B"H Friday, 3 Adar I 5776 | February 12 2016
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Kinnus Update
 Balancing Family and Shlichus 
Kinnus Program
Kinnus Program | Photograph: Shturem Archives
We are pleased to be offering several workshops that will provide tips and solutions on balancing family and Shlichus obligations. This will include specialized, groundbreaking workshops for Shluchim facing particular issues ■ more
JLI Report
 "Soul Maps" an Unprecedented Success 
JLI in Singapore
JLI in Singapore | Photograph: Shturem Archives
Over 13,500 Jewish adults around the world are participating in JLI's new course entitled “Soul Maps” which began this week and runs through mid-December. The new course  is based on the Tanya ■ more
Supply Low
 America: Shortage of Kosher Meat 
Meat Supply Runnig Out
Meat Supply Runnig Out | Photograph: CH
The Iowa and Nebraska plants of Agriprocessors as well as the Minnesota plant of Alle Packing, which was shut down due to problems stemming from a fire in June, accounted for the slaughter of over 1,000 cattle a day. Despite discussion of a possible reorganization of Agri, meat cases in stores all over the county were empty this week ■ more 
Postville Update
 Agri on the Roller Coaster Again 
Rubashkin and Shochtim
Rubashkin and Shochtim | Photograph: Shturem Archives
Members of upper management at Agriprocessors scrambled in Postville Friday to conduct a meeting at the plant before the start of the Jewish sabbath at sundown. While the exact details of the meeting remain unknown, the Iowa Independent has confirmed that employee pay and plant operations were two of the topics discussed ■ read more
Urgent Thillim Needed
 Please Say Thillim and Give Tzedoko 
Photograph: crownheights.info
Tinok Hakohen ben Chaya is undergoing open heart bypass surgery r"l, please have him in mind in your Teffilos and give Tzedoko on his behalf. Surgery will begin Wednesday morning at 8:00 EST and will continue for several hours ■ more
Crown Heights Bedecked
 Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky's Yom Huledes 
Mazel Tov Poster
Mazel Tov Poster | Photograph: Shturem
Crown Heights wakes up to see Posters of Reb Avrohom Gerlitzky's birthday all over Crown Heights, on cars, signs, and a big sign on the Oholei Torah Building. (designed by: basic.org@gmail.com) ■ more
A Simcha at Razag
 Raskin - Gurarie Chasene Gallery 
Mheiro Yishoma in Crown Height
Mheiro Yishoma in Crown Height | Photograph: Boruch Ezagui, Shturem

Last night Crown Heights celebrated the chasene of Chosson HaTomim Levi Raskin- son of Shluchim Rabbi and Mrs. Mendel Raskin of Cote S. Luc, Canada, and Kallah Ita Gurary of Crown Heights.  The chasene took place at the Razag Hall ■ more 

A Night of Rejoicing
 Hecht- Notik Chasene Gallery 
Hecht-Notik Chasene
Hecht-Notik Chasene | Photograph: Shturem

Hundreds of guests-Rabbonim, Shluchim, Mashpiim, Anash from New York and all over the U. S., took part in the chasene of HaTomim Moshe Hecht from Queens, and Mimi Notik from Seattle, Washington ■ more 

Boruch Dayan HoEmes
 Nichum Aveilim- Rabbi Shmuel Abramson 
Photograph: Shturem Archives
We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of the father of Rabbi Shmuel Abramson. Reb Shmuel will be sitting Shiva in at his home in Monsey, 11 Roberts Road, beginning Thursday afternoon ■ more
Shiva Information
 Nichum Avelim - Rabbi Shlomo Galperin 
Photograph: Shturem
Rabbi Shlomo Galperin is sitting Shiva - until Shabbos - after the passing of his dear mother, Mrs. Bluma Galperin of Nachlas Har Chabad. Following is the information for Nichum Aveilim ■ for details

Piano Renditions
 New Niggunim CD for Download Free 
A new CD of Lubavitcher Niggunim with piano renditions is available  for free download, right here. That’s right. You read the caption correctly, completely free. Something you don’t get every day ■ more
Picture of the Day
 Kahan's Superette Gets a Face Lift 
Kahan's New Look
Kahan's New Look | Photograph: Boruch Ezagui, Shturem

Crown Heights: Kingston Avenue will not be the same, since R' Berel Kahan, owner of Kahan's Superette on Kingston Ave. corner Union St. closed off the entrance to his store ■ more

Article and Audio
 Wyoming Shliach Makes Kiddush Hashem 
Rabbi Mendelsohn and Wyoming Friend
Rabbi Mendelsohn and Wyoming Friend | Photograph: NPR
Rabbi Zalman Mendelsohn and his wife are emissaries in the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, an Orthodox branch in which young, Orthodox Jews move to remote areas of the world armed with their faith and rituals ● When Rabbi Zalman Mendelsohn arrived in Jackson, Wyo., in May, the first thing he did was open the phone book in search of Jewish-sounding names ■ read more
Kinnus Update
 Inside the Rebbe's Print House 
Rabbi Chaim Shaul Bruk
Rabbi Chaim Shaul Bruk | Photograph: Shturem
At the general session Thursday evening, Rabbi Chaim Saul Bruk will provide, for the first time, a fascinating inside look into the development of the publication of the Rebbe's Sichos and Maamorim ■ more
Melbourne and Crown Heights Unite
 Klein - Slavin Chasene in Crown Heights: Gallery 
Klein - Slavin Chasene
Klein - Slavin Chasene | Photograph: Boruch Ezagui, Shturem
Melbourne and Crown Heights united last night at the intercontinental Chasene of HaTomim Sholom Ber Klein from Melbourne, Australia, and Liba Brocho Slavin (daughter of R' Eli) of Crown Heights ■ more 
CH Residents Beware
 Missionaries Target Crown Heights Again 
Missionaries on the Loose
Missionaries on the Loose | Photograph: Crownheights.info
CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — The Shomrim hotline received a call this morning informing them of a group of missionaries that was targeting Frum Yidden in front of 770, engaging in religious debate and distributing missionary paraphernalia ■ more

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