B"H Monday, 5 Tammuz 5778 | June 18 2018
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Rabbi Asher Deren
 Arthur's Final Mitzvah and Funeral 
Illustration | Photograph: CHI
Editor's note: Last Erev Shabbos we posted Rabbi Asher Deren's weekly Parsha article, which is always timely and fascinating.  In that article he related how Arthur, 102 years old, put on T'fillin for the very first time.  Here is the amazing sequel to that story of hashgocho protis ■ more
From the Press
 Shliach Rabbi Adam Stein , Friendly Campus Rabbi 
Photograph: Lubavitch.com
When students ring Rabbi Adam’s doorbell, they are usually greeted by one of his eight children and then warmly welcomed by the Rabbi himself, wearing traditional dress; a long beard, black hat and tallis-Fringes or tassels worn by observant Jews as a reminder of the commandments ■ more
Rabbi Asher Deren
 A Sergeant's Bar Mitzvah at age 103? 
While unfortunately the paparazzi were still a few millennia off, so no, there aren’t pictures of the A-list guests at the Bar Mitzvah, the Midrash on the Parsha does give us fascinating insight to the table chatter at what was definitely the “must-be-seen-at” event of the decade ■ more
In the Footsteps of the Rebbeim
 The Roadmap To World Peace 
Illustration | Photograph: Geulah March by Carl Braude
The Tzaddik Rabbi Zushe of Anipoli declared (Kitzurim VeHaoros LeTanya, page 125) that "With the learning of the Tanya, we will greet Moshiach!" The Rebbe strongly wishes that every Jew learn the Tanya. To realize this vision, he had the Tanya printed in nearly every city and translated into many languages, including Braille ■ more
Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver
 Modeh Ani: The Lowest and the Highest 
Photograph: Illustration
The very first thing that a Jew does in the day is to recite Modeh ani: “I gratefully thank You, living and eternal King, for You have returned my soul within me with compassion—abundant is Your faithfulness ■ more
Part IV
 Rebbetzin Chana's Memoirs 
Photograph: Chabad.org
Part IV of the Rebbetzin Chana's Memoirs: After all my efforts and several promises from important government agents, and after receiving various clandestine inside reports from where my husband was being held—I received reports from people who had seen him, and various other indications, that led me to want to believe that they were about to inform me that he was to be released ■ more
Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 The Lesson from Noach and Rosh Chodesh 
Parshas Noach which we read this Shabbos, tells us about the flood which destroyed the world, and then after the flood when Noach and his children “saw a new world”.Which teaches us what is the the present avoda as we enter the new month of Mar-Cheshvan ■ more
Rabbi Asher Deren
 Gimme a Break! 

A very good friend of mine recently went on an intense seven day self-development course in the South African Bush. One of the integral elements of the retreat was that before it began you had to hand in your cell phone. Yup, for seven days there is no calling ■ more

Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver
 Music: Rising Above Limitations 
The Alter Rebbe explainsthe Talmudic phrase, “All those who sing go out in song" as referring to the song of the angels. Likewise, the Jewish souls in Gan Eden also sing to Hashem ■ more
Chabad, Coke and..Chayenu
 New Chayenu Chumash Section 
In response to reader request, Chayenu, the foremost source for daily Torah-Learning-on-the-Go for the English speaker, has just embarked upon a brand new venture, signing a contract with Feldheim publication for the New Margolin Chumash ■ more
We Can All Coexist
 Shopping for Daled Minim in Crown Heights 
Illustration | Photograph: Shturem
The culture clash was not nearly as dramatic as I’d expected when anticipating this trip. There may have been a bit of sideways glances at our unusual pair, but no exaggerated staring and pointing when these two clearly non-Chasidic people strolled into their midst ■ more
Rabbi Asher Deren
 Dancing with Gilad (and) the Torah 
If there is just one thread missing in the global tapestry of our people we are incomplete. Whether right or wrong, fair or unjust, there is no one that will deny that there is nothing more valuable and precious to the Jewish people, than the brother or sister next to them ■ more
In the Press
 'PopUp Sukkah' for Jews On the Go 
Photograph: USA Today
“PopUp Sukkah,” a Brooklyn company named for its signature product, donated Sieradski's sukkah, but not necessarily because the owners agree with the protesters' agenda. “I believe that any Jew anywhere should have a sukkah for Sukkot,” said co-owner Yoni Raskin ■ more
Food for Thought
 Steve Jobs and Yemos HaMoshiach 
Illustration | Photograph: CHI
The Rebbe taught us to connect everything in our lives, and whatever we see and hear, to Moshiach.  Here is Chabad.org's Rabbi Tzvi Freeman's input on today's news.  Food for thought ■ The world has its destiny, produced and directed by the Master of all destiny. A destiny in which Steve Jobs played a principal role ■ more
Africa Iz Nit Andersh
 Spotlight on Shlichus: Yiddishkeit in Central Africa 
Photograph: Shturem Archives/ Yisroel Bardugo
In 5751, Shluchim Rabbi Shlomo and Miriam Bentolila arrived in the former Zaire – now the Democratic Republic of the Congo – to direct what is today Chabad-Lubavitch of Central Africa. Headquarters for Jewish communities ranging from 100 to 1,000 strong across a wide swath of the continent ■ more
Season of Rejoicing:
 Celebrating Sukkos in Crown Heights 
Photograph: Ariana Lindquist
It's a brisk fall evening on Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. I am in a crowd of hundreds of women angling for a glimpse of the revelers before us: A sea of men in black and white, most wearing wide-brimmed hats, spinning, beads of sweat dripping from their beards as they match the frenetic pace of the music pumping from a stage in the street ■ more

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