B"H Saturday, 5 Sivan 5775 | May 23 2015
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First time ever
 From Moscow to 770 and the Ohel 
Photograph: Eli Spitzer, Shturem

Some 50 members of the Jewish community in the Marina Rosha center in Moscow travelled to 770 in Crown Heights for the weekend to prepare and receive inspiration in advance of the High Holidays. ■ photos and more

 Tishrei in the Air 
Tishrei in the Air
Tishrei in the Air | Photograph: Boruch Ezagui, Shturem
Crown Heights, N.Y.: Tishrei is definitely around the corner, and is palpable all around the shchuna, and especially around 770.  Thousands of orchim are making their way to the Rebbe and every day brings more and more guests.  There is nothing like the Tishrei atmosphere, with hundreds of suitcases piling up near 770 waiting to be claimed, while a Chuppah ceremony takes place at 770's main entrance ■ more 
 Larry, David and Chabad 
With High Holidays just around the corner, we would like take this opportunity to wish each of you and your family a very happy and sweet New Year. If you or anyone you know do not as of yet have plans for the High Holiday Services, please accept out heartfelt invitation to join with us. We've gotten a little help from Larry David to express our sincere desire that you take us up on our offer. Click here to watch video
 Better Safe Than Sorry 
Askonim at the Museum
Askonim at the Museum | Photograph: Binyomin Lifshitz, Shturem

Crown Heights, N.Y.: In anticipation of the month of Tishrei with all its' Yomim Tovim, the community leaders  of Crown Heights and Williamsburg met yesterday with the police and other safety organizations that operate within the Jewish local populations.  The meeting took place in the Tzivos Hashem Children's Museum ■ more 

 Zaklos-Bruk wedding 
Hundreds of chasidim, temimim, shluchim and rabbis took part last night (Tuesday) in the wedding of Chaim (ben Meir and Tzivi) Zaklos of Montreal, Canada with Mushka (bas Shmuel and Rochel) Bruk of Crown Heights. The wedding took place in Oholei Torah.
Among those the participants one could see many guests from Canada, Israel, the U.S.A. and from Australia.
Shturem photographer Baruch Ezagui was there and posted a large photo gallery.
 Nichum Avelim at the Ratchiks in California 
Jon Voight paid a shiva visit to the Ratchiks
Jon Voight paid a shiva visit to the Ratchiks

Part of the Raitchik family are sitting shiva in California after their brother Yossi obm who passed away early Sunday morning. ■ Among those who came to be "menachem avel" were Rabbonim as well as prominent figures in the film industry like actor Jon Voight and hus producer Paul Ron. Both were very closely tied to Yossi and involved in the Children of Chernobyl project. ■ photos

 Registration to Tzeirei Hashluchim Kinus by Shluchim Office 
Now's the time to sign up your son(s) for the upcoming year's Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim,the annual event that gives young shluchim the spiritual boost that lasts all year. For registration and information click here
 Cops: Jew Guys Need To Talk 
Photograph: Shturem
The NYPD is trying to settle a long-running dispute between two rival Orthodox Jewish patrol groups - and keep them from taking the law into their own hands - by uniting them into one police-supervised unit, The Post has learned. ■ The challenge is getting them to cooperate. ■ Shmira and Shomrim, private crime-patrol organizations in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, have been rivals since the late '90s, when they split. ■ More
 Second Photo Gallery of 770 dedication in Ukraine 

As already reported there was a dedication of a new 770 building in Ukraine over the weekend where the Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Shlomo Amar was guest of ■ Shturem photographer Israel Bardugo was there and posted a magnificent photo gallery

 Hundreds Welcome New Sefer Torah to Beis Shmuel 
While the Backer family was celebrating the completion of their Safer Torah Sunday afternoon, another Siyum Safer Torah took place in Crown Heights. At approximately 2:00 pm hundreds of members of Anash along with members of congregation Beis Shmuel gathered on the patio adjoining 770 to fill in the final letters of the Torah.  Following the Siyum, a beautiful Tahlucha took place, which proceeded through the streets of Crown Heights. ■ More
new video:
 Chabad Telethon Red Carpet 
I'm back from the West Coast. But what does that mean to you? Shnoozal! ■ I wanted to share some of the fun we had at the Chabad Telethon in the form of a video. ■ Watch video
 Backer Family dedicates new Sefer Torah in Getzel's Shul 
The Backer family on President Street in Crown Heights dedicated a new Sefer Torah yesterday to Getzel's Shul in memory of their parents Yitzchok Shmuel and Chana Bracha Backer obm. The Sofer is Rabbi Feitel Levin. ■ More+photos
 A new Barber Shop in Crown Heights 

For the first time in years a new barber shop has opened up for business on Kingston. The Crown Heights community has grown in these past years and there simply was a demand for an additional hair cutter. ■ The new shop is situated next door to the Ice Cream store between Montgomery and Crown, and is owned by Reb Yehuda, a Bukharin Jew who immigrated to the United States in 1991, and try his luck in making a living in New York. ■ photos

Exclusive Video
 Selichos in the Rebbe's Room and Downstairs in the Shul 
Photograph: Baruch Ezagui/Shturem

Shturem photographer in NY posted a special video of Selichos in the Rebbe's room and in the shul downstairs in 770 last night. ■ Click here to watch

 Tishrei in the air 

The shul downstairs in 770 was overpacked last night and many were forced to say selichos outside. ■ You can feel Tishrei in the air. ■Shturem photographer Baruch Ezagui has posted a magnificent photo gallery.  photos


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