B"H Sunday, 17 Kislev 5776 | November 29 2015
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Orchim Thank Anash
 Gratitude: Erev Shabbos in Crown Heights 
Thank You Crown Heights
Thank You Crown Heights | Photograph: Shturem
Crown Heights, N.Y.: The residents of the Rebbe's shchuna who wined and dined and hosted the thousands of Tishrei guests, got more than a token of appreciation as a beautiful "Thank You " sign, decorated with festive balloons, was hung over Kingston Ave. and Union St ■ more
Alaska Shliach predicts:
 "Berkowitz will be a star like Sarah Palin" 
Right to left: Gov. Palin, Ethan Berkowitz and Rabbi Greenberg at podium
Right to left: Gov. Palin, Ethan Berkowitz and Rabbi Greenberg at podium
Berkowitz is not affiliated with any of the state’s handful of synagogues and doesn’t consider himself very religious. Yet he’s close with Rabbi Yossi Greenberg of the Lubavitch Jewish Center in Anchorage and has clearly been influenced by Jewish traditions. ■ If Berkowitz is elected, Greenberg predicts, “he would be a star, like Sarah Palin is a star." ■ More
Umolo Hashchuna L"Chaims: Gallery
 One Night, Four L'Chaims, Five Continents 
Crown Heights Celebrates
Crown Heights Celebrates | Photograph: Boruch Ezagui, Shturem

It was a very joyous night in Crown Heights, as four newly engaged couples celebrated their great event with L'Chaims. Eight families of Anash, from five continents and symbolizing "Uforatzto" at its' best, hosted Rabbonim, Shluchim, Mashpiim, Tmimim, friends, relatives and well-wishers who came to rejoice in their simchas. Eretz Yisroel, Kan Tziva, Canada, Argentina, South Africa and Australia all came together in four different places, united with one wish- to be zoiche to establish new chassidishe homes- new Chabad   Houses ■ more  

Ato Horaiso Pledge
 R' Yossel Gutnik: One Million to Merkos 
Rabbi Yossel Gutnik
Rabbi Yossel Gutnik | Photograph: Yoel Belinko, Shturem

During the course of the Hakofos in the Rebbe's holy room the gabai Rabbi Zev Hakohen Katz read the names of all those who bought a posuk of "Ato Horaiso" with the money going towards Machne Yisroel and Nerkos L'Inyonei Chinuch ■ more

 Shliach explains 4 Minim to Denver Post 

Rabbi Yossi Serebryanski is a shaliach in Denver, Colorado and the Denver Post did a story on him during Succos accompanied by a video clip. ■ click here to watch

A First for Serbia
 Chabad Belgrade Sukkamobile Makes History 
Historic Sukkah Mobile
Historic Sukkah Mobile | Photograph: Shturem

History was made in Belgrade, the capitol city of Serbia, as the very first Sukkah Mobile made the rounds in the city, inviting the local Yidden to come in, enjoy the Yomtov atmosphere and perform the mitzvos of the day ■ more 

"It's been a change, but it's a change we wanted"
 Rabbi to serve college students 
Brookdale Community College
Brookdale Community College
Chabad-Lubavitch of Western Monmouth County is expanding; the next location for the Jewish outreach movement will be the new Chabad Jewish Center to serve the students of Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, and the neighboring community. ■ More
View the Simcha
 Simchas Beis HaShoevo in Monsey 
As reported in Shturem, the Chabad Monsey Kehilla hosted an especially successful Simchas Beis HaShoevo. In addition to the photo gallery that was posted, we present a link to a video clip of the Grand Simchas Beis HaShoevo of the Tzemach Tzedek Shul in Monsey, for your viewing pleasure ■ more 
"Chabad doesn't want to tramp on Hillel's turf."
 Chabad provides new options 
Rabbi Levi Shemtov recites a prayer over the lulav, hadass, aravah and etrog for sukkot with D.C. resident Alex Fisher in a sukkah in Kogan Plaza last Friday afternoon.
Rabbi Levi Shemtov recites a prayer over the lulav, hadass, aravah and etrog for sukkot with D.C. resident Alex Fisher in a sukkah in Kogan Plaza last Friday afternoon. | Photograph: Chris Gregory/Hatchet

"Now that Chabad is here there is a stigma that there is a conflict with Hillel," said Alex Sasson, a junior who has attended Chabad services in the past. "Chabad doesn't want to tramp on Hillel's turf." ■ More

3 Mobile Succos in Michigan
 Hundreds perform Mitva Lulov&Esrog 

Three mobile Succos drove around Michigan during Succos and performed the mitzva of Lulov and Esrog with the local residents. The project was manned by Rabbi Casriel Shemtov. ■ The mobile succos visited senior citizen homes, schools and youth clubs. Everyone thanked the shluchim and expressed appreciation for their thoughtfullness. ■ Photos

Grapes Crushed for Cuvee Chabad
 New York Rabbi Makes Kosher Wine 
Rabbi Elchonon Tennenbaum
Rabbi Elchonon Tennenbaum | Photograph: Shmais

When most grapegrowers talk about history, they talk about a time nearly 150 years ago when the first vines were planted in the Napa Valley. Rabbi Elchonon Tenenbaum, the director of Chabad of Napa Valley, connects with history, too — only it is ancient history, when Orthodox Jews tended vines and made wine for the temple in Jerusalem ■ more

In Memory of Boruch ben Moshe Lieblich obm
 A Sefer Torah for Hamesivta-ULY 

Sefer Torah

In loving memory of our dear uncle Boruch ben Moshe ע‘‘ה Lieblich

(To be used by HaMesivta United Lubavitch Yeshiva)

Endow one of the Five Books of Moses, A weekly portion (Parsha,) a chapter, a verse, a word(s) that has special meaning to you, your family and/ or a friend.Continue

Simchas Torah in Lubavitch
 Days of Joy in 770: Gallery and Video 
Thousands in 770
Thousands in 770 | Photograph: Boruch Ezagui, Shturem
Shmini Atzeres and Simchas Torah are no doubt the two high points of Tishrei wherever Jews are to be found, and 770 is the place to be at that time of the year. Thousands of Chassidim, locals and guests- including a huge French contingent- piled into 770 for Yomtov, and the Vaad Hamesader arranged the Rebbe's bima so that it was plainly in view ■ more
 Stop Trashing Chabad 
In recent months, I've been involved in numerous meetings of synagogue leaders or synagogue educators at which the subject of Chabad has come up in conversation. Interestingly enough, if you take a mild-mannered group of Jews involved in modern American synagogue leadership, and drop Chabad into the conversation, they somehow become almost vitriolic in their disdain for the boys from Crown Heights. ■ More
Fowl accusations
 PETA grows beard to infiltrate Chabad 
Philip Schein in insert
Philip Schein in insert
On the night before Yom Kippur in New York last year, animal rights activist Philip Schein says he was physically threatened when he showed up in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn for the annual kapparot ritual. Fearing a repeat, Schein grew a beard and donned a cap in an effort to better blend in with the Chabad-Lubavitch Hassidim who mount a massive kapparot operation each year in Crown Heights. ■ More
Yaldei HaShluchim on Mivtzoim
 Picture of the Day: Miami, Florida 
Andrusier Children on Mivtzoim
Andrusier Children on Mivtzoim | Photograph: Shturem
Southwest Broward, Fla.: How do Yaldei Hashluchim spend their free time on Chol HaMoed?  The Andrusier children utilized their Chol HaMoed days to do mivtzoim in one of the largest nursing homes in the area, visiting the "golden age"  Yidden there and offering them the opportunity to perform the mitzvah of Lulav ■ more

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