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 Leil Shishi in Crown Heights 
The game is on!
The game is on! | Photograph: Baruch Ezagui, Shturem

Crown Heights, New York: Last month Shturem presented a special report about the Crown Heights Baseball League, that caused a small uproar.  One hundred readers responded with various viewpoints; some for and some against ■ more

 Shluchim, Mashpiim, Rabbonim Join in Simcha 
Chassidishe Simcha, Last Night in Crown Heights
Chassidishe Simcha, Last Night in Crown Heights | Photograph: Boruch Ezagui
Crown Heights, New York: Thursday night found the streets of Crown Heights bustling with Shluchim, Rabbonim, Mashpiim, Tmimim and Anash rushing to participate in two l"chaims.  Bais Rivkah hall was the venue for the l"chaim of the chosson, haTomim Boruch Sholom (b"Rabbi Yitzchok) Wolf, Chicago, and the kallah, Mushky Geisinsky, daughter of Shliach Rabbi Moshe Geisinsky of Great Neck.  A large crowd, including many mekurovim, came to wish mazel tov and share in the great simcha ■ more 
 Eltere Chassidim Meet in Crown Heights 
Gallery from the vort, last night
Gallery from the vort, last night | Photograph: Baruch Ezagui, Shturem

Crown Heights, New York: Shluchim, Rabbonim, Mashpiim, eltere Chassidim and Tmimim participated in the vort of HaTomim Berel (b'HoRav  Eli of Otzar Hachassidim) Matosof with Chava Tzivia, the daughter of Rabbi Eliezer Teiltlebaum, from the OK Labratories.  The vort took place at the Bais Levi Yitzchok Shul, and the simcha continued in the wee hours as amny of Anash came to join in the simcha and express Mazel Tov wishes ■ more 

 An email from Mendy Pelin 
You know me... I would never send you an 'ad' email wasting your time. This is about an amazing program that I am heavily involved with and very Shnoooozal worthy! click here for the rest for video clip
 SOUL FOOD: Connecting through relaxation 

At any corner I turn in Huntington Beach, it seems like I spot a spa these days. There are spas and ever more spas to rejuvenate skin, nails, hands, feet, make-up and muscles.

Each summer Chabad of West Orange County ( www.chabadhb.com) takes the concept of the spa to another level when it hosts its one-day “Spa for the Soul.” On Aug. 17, 70 women showed up for the fifth annual event at the Sea Cliff Country Club, which allowed the group to bring in a kosher caterer. More

 Five Mezuzahs Torn from Apt. Doorposts 
CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] – 5 Mezuzahs were torn from apartment doors inside of 1690 Union Street, a relatively small building with 31 residential units, most of whom aren't Jewish, located between Schenectady and Utica Avenues.

The vandalism was discovered at around 6:30pm on Wednesday and Police along with Shomrim were called and immediately responded to the scene, and police immediately deemed the incident a bias crime and brought down a Crime Scene Unit to dust for fingerprints following which detectives from the Bias Crime Squad responded and began investigating the incident. Continue
 Men at Chabad start their own social club 
BRADENTON Members of the Men's Club at Chabad socialize at Bradenton AMF Lanes
BRADENTON Members of the Men's Club at Chabad socialize at Bradenton AMF Lanes | Photograph: Courtesy photo
The men at Chabad of Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch were a little envious. They had seen the Jewish Women's Circle enjoy social gatherings, luncheons and various workshops.

They wanted to gather and bond over various activities as well.

So Larry Cohen and Reid Zoll established the Men's Club at Chabad. On the evening of Aug. 24 at AMF Lanes in Bradenton, the Men's Club met for the first time to bowl, socialize and relax.

Other activities being planned for the Men's Club are barbecues, sports activities and fishing expeditions. For more information, call 752-3030 or e-mail rabbi@chabadofbradenton.com.


 Picture of the Day: Shliach at convention 
Photograph: CNN

Republican nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin made her debut appearance at the Republican National Convention last night in St. Paul, Minnesota and was broadcast live on prime time.

The head of Friendss of Lubavitch in Washington, Rabbi Levi Shemtov was also there and was caught by CNN's cameras as he was listening to her speech. click here for more and exclusive pictures

 Hundreds at Rabbi Greenberg's Levaya 
Rabbis Spalter and Altein
Rabbis Spalter and Altein | Photograph: Baruch Ezagui, Shturem
Brooklyn, New York: At 3:00 P.M., the levaya of Rabbi Meir Greenberg passed 770,where hundreds of Rabbonim, Mashpiim,askonim and Tmimim paid their respects to the revered chossid whom many called " spiritual father".  Rabbi Greenberg passed away at the age of 91 ■ more
 Rabbi Meir Greenberg obm 
Rabbi Meir Greenberg
Rabbi Meir Greenberg

Boruch Dayan Hoemes: Rabbi Meir Greenberg, former Rabbi of Patterson, N.J. Rosh Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim in Morristown and one of the first Temimim in America passed away last night at the age of 91. In recent years he resided with his son Rabbi Heshel in Buffalo, N.Y.

He is survived by Shterna Lerman of Flatbush, Rabbi Heshel Greenberg, Buffalo, N.Y., Reb Yosef Greenberg, Crown Heights, Reb Mendy Greenberg, N.J., Chasha Samuels, Milwakee.

The funeral will take place today Wdnesday 2 PM at Shomrei Hadas Funeral Parlor and will pass 770 at about 2:30 PM.

Shiva at the home of his son Rabbi Yosef Y. Greenberg 1485 President St.

 First Day at Oholei Torah 

Students of the Lubavitcher mosdos in Crown Heights have returned to yeshivos today all refreshed after the summer.

Shturem photographer Baruch Ezagui observed the first day at Oholei Torah as parents brought their children and met with the new teachers. Click here for a photo gallery

 Chabad Hebrew School begins fourth year 
Jewish education has been proven to be the key factor in Jewish continuity.

In an effort to promote Jewish awareness and education, the Chabad Hebrew School offers a stimulating yet friendly environment where children embrace their Jewish roots and gain a true sense of Jewish pride, no matter their level of observance or affiliation.

The Chabad Hebrew School, now in its fourth year, is an innovative school that provides an academic and enjoyable environment where children ages 6-13 acquire a broad knowledge of Judaism through a motivating and challenging venue. More

 Shluchim evacuating New Orleans 
Rabbi Nemes speaking at a Regional shluchim conference
Rabbi Nemes speaking at a Regional shluchim conference | Photograph: Alex Barkoff, Shturem

According to a report on Shmais.com, faced with a mandatory evacuation due to Hurricane Gustav the local Shluchim and their families are headed to Birmingham, Alabama and Georgia where they will wait out the storm.

Shturem.net spoke today to one of the shluchim in Orleans, Rabbi Yosef Nemes, who happens to be in Israel these days to attend a family simcha.

"I am now on my way to the gravesite of the Rambam (Maimonedes) to pray on behalf of the residents of New Orleans, particularly for the Jewish community in the city who suffered severly from the last hurricane three years ago.

"Right now my family together with the rest of the shluchim are evacuating the city but we hope there will not be heavy flooding nor heavy damage as last time.," he told Shturem

 Alaska's Jewish Community on Palin Selection 
Governor Sarah Palin, far right, listens as Chabad's Rabbi Yossi Greenberg addresses Anchorage's Jewish community recently.
Governor Sarah Palin, far right, listens as Chabad's Rabbi Yossi Greenberg addresses Anchorage's Jewish community recently.

The Chabad-Lubavitch emissary in Alaska, Rabbi Yossi Greenberg, said that Alaka's Governor Sarah Palin has "established a great relationship with the Jewish community over recent years, and has attended several of our Jewish cultural gala events,” he told Lubavitch.com

Palin has shown solidarity with Israel by signing a State of Alaska Resolution recognizing Israel's 60th Anniversary and its relationship with Alaska. In the resolution, Governor Palin pointed to Alaska’s special connection to Israel dating back to Alaska Airlines’ participation in the rescue of 40,000 Yemenite Jews when it airlifted them from Yemen to Tel Aviv during 1948 and 1949.  More

 Rabbi Farkash in Miami 

The world renowned rov and Possek Rabbi Yekusiel Farkash just concluded an intense week in Miami.

During his stay in Miami Beach, Rabbi Farkash gave shimush to many Shluchim of South and Central Florida as well as Shluchim who came as far as S. Louis Missouri and Toronto Canada.

Aside from the Shimush the yungerleit and the greater community of South Florida were treated to over ten hours of Shiurim over three days! A shiur on the laws of Shabbos took place at The Shul of Bal Harbor with the able translation of Rabbi Aryeh Citron.

The shimush and the other shiurim took place at the Jewish Learning Center. Rabbi Farkash’s coming was arranged by Rabbi Yisroel Frankforter director of the Jewish Education Leadership Institute.

 80,000 obama supporters and one shliach 
Rabbi Brackman in insert
Rabbi Brackman in insert | Photograph: Shturem

Last Thursday Rabbi Benjy Brackman, shliach in Westminister, Colorado attended the Democratic convention together with 80,000 people at the Mile High stadium in Denver.

I have been living in the U.S. for over 18 years and I never attended a political event," says Rabbi Brackman "but last week I received a personal invitation from Colorado Congressman Jared Polis to attend the convention and I agreed.

"I figured I would be meeting a lot of Jews there and it would be a perfect opportunity for Mivtza Tefilin so I brought along a pair of Tefilin. There was a very big line at the entrance to the stadium with strict security check by the American FBI. This helped me to shmooze with Jews and put Tefilin on them. All along I was praying that the secret service will not confiscate the two black boxes in my hand. Read more and see pictures


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