B"H Friday, 15 Av 5775 | July 31 2015
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Photos and Video
 Vov Tishrei farbrengen with Reb Yoel 

Hundreds of Temimim took part in a farbrengen with Rabbi Yoel Kahn marking Vov Tishrei at the Kolel building on Union St. ■ The farbrengen that was organized by the Vaad Hatemimi Haolomi lasted for over 4 hours. ■ Shturem photographer Ezra M. posted a large photo gallery from the farbrengen. ■ Photos+video  

Rabbi Lider Celebrates
 Ahavas Chesed to New Home 
Photograph: Boruch Ezagui,Shturem

Crown Heights, N.Y.:  Rabbi Avrohom Lider, director of the wonderful Ahavas Chesed organization that so many are indebted to, opened a new office at Kingston Ave. between Lincoln and S. John's Place.  Ahavas Chesed has helped hundreds of chassidim in difficult and painful times, in every way imaginable ■ more 

Tmimim Farbreng
 Vov Tishrei Farbrengen in 770 
Vov Tishrei,770
Vov Tishrei,770 | Photograph: Odelia S.
Crown Heights, N.Y.: Yesterday afternoon a grand Vov Tishrei farbrengen took place in 770 in honor of the yohrtzeit of Rebbitzin Chana ob"m, mother of the Rebbe. Hundreds of Tmimim took part in the farbrengen, and listened to the inspiring words of various Rabbonim and Mashpiim ■ more 
Picture of the Day
 Rabbi Kotlarsky and George Rohr 
Photograph: Eli Spitzer, Shturem

Among the hundreds of people who visited the gravesite of Rebbetzin Chana obm on Sunday a Shturem photographer caught Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky and philanthropist Mr. George Rohr coming out of the Ohel. ■ Additional photo

"Ze Kaporosi..."
 Kaporos in Monsey 
Many members of the Anash community in Monsey spent Sunday performing the custom of Kaporos. Hundreds of people kept streaming into the parking lot of Cheder Chabad-Lubavitch where the chickens were parked. ■ Photos
Video and Photos
 Vov Tishrei at the Ohel 
In honor of Vov Tishrei, the yahrzeit of Rebbetzin Chana obm, the Rebbe's mother, hundreds visited her gravesite opposite the Ohel in Queens. Many women and girls who came for Tishrei to 770 were there. ■ Shturem photographer Ezra M. was there and posted a magnificent phot gallery. ■ Photos+Video  
10 year old girl steals the show
 Vov Tishrei Farbrengen in Crown Heights 
Rabbi Wilshansky speaking
Rabbi Wilshansky speaking
Last night there was a big farbrengen marking Vov Tishrei, the Yahrzeit of Rebbetzin Chana, the Rebbe's mother, for the hundreds of girls and women who came to spend Tishrei in 770.
■ Mrs. Rachel Hendel of Tsfas and Rabbi Sender Wilshansky of Italy addressed the crowd. But a little girl of 10 years old stole the show when she said over a Maamar by heart.
Shturem photographer Odelia Sh. was there a posted a photo gallery below. ■ Photos
Bill would overturn Court of Appeals’ decision
 New Bill To Allow Mezuzahs on condos 
Congressman, Jerrold Nadler,
Congressman, Jerrold Nadler,
A new bill in Congress will seek to ensure that condo dwellers enjoy the same religious freedoms that others do. New York congressman, Jerrold Nadler, intends to make it illegal for apartment buildings or condo owners to regulate what residents display. If passed, the bill would overturn the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision earlier this summer. More
Thanks to the Vaad Hatemimim Haolomi
 Rebbe's house opened to public Vov Tishrei 
Photograph: Ezra M./Shturem

Thanks to the efforts of the Vaad Talmidei Hatemimim Haolomi, the Rebbe's house on President St. was opened to the public last night for the Maariv services on the eve of Vov Tishrei, Rebbetzin Chana's yahrzeit, the Rebbe's mother). ■ Photos 

Thousands of Dollars Stolen from 1414
 Bochurim Robbed over Shabbos 
Police at Scene of Crime
Police at Scene of Crime | Photograph: Ezra M., Shturem

Crown Heights, N.Y.: A large sum of money was stolen from the dorm of the Kvutzah Tmimim at 1414 over this Shabbos. The closets were broken into in a very clever way, and thousands of dollars were stolen- all from one floor of the building ■ more

Holiday sounds brought to the sick
 Video: Rabbi Druk teaches how to blow shofar 
Rabbi Levi Druk (center) teaches Ron Reitman (left) and Ted Jessa how to blow the shofar, which is used in the celebration of Rosh Hashana.
Rabbi Levi Druk (center) teaches Ron Reitman (left) and Ted Jessa how to blow the shofar, which is used in the celebration of Rosh Hashana.
About a month ago, he (Rabbi Druk) organized a sort of Rosh Hashana boot camp to prepare four volunteers to blow the shofar as well as lead the blessings. His wife taught other volunteers how to bake the sweet version of challah bread typically served on Rosh Hashana. The volunteers made some bread for their own families and will share it with patients as they accompany the shofar blowers. More+Video
History made at Chabad-Basking Ridge
 Torah at Chabad Jewish Center 
For the last 10 months the Chabad Jewish Center in Basking ridge has been preparing to make history. ■ Never before has Basking Ridge been witness to such a celebration. Looking like a mini wedding the scribe sat on a stage writing the final words of the Torah scroll with ink and quill. ■ More+photos
200 questions balloon to 1000
 'Ask Rabbi' feature flooded with queries 
On an average day, about 200 questions are fielded by 40 rabbis on the Brooklyn-based Web site Chabad.org. In the weeks leading up to today's celebration of Rosh Hashana, however, the number of questions ballooned to more than 1,000. ■ More
Celebrating the New Year is not a time for partying
 It's a time for introspection 
Rabbi Goldstien in insert
Rabbi Goldstien in insert

It's Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and the start of the High Holy Days. The season consists of 10 days of repentance, culminating in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. ■ "We do celebrate the new year," said Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein of Chabad of Poway, "but it's not a time of partying. It's a time of introspection." ■ More

This isn’t Jim Cramer
 "Descent for the purpose of ascent" 
Rabbi Joshua Metzger
Rabbi Joshua Metzger
“The High Holy Days are a time people take stock of their life,” said Rabbi Joshua Metzger of the Chabad Lubavitch center in Midtown Manhattan. “And the confluence of the financial crisis and this period of penitence is surely in sync with the message of self-appraisal, repentance, re-examination and the need to make good decisions.” ■ More
Odelia S. presents
 Photo Gallery shot from the Women's section 

The photos and video that were posted on this site depicting what transpired in 770 Motzoei Rosh Hashana were viewed by thousands of surfers from around the world and now we are happy to post another gallery but this time from a different angle that was taken from the Womens's section. ■ Photos 


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