B"H Thursday, 18 Iyar 5776 | May 26 2016
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Pier 94
 Vayhei B'Chatzois Halaylo: Video 
Ronen Peled and Rabbi Shmotkin
Ronen Peled and Rabbi Shmotkin | Photograph: Shturem

One o'clock passed midnight on a winter Motzoei Shabbos. New York, for all intents and purposes, is falling into a slumber. Most of New York, with one exception. Lubavitcher Chassidim ■ more  

Shluchim at Melave Malka
 Fulfiiling a Horoa of the Rebbe 
The Shluchim at Melave Malka
The Shluchim at Melave Malka | Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo, Shturem

"Originally there was no Melave Malka scheduled for the Kinnus.  This was a direct horoa from the Rebbe, and we are happy to gather here tonight and fulfill this horoa."  These were the opening remarks of Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky at the Gala Melave Malka of  the Kinnus HaShluchim ■ more 

Chassidishe Oytzros
 Avrohom Fried For Kids Magazine 
Shots from the Video
Shots from the Video | Photograph: Shturem

As reported, during the course of the Melave Malka seesion, many mutimedia clips were shown, representing various branches of Hafotzas Hamaayonos.  We present here a video clip from Tzivos Hashem "Kids Magazine", starring Avrohom Fried ■ more 

Yet Another Farbrengen
 Rabbi Cunin Farbrengs at the Kollel 
Rabbi Cunin Last Night
Rabbi Cunin Last Night | Photograph: MeirAlfasi, Shturem

While the Melave Malka was going on at the main Kinnus, Rabbi Boruch Shlomo Cunin farbrenged with tens of Anash and Shluchim at the Kollel.  Rabbi Cunin shared many stories form his life as a Shliach ■ more 

770 Gets Ready
 Last Preparations for Shluchim Photo 
Getting Ready
Getting Ready | Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo, Shturem

At this writing- almost daybreak- 770 is getting a face lift in anticipation of the greatest event of the Kinnus- the group picture of the Rebbe's Army.  The picture takes approximately one half an hour to photograph ■ more 

 Grand Hakhel Melave Malka 
Main Session Melave Malka
Main Session Melave Malka | Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo and Meir Alfasi
Thousands of Shluchim participated in the traditional Melave Malka meal, which took place at a new venue, having outgrown Oholei Torah, B"H.  Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky opened the Melave Malka with a pertinent and timely announcement; no more "on the spot registration at the Kinnus" ■ read more   
Uplifting and Joyous
 Shabbos in 770 with the Shluchim 
Motzoei Shabbos in 770
Motzoei Shabbos in 770 | Photograph: Meir Alfasi, Shturem

A very special Shabbos was experienced in 770, which was overflowing with Shluchim and their lay guests, as well as the regular Crown Heights daveners, including many Chassidim who daven at various local shuls but make a point of not missing this unique Shabbos with the Shluchim ■ more 

Extensive Gallery
 Main Session-Thursday Night 
Shluchim Ayn Mishpocho
Shluchim Ayn Mishpocho | Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo, Shturem

Thousands of Shluchim took part in the main session on Thursday night that took place at the Oholei Torah Ballroom.  Yisroel Bardugo was on hand ■ more  

Special Gallery
 Shluchim at the Ohel Hakodosh 
The Shluchim at the Ohel, Friday
The Shluchim at the Ohel, Friday | Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo, Shturem

A very special moment of the Kinnus was captured on camera by photographer Yisroel Bardugo as he joined the thousands of Shluchim gathered at the Ohel HaKodosh. ■ more 

Shabbos is Coming
 We Feel the Kinnus in the Air 
Crown Heights, Erev Shabbos
Crown Heights, Erev Shabbos | Photograph: Meir Alfasi, Shturem

The workshops are over, and the Shluchim have free time to prepare for Shabbos.  Our Shturem photographer went out to snap some photos ■ more 

U'Molo Hoaretz Farbrengens
 Five Farbrengens Wrap up the First Day 
Five Farbrengens
Five Farbrengens | Photograph: Boruch Ezagui, Shturem
Shluchim enjoyed a full packed day yesterday, which ended in a very Chassidishe manner; with farbrengens. Some were official and some spontaneous, all contributed to the unique Kinnus atmosphere of "sheves achim gam yochad" ■ more  
International Camp
 Tzeiri Hashluchim Starts Off With A Bang 
Tzeirei HaShluchim
Tzeirei HaShluchim | Photograph: Shmully Tuvel
Tzeiri Hashluchim starts off with a big bang.The Tzeirei Hashluchim camp run by the Shluchim Office opened with an early bird Thursday program. Over 200 kids participated in a trip to Chelsea Piers in Manhattan in partook in a private session of ice-skating ■ more 
Australia Meets England
 Koncepolski- Jaffee Vort: Gallery 
The Vort, Last Night
The Vort, Last Night | Photograph: Meir Alfasi, Shturem
Chassidim from three continents- Australia, Europe and South America- joined to celebrate  the vort of HaTomim Chaim Koncipolski - Sydney,Australia, and and Deena Jaffee - Manchester, England ■ more 
CIS Shluchim Convene
 A Special Session for Special Times 
CIS Shluchim at Session
CIS Shluchim at Session | Photograph: Meir Alfasi, Shturem

Hundreds of Shluchim serving the Jewish populations all over the CIS convened for a special session, as per tradition of the Kinnus every year.  The session took place in the beautiful auditorium of the Tzivos Hashem Museum ■ more 

Eltere Shluchim Share with Young
 Ask thy Elders and They Will Tell Thee 
Older and Younger Shluchim
Older and Younger Shluchim | Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo

A very important aspect of the Kinnus is the interaction between elder Shluchim and the younger generation of Shluchim.  The Kinnus coordinators wisely set up meetings between the two generations of Shluchim ■ more 


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