didn't mention "Shlitah" after the Rebbe's name
 "Haoros Hatemimim and Anash" pamphlets stolen 

Last week a new pamphlet in the series of "Haoros Hatemimim and Anash" was published that included a special note from Rabbi Yoel Kahn.

The boxes filled with the pamphlets arrived to one of the rooms in the 749 Eastern Parkway dormitory Friday but when bochurim came to fetch them they found the door locked and the lock was jammed. They had to climb through the window in order to take them out and bring them to a locker in 770. Continue

In Memory of Toby Eagle obm
 Siyum Sefer Torah in Baltimore 
Rabbi Kaplan carrying the Sefer Torah
Rabbi Kaplan carrying the Sefer Torah | Photograph: Shturem
Wednesday, the 19th of Menachem Av 5768 was the first Yahrtzeit of Toby Eagle A"H who passed away last year in a tragic car accident.  She was 19 years old.

Her home town of Baltimore Maryland commemorated her yahrtzeit with a Siyum and Hachnasas Sefer Torah, dedicated by her family and community.

The Siyum began at Congregation Shaarei Zion and continued with a parade to Congregation Beis Lubavitch which is under the leadership of the Shliach Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon.  Close to 400 people attended the ceremony and hundreds more joined the parade to Beis Lubavitch with music and song. Continue to read more and to see photo gallery
 Group Picture of Camp Gan Israel-Parksville, N.Y. 
Photograph: Meir Dahn, Shturem

This past Friday Campers at Camp Gan Israel in Parksville, N.Y. lined up for a group picture together with Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov, director of the camp. The picture was taken by photogrpaher Meir Dahn who was at the camp to cover the Yarchei Kallah event. Click here for an additional picture

 Hundreds Don Tefillin at Maccabi Games 

WEST BLOOMFIELD, MICHIGAN – With the JCC Maccabi Games hosted this year at the JCC in West Bloomfield Michigan, area Shluchim got involved as well. With thousands of athletes from around the world, their families and volunteers coming through daily it was a great opportunity for bringing some real Jewish spirit to the games.

Rabbi Chaim Moshe Bergstein, Shliach in Farmington Hills, accompanied by other area and visiting  Rabbis managed to setup a booth for Mivtzah Tefillin. Close to 500 boys and men put on Tefillin, some for the first time in their lives including an 85 year-old man, over the three day period that the games were held. Neshei Chabad also setup a table for Mivtzah Neshek which was met with great success as well.Click here for photos

Didan Notzach in Maine
 Portland Chabad Rabbi Wins Right To Hold Prayer Services At Home 
Rabbi Wilansky speaking to the press
Rabbi Wilansky speaking to the press | Photograph: Shturem

(lubavitch.com) Faced with an outpouring of support from a very diverse group, Maine’s zoning board reversed its decision to prohibit a Chabad rabbi from hosting prayer services in his home at a hearing late Thursday night.

The 5-0 decision delighted the 200 people of all faiths who gathered at rally led by the Maine Civil Liberties Union in support of Chabad Lubavitch of Portland’s Rabbi Moshe Wilansky an hour before the zoning board began the hearing. Over thirty pastors and priests joined rabbis from local synagogues and leaders of the local Jewish Community Center, Jewish Federation and the Muslim community at the peaceful rally in front of city hall. Read More

 Rabbi Gavriel Tsinner joins crowd at Yarchei Kallah 
Group picture of the Rabbonim
Group picture of the Rabbonim | Photograph: Meri Dahn, Shturem.net

Dozens of rabbis, Roshe Yeshivos and Mashpiim took part in the Yarchei Kallah event in Camp Gan Israel organzied by Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov.

Joining the crowd this year was Rabbi Gavriel Tsinner, a well known posek and author of the famous Halachic responsa "Nitei Gavriel."

Click here for photos 

 Oregon's Chabad Families At Home With The Governor 
The Governor and the shluchim
The Governor and the shluchim

(lubavitch.com) Governor Ted Kulongoski hosted Oregon’s Chabad representatives and their children at his home for a family style kosher barbeque Tuesday morning.

The visit was decidedly informal, an opportunity for the Governor to spend time with Oregon’s 10 Chabad couples and their children serving the state’s Jewish community.

“It was a very unusual visit,” Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm, who presented the Governor with a shofar, in honor of the upcoming Rosh Hashana, told lubavitch.com. Read more and see video

Video and photo archive
 Camp Gan Israel visits Ohel and 770 

It has already become a tradition, the entire Gan Israel camp in Parksville, comes into Crown heights for Chof Av. Before Gimmel Tammuz the campers would come in time for the big Chof Av farbrengen with the Rebbe and afterwards it comes to the Ohel and then ro attend a rally in 770.

This year too yesterday at about 4 PM loads of buses were parked on Eastern Parkway near 770. The campers had come straight fron the Ohel. The children davened Mincha followed by lively songs.

Shturem photographer Meir Elfasi accompanied the children from the time of their arrival until their departure.

Click here to see a video clip and a photo archive (please be patient until the pictures begin to download)  

 Yarchei Kallah opens in Parksville, N.Y. 
Photograph: מאיר דהן

The annual Yarchei Kalla event that takes place at Camp Gan Israel in Parksville, N.Y. and organized by Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov, director of the camp, officially opened last night.

Dozens of Rabbis arrived from Israel and other parts of the world to particiapte in this event.

This Yarchei Kalla was founded in honor of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Schneerson of blessed memory, the Rebbe's father. The Rebbe held this project very dear and once remarked "this belongs to me."

Click here to see a photo archive by Meir Dahn

 Rabbi Mordechai Elon spends Shabbos Nachmu at Ohel 
Rabbi Elon watching a video with one of the Temimim
Rabbi Elon watching a video with one of the Temimim | Photograph: Shturem

Rabbi Mordechai (Moti) Elon, a leading figure in the national religious camp in Israel known for his popular lectures on Parshat Hashovua that are broadcast on national TV and radio, spent the week of Shbbos Nachmu at the Ohel.

Rabbi Aba Refson in charge of accomodations at the Ohel provided Rabbi Elon with food and lodge in one of the hosues nearby.

Friday night the bochurim that were there farbrengen with Rabbi Elon throughout rhe night. Rabbi Elon displayed a vast knowledge in the Rebbe's sichos.

One of the bochurim that was present at the farbrengen with Rabbi Elon said that it was "a very special farbrengen indeed."

 Machne Mamesh line-up in front of 770 
In honor of Chof Av, the yahrzeit of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Schneerson, the Rebbe's father, the Lubavitcher Yeshiva Day Camp known as Machne Mamesh arrived in front of 770 for a line-up. They recited the 12 Pesukim and were told about the significance of this day.
 Rabbi brings message of faith to Flower Valley 
A new Jewish center has set down roots in the Flower Valley community of Rockville.
"Every Jew should have the opportunity to connect to their Jewish heritage," said Rabbi Yitzchok Gurary, who runs the Chabad Torah Center of Rockville with his wife, Rivkah.

The center is part of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, which is a branch of Hasidism, and offers services on how to keep kosher, Kabbalah and Torah classes, hospital visits and the blessing of mezuzahs, the small cases containing tiny parchment scrolls that are attached to a doorpost as a reminder of God's presence. More

It's second graffiti incident at property this summer
 Swastika painted on Jewish school 
A Pleasant Valley School District employee arrived at work Friday morning and found a swastika painted on her office door.

It is the second time this summer that such graffiti has appeared overnight at the school district-owned property at Ventura Boulevard and Elm Drive in Camarillo. The facility used to be Los Primeros Elementary School but now houses offices and Gan Camarillo Preschool, a Jewish school affiliated with Chabad of Camarillo. The preschool and its summer day camp, Gan Israel, rent two classrooms to accommodate about 30 students. More


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