B"H Thursday, 4 Av 5774 | July 31 2014
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 Hallandale Beach Mikvaos project moving quickly 
The three Mikvaos Mei Menachem under construction in Hallandale Beach are being built at a rapid pace, and should be completed , G-d willing, in time for the Jewish New Year 5769.
With hydraulic lifts for the physically challenged,the Mikvaos will cater to hundreds of people, including individuals who could not perform this Mitzvah before due to the lack of a facility that fully includes the physically challenged community. Both the Women's Mikvah and the Men's Mikvah will have the hydraulic lifts and all the necessary features to service a large segment of individuals with special needs. Continue
 Vacation time in Crown Heights 

Yesterday (Thursday) Crown Heights started the summer vacation along with all the students from the Lubavitcher institutions in the U.S.A. and Canada until the month of Elul.

Other Lubavitcher yeshivos like the one in Minnesota, New Haven and a number of Semicha institutes across the U.S. will end the semesterwithin the coming two weeks.

Hundreds of students have been unloading their suitcases in front of 770 waiting to be shipped away to different camps. Lubavitch headquartyers these days has been buzzing with campers.

Shturem photographer Meir Elfasi has posted a magnificent photo gallery

 "She saved my life" 
Rabbi Heshy Fellig
Rabbi Heshy Fellig

I'm a big believer in people -- generally prone to see the best and the possible instead of the worst. But even I was surprised by the depth of generosity I witnessed today.

Hershey Fellig, an orthodox Jew from Los Angeles, desperately needed a kidney. Marisa Hester, a Christian mother-of-two from Alabama, gave one to him. The two were complete strangers. Marisa had never even met a Jewish person before. She read about Hershey online and made the selfless decision to help.

Marisa told me people advised her against it. After all, she's a mother herself. She had no obligation to this man. But she simply decided to help.

Tuesday night, Hershey attended the wedding of his only daughter. Marisa will be there as well. What a fitting conclusion -- the celebration of a perfect match.

 Protest against Lubavitch House in Philadelphia 
With the students at the university
With the students at the university

Philadelphia, PA - The Lubavitch House has been a center for Jewish life at the University since 1980. However, recent picketing efforts by Philadelphia union workers have disrupted the House’s $2.8 million expansion project. Continue

 South-East Regional Conference 
Photograph: Alex Berkoff, Shturem

Last Tuesday the South-East Regional Shluchim Conference which included Shluchim from Florida to Texas took place in New Orleans. This is the first time that a major even has taken place in this city that suffered havoc and destruction three years ago during the Katrina hurricane.

Dozens of shluchim attended from Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Lousiana,Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Texas and Georgia enjoyed a two-day conference packed with various programs including workshops, symposiums, lectures and an impressive banquet that will certainly enhance their shlichus. Continue

 200 judges at an evening with Chabad 
Photograph: Tom Verniero

On Tuesday, June 17th, an overflow crowd of 200 attorneys and judges packed The Madison Hotel in Morris Township to attend Chabad of SE Morris County’s 2nd Annual Jewish Law Symposium.

The Topic for the event was: “Democracy and the Uncertain Fate of Individual Rights”, and featured presenters were New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Barry T. Albin, and Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe, Dean of the Institute of American and Talmudic Law. Continue

 'Have Torah, will travel 
Photograph: Courtesy photo

When Rabbi Shmulik Schneerson takes his Torah on the road, there's no place he won't go to minister to Jews.

"Every one is precious," said Schneerson, whose dictum could be "Have Torah, will travel." His job is ministering to Jews no matter where or what their station in life, he said.

For the last several months, Schneerson has been on loan to Chabad of Hawaii by Chabad Lubavitch, its New York parent organization. The rabbi has been ministering to Jews on the neighbor islands and, before leaving Hawaii last week, spent five days with 18 Jews on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. He was the first rabbi to do so in more than 10 years. Continue

 Bris Yosef Yitzchok in Sacramento 

Rabbi Mandy Cohen from Chabad of Sacramento coordinated a bris for the seventh child of Steven and Ronit a Balei Tshuvah family in his town.

Rabbi Cohen contact Brit Yosef Yitzchak in the US, and they send him the Mohel Gil Leads whom is the Shalich in University of California in Berkley.

The Sandak in the Bris was non other then Rabbi Mandy Cohen that also organize and catered the Bris’ meal where a lot of his congregation participate in the Mitzvah. The baby that entered the covenant of Avraham Avinu was named Moshe Aharon

 Route 17: Fenway, Crosley and 770 

For a number of years, cynics would get a good laugh out of the fact that Kfar Chabad, the Lubavitch town in Israel, built a duplicate of the rebbe's headquarters, 770 Eastern Parkway .

The duplicate 770 was said to be indicative of how crazy and messianist the Chabadniks were, they must have been expecting the rebbe to drop in, pretty funny. Only a chasid could be so nuts, right?

Wrong. I'm not a chasid and I understand completely. When I went to Epcot I got a kick out of the recreations of town squares in Paris and Morocco, and the animatronic presidents in the Magic Kingdom. I like seeing the duplicate Statue of Liberty on a rooftop near Lincoln Center.  Continue

 Temimim of Oholei Torah 
This year in Oholei Torah Mesivta (in Crown Heights), 43 Buchrim learnt the entire Tractate Bava Basra by heart.
They were tested three times: First by their magidei shiurim, Second by Harav Gavriel Tziner (known posek, and mechaber of the sefer "nitei gavriel") in Boro Park, And third by Harav Yisorel Freidman (Rosh Yeshivah of Yeshivah Gedolah Oholei Torah).
On Sunday night 19 Sivan - June 24, there was a siyum. some of the speakers included rabbi yosef rosenfeld (dirctor of the yeshivah), Rabbi Zushe Willhelm (menahel), Rabbi Hilel Loufer (mashgiach), Rabbi Nachman Twersky (teacher), Rabbi Yossi Paltiel (parent), and  more.
he 43 Talmidims names as in the picture : Avremi Goldman, Chanoch Rosenfeld, Yihosua Zelig Karp, Zevi Bomgarten, Levi Gurevitch, Aharon Leib Robinson, Gedalya Hertz, Eli Laufer, Meir Lerman, Yaakov Gurwitz, Yossy Dalfin, Yaisef Levi Wilhelm, Akiva Scheinberger, Chaim Yisroel Chazan, Motti Borenstein, Mendel Dunin, Sholom Ber Pevzner, Levi Tzukernik, Hecht, Brook, Minsky, Nissy Deitsch, Naftali Barber, Yoel Vogel, Abi Naparstek, Aryeh Leib Klein, Mendel Elberg, Yitzy Zakon, Levi Golomb, Chaim Edery, Menachem Mendel Golomb, Sholom Ber Nemanov, Berel Paltiel, Laibel Morozov, Mendel Hertz, Shn"z Gansburg, Mendel Sputz, Mendy Lieberov, Sholomke Gelerenter, mendel Krinsky, Eli Shteinhouzer, Eli Drizin, Eli Silverstein.
 House deal works well for rabbi, neighbor 
Rabbi Nochum Kurinsky and his wife, Leah, recently bought their neighbor's home.
Rabbi Nochum Kurinsky and his wife, Leah, recently bought their neighbor's home. | Photograph: CHRISTINA ABEL/Staff

PONTE VEDRA BEACH - In the tumultuous real estate market, it's still possible for people to sell their homes - especially if their next-door neighbors are interested in buying.

Such is the case with Ponte Vedra Beach resident Nochum Kurinsky and his former neighbor, Curtis Long. Kurinsky bought Long's home last fall. The two men said they are both happy with the deal and are glad things worked out as they did. Continue

 Thousand Oaks gets new Torah Scroll 

Chabad of Thousand Oaks was honored to receive a Torah, generously donated by Rabbi Mordechai and Ethel Bryski in memory of their parents (great-grandparents of Rabbi Chaim Bryski, Rabbi of Chabad of Thousand Oaks), survivors of the Holocuast. This scroll was rescued from the Holocaust as well, and was painstakingly restored before coming to its permament home at the Thousand Oaks Jewish Center.

Click play or here to watch video

 New Chabad on Campus coordination in the making 
Photograph: Shturem

During last year's Shluchim Convention it was decided to set up a new group that would coordinate activities between the various Chabad Houses on Campus throughout the country. They would deal primarily with students ages 15-18.

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky and his staff have been preparing this new plan for a few months now and this week was the first meeting with staff members to deliberate the plan of action drawn up by staff members.

Participating in the meeting were a number of shluchim from USA and Canada who are involved with youth: Rabbis: Meir Graziansky, Shmulik Marcus, Shmuli Nachlas, Chaim Boyarsky, Dovid Yonah Korn and Moshe Chaim Dubrowsky and Rabbi David Lazar.

Joining them were Rabbis Efraim Mintz, Mendy Kotlasrsky, Berel Frenkel , Benny Rappaport and Gershon Eichorn.

 Zaklikovsky-Levertov wedding 
The wedding of Berel Zaklikovsky and Chana Rivkah (Levertov) and during the wedding a special brochure was distributed. Shturem photographer Meir Elfasi posted a special gallery of the shluchim, mashpiim and public figures that attended.
 Zaklos-Bruk vort 

Hundreds of Anash in Montreal took part in the vort of Chaim son of Meir and Tzivi Zaklos with Mushka daughter of Shmuel and Rochel Bruk of Crown Heights.

The vort took place in the Childrens Museum in Crown Heights and among those attending were Rabbi Binyomin Klein, Rabbi Leibel Kaplan, Rosh Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim in Montreal, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky and more.

Photographs by Meir Elfasi, Shturem

 Mrs. Sima Itkin obm 

Yesterday Mrs. Sima Chasha Itkin passed away. She was the daughter of Rabbi Yitzchok Raskin obm and widow of Rabbi Meir Itkin obm.

Her funeral is taking place now and is passing 770


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