B"H Saturday, 20 Tishrey 5777 | October 22 2016
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Light of Tradition
 Making This World a Brighter Place 

“Tonight we vow to counter that senseless hate with unconditional love,” said Rabbi Mordechai Newman, director of Chabad Lubavitch of Alexandria-Arlington ■ This year’s festival was dedicated to the victims of the Mumbai terror attacks ■ more 

Spreading the Light
 Chanukah Car Parade in Charlotte 
The Menorah Parade
The Menorah Parade | Photograph: Shturem
On Monday Charlotte, South Carolina was treated to the annual Chanukah Car Parade illuminating the city ■ more 
Uniting at the Lighting
 Statue of Liberty Lights for Freedom 
Lighting for freedom
Lighting for freedom | Photograph: Binyomin Lifshitz, Shturem

Hundreds of participants , including Anash and the Tmimim, gathered alongside Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, Rabbi Nachman Holtzberg, public officials and a representative of Governor Patterson. Rabbi Holtzberg was honored to light the Menorah, after which Chazzan Levi Kaplan sang “Haneiros Halolu” ■ more

Chabad Lights Up Monsey
 Eighty Car Menorah Parade: Video 
Monsey Menorah Parade
Monsey Menorah Parade | Photograph: Monseychabad Blog
On the first night of Chanukah the entire community of Monsey came together for a Chanukah car parade with well over 80 car menorahs and fire trucks ■ more  
A Chanukah First
 World's First Wurst Menorah 
The First Wurst Menorah
The First Wurst Menorah | Photograph: Shturem
Some in the Jewish community kicked off the first night of Hanukah with a deli-made all salami Menorah  ■ This is how the Deli is helping everyone celebrate the first night of Hanukkah. And the crowd of a few hundred is impressed ■ more  
Giant Car Parade
 Jacksonville's Largest Chanukah Event 
Shluchim and Menorah
Shluchim and Menorah | Photograph: Shturem
Jacksonville, Florida:  A larger than ever turnout for the annual Chanuka Menorah Lighting ■ The Shluchim were joined by Jacksonville Mayor John Payton, City Councilmen, Local Rabbis, and a crowd of over 400 ■ more
Braving the Storm
 Light on a Snowy Night 
Menorah at City Hall
Menorah at City Hall | Photograph: Gordon Chibroski/Main Times
It's not a sight you see very often: a Hasidic Rabbi, held aloft by a Portland Fire Department aerial bucket, struggling against near-blizzard conditions to light an oil lamp on a giant menorah ■ more
Light, Positivity and Goodness
 Festival of Light, Legos and Jelly Beans 
Building the Menorah
Building the Menorah | Photograph: App.com
Inside Ocean County Mall in Toms River, 12 children pieced together a Lego menorah to celebrate the first of eight nights of the Jewish festival of light ■ Gourarie said that the children's excitement about building a gigantic menorah locked perfectly together, like Legos, with the deeper meaning of the holiday ■ more
Medal For Gabi
 Annual Menorah Lighting in Washington 
Chanuka in Washington D.C.
Chanuka in Washington D.C. | Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo

Over 3,000 people watched the lighting of the National Menorah on Sunday, on the Ellipse near the White House in Washington D.C. ■ This year Rabbi and Mrs. Nachman Holtzberg, parents of Gavriel Holtzberg, HY"D, attended as special guests and received a Chanukah medal in honor of their son ■ more 

York Lights Up
 Menorah Bowls them Over 
Chanukah Bowl
Chanukah Bowl | Photograph: York Daily Record
Family members took turns pitching bowling balls down the lanes. Between sets, they munched on potato latkes and kosher cookies shaped like dreidels. Hanukkah songs played from ceiling speakers ■ more
Bais Chayeinu Illuminated
 The First Chanuka Candle in 770 
B'Chatzros Kodshecho
B'Chatzros Kodshecho | Photograph: Shturem

.A large crowd of Anash, guests from all over the world converged on 770 for Mincha and the lighting of the first Chanuka licht in Bais Chayeinu in the special Menorah ■ more  

Food for Thought
 Bais Shmuel and Young Chevra Hachlotos 
Hachlotos | Photograph: Shturem
 Young Chevra has partnered with Bais Shmuel of Crown Heights to challenge each one of us to undertake at least one Hachlata to perpetuate the lives of the Holtzbergs ■ more
Please Read
 A Freilichen and Safe Chanuka 
Illustration | Photograph: Shturem

As Chanukah approaches, here are some important safety tips to ensure you have a happy and safe Chanuka ■ read carefully

Taamu U'reu: Gallery
 Thousands of Sifrei Chassidus Sold 
Chassidus for Sale
Chassidus for Sale | Photograph: Shturem

Over Yud Tes Kislev tens of stands were set up in different charedi centers, offering sifrei Chassidus for sale at low prices ■ The new sefer Chassidus Mvoeres al HaTanya was one of the popular sforim being sold, along with many other sforim ■ more 

Yiddellach Shreit Shabbos
 Where Did Avrohom Fried Spend Shabbos? 
Ad for Concert
Ad for Concert | Photograph: Shturem

Last night Avrohom Fried performed at a concert at Queens College, organized by Young Israel.  The audience was very surprised to hear him retell the "adventure" he had over Shabbos ■ more

An Eternal Investment :Gallery
 New Lubavitcher Yeshiva on Wall Street 
The Menahalim and the Yeshiva
The Menahalim and the Yeshiva | Photograph: Shturem

The name “Wall Street” has not brought a smile to too many lips lately. Until last Tuesday, when a new Lubavitcher Yeshiva opened on Wall Street, in close proximity to the now non-existent Twin Towers ■ more 


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