B"H Saturday, 29 Cheshvan 5775 | November 22 2014
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 Kosher Food Rolls into Naples 
The long white trailer parked at the Chabad Jewish Center looks ordinary enough from the outside.

To a steady stream of customers Sunday, though, what’s inside is just this side of divine.

Freezers and shelves lining the trailer walls are chock full of meats and groceries, a twice-monthly delivery that is changing the way Naples keeps kosher.

“It’s one of the best stops I have,” said Kosher on Wheels founder Shalom Dadon, 34, who started the Ormond Beach-based company earlier this year. Read More

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 Second Camp Period begins 

This week the second period of camp started in the U.S. and Canada and is expected to last until the month of Elul.

The front of 770 was a busy site as buses arrived to take the campers to their respective camp. Shturem photographer Meir Elfasi was there.

 Entrance to 770 renovated 
Yesterday the main entrance to 770 was blocked for several hours as workers replaced the pathway leading to the steps entering 770.
Due to the cold winter and heavy snow the bricks of the steps cracked and some broke and neglected

The Vaad Hamesader decided it was time to renovate the premises.

 Sderot in front of 770 
Photograph: Meir Elfasi/Shturem

Yesterday a group of campers from Sderot who are spending their summer in Gan Israel camps all over the world came to visit 770 in Crown Heights. This particular group attended Gan Israel camp in Montreal and was treated to a visit to Lubavitch World Headquarters at the end of their trip.

Following a tour of 770 the group took a collective picture in front of 770 together with their counselors Dubi Gadasi and Chagi Aaron.

 A Quiet corner in the Tannersville Mountains in N.J. 

Some four hours away from the hustle-bustle of Crown Heights one will find one of the most awesome vacation spots - the Tenesville Mountains. Lately many families of Anash have been spending summer there.

Shturem photographer Meir Elfasi was there and came back with a magnificent photo gallery


 Lubavitcher Shechita in Monsey 
As the Lubavitcher community in Monsey continues to grow the fact that there was a weak supply of quality meat available in Monsey under Lubavitcher hashgocha has become an inconvenience to many.

Therefore, for the benefit of the community, Rabbi Boruch Lesches has worked tirelessly over the last few months to increase the amount of meat that is available locally and is under Lubavitcher hashgocha.

As of today, all Rockland Kosher beef and beef products that are under Rabbi Polochak's hashgocha are now also under the hashgacha of Rabbi Boruch Lesches.

This does not apply to poultry products since these are already readily available with Lubavitcher hashgocha.

A tremendous thank you is due to Rabbi Lesches and to the owner of Rockland Kosher, Mr. Pinchas Klein, to the manager of Rockland Kosher, Mr. Weiss, to the butcher of Rockland Kosher, Mr. Mordechai Baruch and to Rabbi Naftali Marrus. Comments

 Video of Senator Lieberman's visit to Florida 
As already reported of last week's visit by Senator Joe Lieberman to The Shul in Bal Harbor, Florida while campaigning for Senator John McCain. He was greeted by Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipskar who had lunch with him . Also joining for lunch with the two men were several members of the community. Following lunch Sen. Lieberman addressed a crowd of 400 members of the community.
Shturem.net is posting a video of Senator Lieberman being greeted in Camp Gan Israel and his meeting with Rabbi Lipskar.

Watch video by clicking play or here

 Trenton Thunder Defeats Fisher Cats, But Jewish Community Takes Home the Prize 
lubavitch.com The Fisher Cats fell to the Trenton Thunder by a score of three to one at Wednesday night’s minor league game in Downtown Manchester. But under the circumstances, it was a win-win for all, says Rabbi Levi Krinsky, Director of Chabad of New Hampshire, who supervises the communities' Jewish Pride Night which took place at MerchantsAuto.com stadium. Continue
 Presidential election not required to effect change 
Rabbi Dov Greenberg
Rabbi Dov Greenberg

We’ve been hearing a great deal lately about change. But let’s put politics aside for a moment. The notion of change goes to the heart of one of the greatest concepts in Judaism. We don’t need to wait for the outcome of a presidential election to realize it.

A student once confided to me how he gave up his drug addiction. He said, “There is only one way. You take your syringes and you throw them out. You have to decide here and now to make the irrevocable gesture.”  Continue

 Chabad of St. Paul To Host Jewish Participants At GOP Convention 

lubavitch.com) With hotels in Minneapolis/St. Paul booking rooms for the Republican National Convention, Sept. 1-4, Chabad-Lubavitch of Minnesota is offering hospitality to Jewish participants.

Rooms and kosher food will be available at its center in West St. Paul, ten minutes distance from the Xcel Energy Center in Downtown St. Paul, where the convention is to take place.

“We are delighted to accommodate guests on a first-come, first-serve basis,” says Rabbi Moshe Feller, Director of Chabad-Lubavitch of the Upper Midwest. “We’ve already taken many reservations, and will continue to do so until we fill up.”

Lubavitch House is located at 400 Marie Avenue West, West St. Paul.

For information and reservations contact Rabbi Mendel Feller: 651-554-7700.

 Chabad of NoHo expansion plans draw criticism at SONC 
Rabbi Aaron Abend
Rabbi Aaron Abend
Community members filled the Sherman Oaks Elementary School auditorium to debate Chabad of North Hollywood’s proposed expansion plans at the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) board meeting on July 14. Raising key questions on land use, residents’ rights, and the importance of religious institutions to the community, stakeholders argued heatedly for hours. Continue
 Bais Hamigdash Comes Alive in Nassau County 
Nassau County joined the worldwide learning on the details of the Bais Hamigdash in the amazing Rohr Jewish Learning Institute three-week virtual tour of the Holy Temple.

In Mineola, the center of Nassau County, Rabbi Anchelle Perl leads the presentation in the Capitol Ballroom at Cong Beth Sholom Chabad.

"We discovered the marvels of the architecture and design that were integral to this sacred site," said business leader Hanita Hallak, and why the Temple Mount still retain its hold upon our Hearts." Continue

 3 Boys In Florence 

It is easy to forget what it’s like to be young and on the go, traversing Europe for the summer just because you can. I had friends, or at least I knew people, who did those kinds of things, and I perhaps occasionally or just fleetingly wondered what the experience was like.

After a couple of days in Rome last week, we spent two days in the Italian city of Florence, also rich in history dating back thousands of years. That history is dotted with Jewish woe, including persecution, expulsion, and deportation. Florence, like so many other European cities, features a larger-than-life ancient synagogue with a rich history spanning many hundreds of years. The shul in Florence shows the effects of the massive flooding this city endured in 1966. Artistic walls and mosaic floors were damaged, but as the years go by and various groups and individuals take an interest in restoration, these historical sites are slowly beginning to once again look the way they did in better times. Continue

 Chasidic rabbi establishes Jewish center in Jackson 
Rabbi Zalman and Raizy Mendelsohn and their child
Rabbi Zalman and Raizy Mendelsohn and their child

Did you hear about the new rabbi in Jackson? He’s Chasidic and even wears the traditional beard and fedora.” This conversation was overheard by a local member of the Jewish faith from a clerk in the post office. The “rabbi” is a new buzz word going around town from people of all faiths.

Rabbi Zalman and Raizy Mendelsohn recently moved to Jackson, to establish Chabad Lubavitch of Wyoming; a center for Jewish culture, living and learning. “It’s so nice to finally have a full time rabbi and rebbetzin living in Teton County” said Bret Borshell from the Grand Realty Group. “And they are so accepting and non-judgmental, even though I’m not as religious as they are”. Continue

Special products hard to find locally
 Traveling store provides kosher foods 
Rabbi Mendy Greenberg of Chabad of Bonita Springs & Estero looks at Glatt kosher meats in the freezers at Kosher on Wheels at the store's recent visit to Bonita Springs.
Rabbi Mendy Greenberg of Chabad of Bonita Springs & Estero looks at Glatt kosher meats in the freezers at Kosher on Wheels at the store's recent visit to Bonita Springs. | Photograph: PAM WITMER/News-Press.com

Rabbi Mendy Greenberg pointed to two symbols on the package of frozen chicken he pulled from the freezer.

"That shows it's held to a higher standard," Greenberg said, because two groups judge the product as meeting kosher standards.

Foods that are kosher adhere to the Jewish dietary laws.

For Rabbi Greenberg, his family, and members of Chabad of Bonita Springs & Estero, there is no question that they eat strictly what is kosher. Continue

Chabad center gives 11 girls a chance to be regular teens
 Israeli youth get respite from life under siege 
Camp counselor Simirai Chik, 18, of Los Angeles, (left) and camper Dorin Dahan, 14, of Israel play a game at Camp Gan Israel. Dahan is one of 11 girls from the Gaza Strip who are visiting Maryland and
Camp counselor Simirai Chik, 18, of Los Angeles, (left) and camper Dorin Dahan, 14, of Israel play a game at Camp Gan Israel. Dahan is one of 11 girls from the Gaza Strip who are visiting Maryland and | Photograph: Laurie DeWitt⁄The Gazette

Fourteen-year-old Mazal Dahan looked up shyly and smiled as campers sang Hebrew songs at Camp Gan Israel in Gaithersburg, a summer camp for Jewish children.

Her Israeli hometown suffers seven rocket attacks a day, said the brown-eyed girl. But over here, it is quiet and nice.

Dahan and four cousins are among 11 girls from the Gaza Strip who are spending the month at camp and living with host families in Gaithersburg. Ten boys from their Southern Israeli town of Sderot are attending a day camp in Northern Virginia. The camps are covering the children’s expenses, including airfare, medical insurance, room and board and sightseeing. The hope is to give the youngsters a respite from life under siege — and some spiritual sustenance to help them back at home.

‘‘There are moments that you would not know that they were any different,” said Rabbi Sholom Raichik, of the visiting children. The girls love make-up, shopping and music and get in squabbles with their friends ‘‘like any other teens,” he said. Other times, stress is evident in an irrational response or collective holding of breath at the sound of a siren. Continue


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