B"H Wednesday, 29 Elul 5774 | September 24 2014
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 New Focus On Jewish Teens To Keep Them From Slipping Away 
The cover of the premier issue of JTM, the Jewish Teen Magazine, to be launched this summer.
The cover of the premier issue of JTM, the Jewish Teen Magazine, to be launched this summer.

R.C. Berman

(lubavitch.com) Can religion be cool enough for teens? Chabad’s new teen initiative is working to make the answer “yes” – in a very big way.

The multi billion-dollar industry that refashioned the teen years into a lifestyle, influences what high school students wear, listen to, how they act and where they hangout. Their success has knocked the priority given to religion, tradition and values down peg after peg.

Chabad Teen Network, C-TeeN to insiders, is a new movement in the works that seeks to energize Jewish life and teachings for teens. The goal is nothing short of a comprehensive, worldwide movement of Jewish teens. Continue

 3 Tamuz at the Yeshiva Center 
Gimmel Tamuz at the Yeshiva Center, Chabad Headquarters of NSW was very busy. During the day, two Mitzva tanks went out throughout Bondi and the city of Sydney, put on Tiffillen on ten's of people, gave out L'Chaim parasha papers and 7 mitzvos cards.

The entire event was organized by Rabbi Elimelech Levy Director of Outreach in Sydney, Australia. Photos and comments 
 Gala Chag HaSmicha in L.A. 

Family and friends came to rejoice and share their good wishes amongst hundreds of guests as 29 talmidim ka’h from Kollel Tiferes Menachem in Los Angeles celebrated a gala Chag HaSmicha on Wednesday 15 Sivan. Hailing from Australia, England and across the States, parents came to radiate with pride as their sons reached this distinguishing milestone.

The envelopingatmosphere was one of unity, achievement and elation. Unique to this year’s Chag HaSmicha was the ordination of one of the local baalei batim whose desire to earn smicha was sparked by diligent bochurim more than three years ago, over which time he toiled in limud haTorah to earn Smicha from Rabbi Ezra Schochet shlita.

The program began with a video of the Rebbe, reminding us never to be satisfied with our past accomplishments. Continue

 Rabbi Groner sits shiva and then flies in for funeral 

Last night Rabbi Yehudah Leib Groner sat shiva after his brother Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner obm who passed away two days ago. After sitting Shiva a day he boarded a plane to fly in to Israel to attend the funeral of his brother later this week.

Rabbis, mashpiim and temimim came to be "menachem avel" Rabbi Groner in his house on Carroll St. Between Mincha and Maariv he told over stories about his brother obm. 

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly who was in the neighborhood to check up on the revamping of the police in the district also paid a shiva call to Rabbi Groner.  Comments

 Convention Steering Committe meets 
One day after Gimmel Tamuz the steering committee that organizes the annual International Shluchim Conference that takes place in November met to discuss details of the coming Conference.
The 40-member committee met with Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky at the Childen's Museum Monday morning and deliberated on the venue and various aspects pertaining to the program of the Conference. Shuterm.net has been informed that the conferene this year will take place at the same place as last year East 94th St. in Manhattan marking the "Hakhel" year. 

The committee voted on which shliach will deliver the address representing all the shluchim. The names that came up were: Rabbi Moshe New of Montreal, Canada, Rabbi Yudi Shemtov of Yardley, Penn, and Rabbi Moshe Bryski of Agoura Hills, California. Comments

 After Gimmel Tammuz at the Ohel 

Less than a day after Gimmel Tamuz, a Shturem reporter returned to the Ohel where a day before had been visited by 30,000 people and recorded it in pictures.

Although Gimmel Tamuz has passed there are still many people coming to visit the site including the Gan Menachem Day Camp. Outside garbage trucks keep coming back and forth to remove the enormjous garbage accumulated over the weekend and police are removing the barriers and allowing traffic to flow freely.

 Friendship Circle gallery 

Over 100 shluchim and shluchos from all over the world are taking part in the annual convention of the Friendship Circle organization taking place in the Radison Hotel in New Jersey.

The Friendship Circle was founded in 1994 for the thousands of children around the world who are special needs children suffering from various phyiscal handicaps. The Friendship Circle prides itself with treating these children thru interaction with other children their ages who are not handicapped. Continue

 Deli meals nourish the flooded 
Rabbi Yossi Jacobson, of Des Moines, holds care packages to be distributed to flood victims by the Red Cross in the Birdland neighborhood.
Rabbi Yossi Jacobson, of Des Moines, holds care packages to be distributed to flood victims by the Red Cross in the Birdland neighborhood.

Two thousand meals in four days

That's how many free meals Maccabee's Deli had donated from June 17 to June 20 to Des Moines-area flood victims and volunteers.

As the Red Cross planned to stop its feeding effort in Des Moines on June 21, those at Maccabee's Deli say they're prepared to help as long as they're needed. Continue

 Thousands farbreng at Campus Chomesh 

Thousands took part in the main Gimmel Tamuz farbrengen that took place at Campus Chomesh in Crown Heights. This is the traditional farbrengen that is organized annually by Agudas Chasidei Chabad.

Addressing the farbrengen were: Rabbi Yoel Kahn, Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov (Chairmn of Aguch), (the Rebbe's "chozer"), Rabbi Yisroel Friedman (Rosh Yeshiva - Oholei Torah), Rabbi Lipa Shapiro, Rabbi Mendel Lipskar (Shliach in South Africa) and Rabbi Yisroel Shmotkin (shliach in Wisconsin).

Following the viewing of the Rebbe's video and all the speeches the crowd broke up into small groups and farbrenged until the late hours of the night. Comments

With tears and a choked voice
 The General Pan is read at the Ohel 

12 PM and thousands are lined up waiting their turn to enter the Ohel on this auspicious day of Gimmel Tammuz. Suddenly there is a halt, the movement is suspened for a short while to make room for members of Agudas Chasidei Chabad headed by Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov to enter and read the General Pan.

Rabbi Shemtov reads the Pan in an emotional tone that is heard by everyone at the site via the loudspeakers. A hush silence prevails as everyone stops what they're doing and chatting to listen to the reading of the Pan.

The Pan includes a request by Chabad chassidim the world over to strengthen and refresh their "hiskashrus" to the Rebbe. Despite the fact that 14 years have passed the desire and longing to be united with the Rebbe again just increases.

Rabbi Shemtov requests in the Pan that the Rebbe pray for all Anash over the world their wishes and prayers should be fulfilled whether it was for parnoso, children or health.

Rabbi Shemtov choked as he was reading the Pan and could not hold back tears when he read the names of those who are in need of a "yeshua" not in the natural course and the "hisgalus" of the Rebbe with the coming of Moshiach

 Now on Shturem: Broadcast Live from the Ohel! 

Now on Shturem: a special day of live coverage at the Ohel where Shturem cameramen and crew will film the masses arriving at the Ohel and will try to transmit the feelings , emotions and atmosphee at the Ohel on this auspicious day.

In the course of the day Shturem will be interviewing Mashpiim, shluchim, Rabbis and "mekurovim" and watch them tell us of their connection and experience with the Rebbe.

Click play or here to watch

This broadcast is aired "lizchus" Shmuel Aaron and Ayala Levin and family of Nachlas Har Chabad, Israel

 Sunday at dawn 

Shturem photographer Meir Elfasi was at the Ohel Sunday morning at dawn and found thousands of people lined up to enter the holy site. Some were learning, some were writing a pan while others prepared to daven Shachris.

 "We wnat to see our king" 

After spending a very uplifting and inspiring Shabbos at the Ohel yesterday when Shabbos finally ended the entire crowd that was there broke out singing songs that the Rebbe tagut us over the years.

It was an emotional site as one can see in this video: click play or here

 4000 at Ohel on Shabbos 

Over 4000 people spent Shabbos at the Ohel and frabrengens were held in every corner. Shluchim, Rabbonim, Temimim and Anash from all over the world came to be ain the 4 Amos of the Rebbe on Shabbos ushering in Gimmel Tamuz.

Everything clicked accordingly, the arrangement of sleeping quarters, the Seudos Shabbos, all went about smoothly thanks to the diligent efforts of the staff at the Ohel headed by Rabbi Abba Refson.

All houses on location near the Ohel were fully occupied as were hundreds of trailers that were rented for sleeping purposes but still they were not enough for the alrge crowd that came. Many were seen sleeping on benches or on the floor.

On Motzoei Shabbos after Havdala people started to flow into the Ohel.

Shturem photographer Meir Elfasi has posted a special photo gallery from Motzoei Shabbos. Comments

 Thousands streamed into the Ohel 

As already reported over 4000 people spent Shabbos at the Ohel and as soon as Shabbos ended after Havdalah people started streaming in to the Ohel for 2-3 minutes alone in order to prevent overcrowding and congestion.

Shturem Photographer Meir Elfasi is posting a photo gallery

 First Virtual Pan in Chabad Media 


Yom HaHilulo Gimmel Tammuz is almost here ■ Haven't got a fax machine? Aren't familiar with e-mails? You can still be sure that your name will be mentioned at the Ohel on Gimmel Tammuz ■ Send your name and the names of your family members here

Yom HaHilulo Gimmel Tammuz is almost here. Many of our readers from all across the globe wish to have their names mentioned at the Ohel on this auspicious day. The Shturem staff in the U.S.A. is proud to present the first virtual Pan in the history of the Chabad media, for your convenience. Haven't got a fax machine? Aren't familiar with e-mails? You can still be sure that your name will be mentioned at the Ohel on Gimmel Tammuz. Send your name and the names of your family members here:

All you have to do is to write your full first name and mother's name (preferably in Hebrew) in our comments section and Shturem representatives who will be spending the 24 hours of Gimmel Tamuz at the Ohel will make sure that your names are read at the Ohel on Gimmel Tamuz.

Note: We will only take down names alone, no special requests. We will not be posting any comments to this post either. If you want to comment on this post please do so by sending it to this site's Red Email on the left side of the homepage.


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