B"H Friday, 27 Kislev 5775 | December 19 2014
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 Photo Archive of Kaplan-Katzman Vort 

Shluchim, Rabbonim and many of Anash from Crown Heights took part last night in the "vort" of Melech Kaplan (son of the Rosh Yeshiva in Montreal, Rabbi Leibel and Rochel Kaplan) with Esther Katzman (daughter of the shliach to Staten Island Rabbi Moshe and Chani Katzman.

Shturem photographer Meir Elfasi has posted a photo gallery


 Candle Lighting Times Released in iCal Format for Google Calendar and Outlook 

Candle Lighting Times Released in iCal Format for Google Calendar and Outlook

Chabad.org has launched a new tool to their Candle Lighting section that allows users to download their candle lighting times in iCal format which is compatible with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and much more.

Users can download up to a year of Shabbat and Holiday start and end times at a time using this feature and easily upload it to their personal Google Calendar.

You can find this new feature, among our other Candle Lighting gadgets below the candle lighting times result page.Visit the candle lighting section at; www.chabad.org/CandleLighting

 Group Picture and Photo Gallery of Chinuch Conference 

A short while ago the annual Chinuch Conference that took place in N.Y. ended. Some 120 educators from all over the U.S. and Canada participated.

The Conference was sponsired by the Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch and was organzied by Rabbi Nochum Kaplan.

Shturem photographer Meir Elfasi has posted a photo gallery including the group picture

 Forging friendships for those in need 
Group pairs teen volunteers with special needs friends

High schoolers Abby Altman and Sharyn Graves had never heard of the Beatles.

Like many teenagers establishing a bond over listening to their favorite bands, the two learned of the 1960s pop and rock group while forging a relationship with a new friend, Michael Goldman. More

 Whew! It wasnt anti-Semitism at shul just a regular burglary 
The window of Congregation BNai Avraham was smashed again this week, the latest attack on Rabbi Aaron Raskins Remsen Street shul.
The window of Congregation BNai Avraham was smashed again this week, the latest attack on Rabbi Aaron Raskins Remsen Street shul. | Photograph: The Brooklyn Paper / Tom Callan
A man broke into an often-attacked Remsen Street synagogue early Monday morning — but this time, it was common thievery, not anti-Semitism that appeared to be on the crook’s mind.

A neighbor called the cops after she heard shattering glass around at 4:05 am at Congregation B’Nai Avraham, which made international news last fall after swastikas were painted on the door and anti-Semitic fliers were left on area blocks. More

 Educators Conference at Hudson Valley Hotel - Photo Gallery 

The annual Education Conference sponsored by the Merkoz L'inyonei Chinuch began yesterday at the Hudson Valley Hotel in N.Y. 120 educators took part, including principals and teachers.

"Prepapre yourself to learn Torah" is the theme of the conference  and was led by Rabbi Nochum Kaplan. The conference will continue today too.

Shturem photographer Meir Elfasi posted a special photo gallery below

 Sholoshim Gathering in Memory of Chana (Raskin) Wolvovsky 
CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Monday night at the Bais Rivka Ballroom there was a special event of commemoration, marking 30 days of Chana (nee Raskin) Wolvovsky’s passing.

In Chana's memory her friends and family are working on building a brand new bridal suite at the Crown Heights mikvah.

How beautiful it will be that every Kallah entering the Chana Wolvovsky Bridal Suite will feel Chana's special touch of elegance and grace on her wedding day. It's just so Chana. A committee has already met with the staff of the CH Mikvah to draw the plans, and the total cost for this complete renovation and addition, together with supplying an elegant bridal kit to every Kallah who arrives, will be $54,000.

To donate: ChanasTouch.com
 Tonight's (Monday) Live Siyum Webcast 7:00pm (NY time) 
Chabad.org will be broadcasting a live video webcast of the NCFJE daily siyum tonight (Monaday) at 7pm.

For many years, the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education has organized siyums on the radio in New York City. The effort was spearheaded by Rabbi Y.Y. Hecht, upon the instructions of the Rebbe. Chabad.org is delighted to partner with NCFJE to offer a live videocast of the daily siyum.

The siyum will be broadcasted live at: http://www.chabad.org/708670Monday’s siyum (Aug. 11) will begin at 7:00pm (NY time) Click for more
 City orders rabbi to halt weekly services 
Rabbi Moshe Wilansky outside his home at 101 Craigie St., where the city wants him to stop conducting Sabbath worship services.
Rabbi Moshe Wilansky outside his home at 101 Craigie St., where the city wants him to stop conducting Sabbath worship services. | Photograph: Michael Barriault

PORTLAND – An ultra-Orthodox Jewish leader has been ordered by the city to stop conducting religious services in his Craigie Street home, prompting the Maine Civil Liberties Union to question whether officials are trying to quash religious freedom.

The issue is set to go before the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals on Aug. 21.

Rabbi Moshe Wilansky is the leader of Chabad Lubavitch of Maine and the familiar face of the city’s annual public Hanukkah menorah lighting. He has held small Saturday services in his home for about 20 years. More

 Photo Gallery of Tisha B'Av in 770 round the clock 
Thousands of Anash came to 770 on Tisha B'av including bochurim and people from outside Crown Heights too. Dozens of minyanim were organized throughout the day.
A few minutes before the end of the fast a siyum was made in accordance with the Rebbe's instructions by Levi Kretz.
The Committee of Seudas Shlomo with the assistance of the Shpielman brothers provided food and drink for the hundreds of Temimim to break their fast in memory of Mrs. Chana Wolvovsy bas Aaron Leib Raskin to mark her Shloshim..
Shturem photographer Meir Elfasi who was in 770 throughout the day and night has posted a large photo gallery below. (Please be patient until the pictures load)
 Kidush Hachodesh, Bulletin 
Kidush Hachodesh shiur 28 Tamuz 5768
Rabbi Yosef Losh will be giving shiurim in the Rambam's Hilchos Kidush Hachodesh, to assist with learning those halachos in the daily Rambam. The shiurim (in Yiddish) will take place in Empire Shtiebel, on Tuesdays 11 & 18 Av, immediately after mariv (bizmanoh). Click here for more details.
Bulletin Parshas Devarim 7 Av 5768
Yagdil Torah presents its third bulletin, which contains updates on our activities and related news. The bulletins are distributed weekly throughout Crown Heights. Click here to see it.
 New Chabad.org Section Devoted to Jewish Divorce 
Chabad.org has rolled out a new section devoted to Jewish divorce. Though a painful subject to cover, unfortunately divorces do occur, and this section provides guidance and insight for people undergoing this painful process.

This section covers the basics of the divorce ceremony as well as in-depth study of the various issues involved. It also supplies insight as to the Jewish approach to divorce, and exactly when it is called for.

Also contained in this section is a section of readings and essays on divorce, and a comprehensive article on the tragic agunah issue.

Click here to view the new divorce section at; www.chabad.org/divorce
 Tisha B'Av at Camp Gan Israel - Parksville 

Hundreds of campers in Camp Gan Yisrael joined their counselors and staff Motzoei Shabbos to listen to Megilas Eicha and to recite Kinos

The Megilla was read by the head shliach in Philadelphia and director of the camp Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov. 

 Video of Kinos in 770 

Thousands of Anash were in 770 last night to recite Kinos and listen to Megilas Eicha. Both the shul downstairs and the Rebbe's room upstairs were packed with people.

Shturem.net is posting an 8-minute video of the faces and voices both downstairs and upstairs.

Click play or here to watch

 Megilas Eicha in the Rebbe's room 

Rabbonim and dozens of shluchim were in the Rebbe's room last night to listen to Megilas Eicha and recite Kinos.

Shturem photographer Meri Elfasi was there and posted a gallery

 Tisha B'Av at 770 

Hundreds of Crown Heights residents attened Kinos and Megilas Eicha in 770 last night. Rabbi Michoel Slavin read the Megilla as he used to during the Rebbe's lifetime too.

Shturem photographer Meir Elfasi has posted a large photo gallery


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