B"H Tuesday, 24 Elul 5776 | September 27 2016
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 Washington: Shluchim Bid Farewell 
The President and the Shluchim
The President and the Shluchim

Outgoing President George Bush hosted his last Chanuka party in the White House on Monday. The kashrus of the White House kitchen was overseen by Lubavitch of \Washington ■ more 

11 Do 12
 J.E.T.S. Mivtza Tanya Baal Peh Success 
11 Bochrim in J.E.T.S California finished 12 prokim Tanya by heart in honor of Chof  Kislev■ Many bochrim were very into this mivtza, some even to the point of booking appointments and begging to be next to learn after seder ■ more 
Chag HaGeulah 19-20 Kislev
 Gut Yom Tov , Gut Yom Tov Chassidim! 

Gut Yom Tov! Gut Yom Tov! L’Shono Tova b’Limud HaChassidus v’Darkei HaChassidus techoseivu v’seichoseimu ■ As night falls, we join our fellow Chassidim, and tens of thousands of Yidden around the world who are already farbrenging ■ more

Rabbi Eliezrie Hosts
 Farbrengen in Yorba Linda 
Yorba Linda- Yud tes Kislev
Yorba Linda- Yud tes Kislev | Photograph: Shturem

Forty of the Rebbe's Shluchim from the Los Angeles area celebrated Yud Tes Kislev at a joyous farbrengen at the new Chabad House in Yorba Linda hosted by Shliach Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie ■ more 

Farbrengen in Scranton
 Cold Outside, Warm Inside 
Scranton Farbrengens
Scranton Farbrengens | Photograph: Shturem

The temperature ouside was freezing,but inside, a Chassidishe warmth spread across the room, as the Yud Tes Kislev farbrengen got underway in Scranton, Pennsylvania ■ more

Fire and Snow
 Crown Heights: Fire Across from 770 
Eastern Parkway, Last Night
Eastern Parkway, Last Night | Photograph: Shturem

Last night a fire broke out in 763 Eastern Parkway- opposite 770, and in close proximity to 749.  Over 100 families live in the building, many of them Jewish ■ more

Chag Hageulah in 770
 Ohr V'Chayus Nafshenu: Bais Chayenu 
Yud Tes Kislev in 770
Yud Tes Kislev in 770 | Photograph: Shturem

Chassidim of all types and stripes converged on 770 to take part in the traditional Yud Tes Kislav farbrengen, organized by the gaboim of 770.  Rabbis Osdoba and Schwei addressed the assembled and made siyumin on Shas and Tanya ■ more

Unite the Lights
 New Menorah Lighting Campaign 
Photograph: Shturem
"Pursuant to recent initiatives by Merkos, we'd like to update you on a universal Chanukah campaign developed in response to the enormous outpouring of solidarity and the expressed desire by so many to do something meaningful in memory of Rabbi Gavriel
and Mrs. Rivka Holtzberg, H"yd ■ more
Homework Helpers
 A New Project of the Online School 
Homework Helpers
Homework Helpers | Photograph: Shluchim office


On Thursday night, 14th of Kislev, 20 voluenteers gathered at The Shluchim Office to take part in “Homework Helpers” - a unique project of the Shluchim Office ■ more
Two Fathers to Speak
 Special Farbrengen in the Kollel 
The Volover Rov and Rabbi Nachman Holtzberg
The Volover Rov and Rabbi Nachman Holtzberg | Photograph: Shturem
A Yud Tes Kislev farbrengen will take place in the Kollel of the Mazkirus on Tuesday night, at 8:00 P.M., in memory of the Kedoshai Bombay ■ The two fathers of the Kedoshim, yibodlu l'chaim Rabbi Nachum Efraim Teilebaum and Rabbi Nachman Holtzberg  will be speaking at the farbrengen ■ more
Maariv in 770
 Picture of the Night 
R' Shimon Rosenberg at Omud in 770
R' Shimon Rosenberg at Omud in 770 | Photograph: Shturem
On alighting from their plane, they made their way to the Ohel where they spent a few hours, and they will be taking part in the farbrengen in the Kollel that is scheduled for tonight ■ more
Shaloh Long Island
 Annual Telethon a Great Success 
Rabbi Perl's Annual Fundraiser Event
Rabbi Perl's Annual Fundraiser Event | Photograph: From the Broadcast
The 16th Annual Chanuka Telethon of Shaloh of Mineola and Shliach Anshel Perl was a great success B”H.. The Telethon takes place close to Chanuka and spreads the message of Chanuka to those watching on their home screens ■ more
Historic Inaugural Writing
 First Time in Arkansas: Hascholas Sefer Torah 
Hakhel Hascholas Sefer Torah
Hakhel Hascholas Sefer Torah

On Sunday, the 17th of Kislev, the Jewish community of Arkansas began the writing of the first Torah to ever be written in the State. Over 100 Jews from all around the state came to the Chabad Lubavitch Center for Jewish Life to mark this momentous occasion ■ more 

Ovois U'Bonim Hakhel
 Oholei Torah's Father and Son Melava Malka 
Oholei Torah, Motzoei Shabbos
Oholei Torah, Motzoei Shabbos | Photograph: Crownheights.info
Fathers and Sons of Oholei Torah's Pre-1a through 2nd grades gathered in the Lunchroom for a special Melava Malkah earlier tonight ■ more 
Yagdil Torah Presents
 Chalukas HaShas: What's Your Portion? 
Photograph: Yagdil Torah
This year for the first time Yagdil Torah is making a chalukas HaShas. This initiative will make it possible for Anash anywhere to to join a real Chalukas HaShas ■ more
 Rabbi YY Jacobson on Bombay 
Rabbi YY Jacobson
Rabbi YY Jacobson | Photograph: Shturem Archives
"Responding to Mumbai: A New Sense of Unity Emerged; How Do We Sustain it?"You can watch the lecture at www.TheYeshiva.net, a new global classroom for top-caliber Torah learning ■ more

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