B"H Thursday, 27 Nisan 5776 | May 05 2016
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Kinnus Reports
 The Most Popular Workshop 
Fundraising Workshop
Fundraising Workshop | Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo, Shturem

In these turbulent times it it is not surprising that the most popular workshop so far was that of Mr. Shimon Pepper, financial and fundraising whiz who taught the Shluchim how to raise money in these financially unstable times ■ more 

Fried & Bortnick Performance
 Preparations for Largest Hakhel in Florida 
The 29th Annual South Florida Chassidic Chanukah Festival is set for the last night of Chanukah,Zois Chanukah, Sunday December 28th,at the Gulfstream Theatre , in Hallandale Beach, at 7PM ■ more
Media Workshop: Video & Gallery
 Sparks of Holiness: Channeling the Media 
Shluchim at Workshop
Shluchim at Workshop | Photograph: Meir Alfasi, Shturem

One of the most interesting workshops for the Israeli Shluchim is the workshop teaching media skills as a tool for enhancing Shlichus ■ more  

First Shachris
 770 Packed to Overflow with Shluchim 
A Shliach Davens
A Shliach Davens | Photograph: Meir Alfasi, Shturem

Beginning with the early hours of the morning, the first day of the Kinnus, thousands of Shluchim made their way to 770 to daven the first Shachris of their stay ■ more 

A Special Visit
 The Aguch Library Open for Shluchim 
At the Library
At the Library | Photograph: Boruch Ezagui, Shturem
An hour after the Kinnus commenced, the coordinating committee opened the Aguch Library for the Shluchim.  Many Shluchim took this opportunity to see all the special and heilige exhibits ■ more 
Rabbi Fellig Hosts
 Sen. Lieberman @ Chabad South Dade 
Senator Lieberman at Chabad
Senator Lieberman at Chabad | Photograph: Shturem
On a recent visit to Miami, Senator Joe Lieberman paid a visit to Chabad
of South Dade in Coconut Grove, Florida. The senator was greeted warmly by Rabbi Yakov Fellig, Director of Chabad of South Dade, and was ushered in to the V.I.P. room where he met with some of the major supporters of Chabad ■ more

Anti-Semitism in Illinois
 Chabad of Niles Installs Security System 
The Bonb at Niles
The Bonb at Niles | Photograph: VIN
Des Plaines, IL - A northwest suburban Jewish congregation will install a security system at its synagogue after a small bomb exploded at its doorstep earlier this month on the anniversary of a World War II atrocity ■ more
Extensive Gallery
 Kinnus HaShluchim Opening Session 
Kinnus, Last Night
Kinnus, Last Night | Photograph: Shturem
Last night the long awaited Kinnus HaShluchim commenced, for the 25th time, sponsered and organized by the Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch, with thousands of Shluchim from all over the world participating ■ more 
Rubashkin Update
 Court Decision Tomorrow IY"H 
Courtroom, Illustration
Courtroom, Illustration | Photograph: azlegal.com
A message to all Anash, and Shturem readers: Thanks to all the tefillos and all the letters the judge said that he will give a written decision tomorrow IY”H ■ more
Pre-Kinnus Gallery
 We Feel the Kinnus in the Atmosphere 
Shluchim Sr. and Jr. at 770
Shluchim Sr. and Jr. at 770 | Photograph: Boruch Ezagui, Shturem
Crown Heights turns festive again soon after Tishrei, as Shluchim arrive, ready to participate in the Kinnus which will commence in a few hours.  The whole atmosphere of the Rebbe's Shchuna is permeated with the excitement ■ more 
Morristown Salutes: Gallery
 Rabbinical College Annual Founders' Dinner 
Photograph: Shturem
On Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 the Rabbinical College of America held its annual National Founders' Dinner at the Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel. Included amongst the 700 people attending were New Jersey Shluchim and their lay-leadership■ more
A Farbrengen Resolution
 New Minyan Mariv @ 888 Montgomery St 
Montgomery St.
Montgomery St. | Photograph: Google Earth

Crown Heights: Good news for Montgomery St. residents: We are pleased to announce that a result of the Chof Cheshvan farbrengen hachloto, a minyan for Maariv will take place every evening in the lobby of 888 Montgomery St ■ more

For Shluchim Only
 More Kinnus Sessions Broadcast Live 
The Kinnus
The Kinnus | Photograph: Shturem
In addition to the gala banquet of the Kinnus HaShluchim being aired lived over the internet, it  has been learned, that this year, Thursday’s general session and the Melava Malka on Motzei Shabbos will also be broadcast live ■ more
Kiddush Lubavitch
 Yaldah Founder Wins Contest 
The Yaldah Logo
The Yaldah Logo | Photograph: Shturem
SHARON, MA  — We have confirmed that Leah Larson, 17, founder, editor, and publisher of the YALDAH magazine has won the Someday Stories Contest sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank ■ more
Photo Gallery
 Wilansky- Elishevitz Chasene 
Oholei Torah, Last Night
Oholei Torah, Last Night | Photograph: Ezra M. Shturem

Hundreds of guests filled the Oholei Torah Ballroom last night to participate in the chasene of Chosson HaTomim Mendy Wilansky-Elizabeth, New Jersey, and Kallah Rivky Elishevitz, from Crown Heights ■ more 

Parshas Vayera
 Mesivta Spends Shabbos in N.J. 
Havdolo with Rabbi Hertzel
Havdolo with Rabbi Hertzel | Photograph: Shturem

Last Shabbos the Yeshiva Gedolah in New Jersey hosted the talmidim of the Mesivta, headed by Rabbi Menachem Minsky.  The inspiring Shabbos was held together with the Talmidim HaShluchim in the yeshiva, and Rabbi Yisroel Geisinsky ■ more


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