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 Southside Jewish Community Breaks Ground for Area's First Jewish Facility 
Rabbis Yossi Kahanov and Shmuel Novack with Councilmen Don Redman and Clay Yarborough
Rabbis Yossi Kahanov and Shmuel Novack with Councilmen Don Redman and Clay Yarborough

D. Lakein

(lubavitch.com) Southside community members and leaders turned out Thursday to celebrate the groundbreaking of the area's first Jewish institution, a new Chabad-Lubavitch center.

The event spells a watershed for Southside, which has a local Jewish population of about 5,000, and was planned to coincide with Lag Baomer, the 33rd day of the Omer, a "day of joy" commemorating the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. 

"This is significant," explains Chabad director, Rabbi Shmuel Novack. "What greater joy is there than breaking ground for a new center of Judaism?" read more

 Aleph's New Home To Help Jewish Inmates Build New Lives 

Rebecca Rosenthal

(lubavitch.com) Pennsylvania, home of the U.S.’s second highest number of federal prisons, right after Texas, sees more than seven out of ten inmates return to prison after release. High rates of re-incarceration are overcrowding prisons, tying up the courts and pushing government officials to find a way to break the street-crime-jail cycle.

Proposed solutions include job training, alcohol and drug addition counseling, and faith based intervention. On May 22, The Aleph Institute - North East Region, Hyman & Martha Rogal Center, celebrated the grand opening of its new home in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood, where all these services are now offered, under one freshly renovated roof. read more

 Chabad Rabbinical Students Remember Israeli Professor Killed In Adis Ababa 
Professor Shoshani at work.
Professor Shoshani at work. | Photograph: Haaretz

R. C. Berman

(lubavitch.com) Jechezkel Shoshani life’s work, unraveling the biological mysteries behind the great African elephant, was cut short when a minibus exploded as he made his way home from Addis Ababa University.

Though it is still unclear as to whether the blast the Israeli professor last week in Ethiopia was terrorist related, the Jewish people lost a warm, open and kind Jew. read more


Such was the reaction of Yaacov Behrman and Shmuli Feldman who were shocked to receive the news last week. The two met Dr. Jechezkel “Hezy” Shoshani, 65, over Passover when they hosted a Seder in Ethiopia, sponsored by the central Lubavitch offices and Chabad of the Congo’s Rabbi Shlomo Bentolila.

 Ulster County Flower Making 
The Jewish Women's Circle of Ulster County gathered on May 18th at the home of Neshama Lipari of Woodstock in preparation for the Holiday of Shavuot.

Jarita's Flowers of Woodstock showed the women how to make many different floral arrangements which they took home. read more
 Gan Israel Chicago Raffle 

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read more

 AP Report of racial tensions heating up in Crown Heights 

NEW YORK (AP) — Seventeen years after race riots left the streets of one New York City neighborhood bloodied, tensions are rising again there between Orthodox Jews and blacks.

First, a black man was badly beaten. Weeks later, a Jewish teenager said he was attacked by two young blacks while riding his bicycle, and angry Jewish residents took to the streets with signs saying "Jewish blood is not cheap!" and "Every Jew a .22." read more

 Registration for Mercoz Shlichus in full swing 
Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky
Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky | Photograph: Israel Bardugo

Registration to go on Merkoz Shlichus during the summer is presently in full swing. Shturem was told by officials in Merkoz that bochurim who wish to register for Merkoz Shlichus should do so via the Merkoz website and the forms must be submitted no later than Friday the 25th of Iyar. No registration will be accepted afte that date.

Every summer dozens of bochurim in teams travel to various countries throughout the world and help the local shliach visit neighboring cities that the local shliach does not get to during the year. 

Click here to enter Mercoz website to fill out the forms.

or call 1718-774-4000 ext. 269 or ext. 280 (Shlomo Nager)

 Stop making reference to racial tension,” says Andrew Charles 

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — The young black man who was attacked in Crown Heights last month is asking everyone to stop labeling problems in the area as racial in nature.

“I hope that everyone who has been speaking about the problems in Crown Heights will stop making reference to racial tension,” Andrew Charles said on Friday.

Charles was allegedly attacked last month by a group of Jewish men as he was walking down Carroll Street.

A month later, Alon Sherman was allegedly beaten and robbed by two black teens.

Charles said he believes the incidents are isolated and not racially motivated.

“On the streets of Crown Heights, I can tell you there are no tensions,” said resident Sam Stern about the race relations there.

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 Chandelier returns to 770 
The new chandelier
The new chandelier | Photograph: Shturem

After many years, the legendary chandelier that used to hang downstairs in 770 was hung up again. It was taken off in 1993 because it had disturbed people who wanted to see the Rebbe when he came out on the balcony after the stroke.

On Lag B'omer it was hung back after one of trhe residents decided to donate a new one and received the approval of the gaboim. add comments

 100 Shluchim at Regional Conference 
Rabbis prepare for a formal picture at yesterday's regional Chabad conference at the Chabad Lubavitch of Rockland center in New City
Rabbis prepare for a formal picture at yesterday's regional Chabad conference at the Chabad Lubavitch of Rockland center in New City | Photograph: Ben Rubin/The Journal News
NEW CITY - Before a packed room of fellow rabbis, Avremel Kotlarsky told the audience that they had made huge strides as an organization, but that it would take far more effort to continue growing.

"There is no free ride, this does not come easily," said Kotlarsky, executive director of the Chabad Lubavitch of Rockland center. more

 Thousands march in parade in Boro Park 

As reported yesterday the Lag B'omer Parade in Boro Park turned out to be one of the biggest parades ever with thousands of children marching and displaying Jewish Pride and Kiddush Hashem.

300 counselors and lively music band accompanied the marchers.

The event was mceed by Rabbi Yossi Jacobson and the keynote speaker was Hagaon Rabbi Moshe Wolfson, Rosh Yeshivas Torah V'daas. He greeted the participants and spoke about the necessity of unity.

Photo Gallery 1    Photo Gallery 2

Click play or here to watch a video of the event comments

 Jewish holiday celebrated with carnival, barbecue 

Despite forbidding rain clouds, the pony rides and face painting continued.

"I spoke to The Boss and told him to move the rain toward St. Augustine," said Rabbi Berl Goldman. "He listened to me: It's slowing down."

So the 9th annual Lag B'omer carnival and family barbecue continued without a hitch Thursday evening at Lubavitch-Chabad Jewish Student and Community Center north of the University of Florida campus.

"Rain never deters us," Goldman said. "Water is sign of blessing. Without water, there is no food or nourishment." more

 Thousands march in Boro Park 

The traditional Lag B'omer Parade in Boro Park borke a record this year due to the fact that Lag B'omer was Friday when the children leave school earlier. Thousands of children from all circles of chassidus took part in the Kiddush Hashem event.

The Parade began to march 1 PM on 16th Ave. and 58th St. towards 18th Ave. and 57th St. There they participated in a program that lasted 3 hours.

The keynote speaker was Rabbi Yossi Jacobson. Rabbi Aaron Ginsburg who heads the Tzivos Hashem club in Boro Park was instrumental in throwing off such a spectacular parade

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A video of the event will be posted soon

 Lab BaOmer in Seattle 
Jews from all over Greater Seattle attended Annual Chabad Lag BaOmer BBQ and Bonfire. Kids participated in special program, where they said Twelve Pesukim and took part in build your own sand castle contest. Big bonfire and songs and guitar music concluded this exiting event.
 Found a pair of glasses 

I found a pair of glasses outside 770 on Thursday
night (Lag B'Omer) at about 1:00am. The
glasses are rimless with a brown bridge and temples
(piece that goes over ones ears). My number is 347 264

Thank you,
 Bonfire in Crown Heights on Lag B'omer 

This Lag B'omer is the 25th year that Rabbi Sholom Hurwitz organizes in his yeard a lighting of a bonfire together with Rabbi Nachman Yosef Twersky.

Rabbi Hurwitz told Shturem.net that one year he told the Rebbe what he does and residents come and join in song and dance. The Rebbe's response: "Thank you very much I will mention you on the Tzion."

Click here to watch a video clip of the bonfire 


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