B"H Friday, 26 Adar 5777 | March 24 2017
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The Chassidishe Parsha
 Ki Sisa: Zeh Yitnu Kol Haover 
“Zeh Yitnu Kol Haover…”  This Parsha speaks of the Mitzvah of Machatzis Hashekel, giving the half-shekel donation to the Temple treasure. Our Sages[1] explain that this half-coin donation held within its power the receiving of atonement for the sin of the Egel Hazahav. But how can such a grave sin be atoned for by giving such a mere small sum towards the Temple treasury? The Alter Rebbe explains that hidden behind the half-shekel donation is a world of service of G-d ■ more
Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Pinkowitz - Greenwald Chasene Gallery 
Pinkowitz - Greenwald Chasene Gallery

Mazel Tov! Last Thursday night, the Pinkowitz (Yerushalayim) and Greenwald (Kfar Chabad) families, celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Dovi and Chaya. The chasene took place at the Bais Rivkah Hall in Kfar Chabad Bais. To the photo gallery

Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Stern - Peled Chasene Gallery 
Stern - Peled Chasene Gallery

Mazel Tov! On Thursday night the Stern (Katzrin) and Peled (Haifa) families, celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Menachem Mendel and Chana Rivka. The chasene took place at the Bais Menachem Hall in Kfar Chabad. To the photo gallery

Rabbi Simon Jacobson
 MyLife: Chassidus Applied Episode 155 
Is it my Yetzer Hara or My Dysfunctional Childhood? Is Smacking Children Ever Acceptable? What is the Significance of Mikvah for Men? How Can One Make Successful Life Changes Without a Support System? What’s the Healthiest Way to Deal with ‘Toxic’ Relationships? Rabbi Simon Jacobson will clarify these issues and much more on tonight's video class, MyLife: Chassidus Applied Episode 155 ■ more
Video: In Defiance
 Rabbi Nissan Mangel Returns to Auschwitz 
Photograph: Screen Shot
“There are no words to describe the emotion felt as I witnessed my grandfather relive his experiences at the entrance of the death camp – Auschwitz-Birkenau, the same place he stood 73 years ago as a small child,” says the grandson of Rabbi Nissan Mangel, who returned to Auschwitz this week in defiance, after narrowly surviving the camp and its infamous “doctor” Jospeh Mengele YMS as a 10-year-old boy ■ Warning: viewer discretion advised ■ more 
AD MOSAI? Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Loss: Rabbi Avrohom Boruch Junik OBM 
Photograph: CHI
With sadness we inform you of the untimely passing of Rabbi Avrohom Boruch Junik OBM, a resident of Crown Heights. He was 60 years old.The nifter is the son of Rabbi Dov Ber Junik OBM , the legendary Chossid and meshamas bakodesh who merited to many kiruvim from the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin. The levaye will take place at 12:00 PM at Shomrei Hadas, passing 770 at 1:15 PMmore
 JLI Weekly on Demolition for Reconstruction 
JLI Weekly video for Parshas Ki Sisa  titled: Demolition: The First Step of Reconstruction, teaches how to proceed when everything is going wrong. Based on a Sicha of The Rebbe ■ more

Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 Do You Know the Famous Rabbi in Brooklyn? 

25 ADAR: REBBETZIN CHAYA MUSHKA’S BIRTHDAY HER GIFT TO US: The Rebbetzin was the mainstay of the home. As the Rebbe said numerous times, the physical foundation of the home is not visible, yet on the foundation rests the entire building. The outward appearance of the foundation is not important. What is important is its strength ■ more

Simcha with Simche
 Fusion: Lubavitcher Nigunim, Mid-Eastern Beat 
Simche Friedman presents a medley of Lubavitcher niggunim with a Mid-Eastern flavor. The simcha of Adar continues, with Simche ■ more
Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus
 A Small Bite of Shabbos Delight 

Fulfilling Mitzvos beyond reason is connected to the weekly reading Ki Tisa, which refers to the census of the Jewish people, and literally "the lifting of the head of the Jewish people". Lifting the head of the Jewish people, on a deeper level, represents serving G-d higher than one's intellect - symbolized in the "lifting" of the head, beyond intelligence ■ more

Yom HaBohir Yud Alef Nissan 5777
 Lecho Ezbach: New Song for Kapital 116 
Shturem.org presents another song composed in honor of The Rebbe's yom huledes, with words from the new Kapitol, 116. The song was composed by Tomim Shlomo Gleyzer from Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto with vocals by Tmimim Shlomo and Avremel Gleyzer ■ more
Got Bitachon?
 Bitachon When Benching 
Bitachon When Benching:  It is well known that the first bracha of Bircas Hamazon was instituted by Moshe Rabbeinu. He composed this bracha so that the Yidden should thank Hashem upon receiving the manna in the desert. Even though the bracha was designed for the heavenly bread - lechem min hashamayim - which the Yidden ate while in the desert, we nonetheless continue to make this bracha to this very day after eating ■ more
Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz
 Ki Sisa: The Key to Eternal Relationships 
"What is the key to Eternal Relationships?" Shliach Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz has the answer, in the Parshas Ki Sisa edition of his weekly Parsha video. Rabbi Minkowicz's shiurim are based on the Rebbe's Sichos Kodesh ■ more
Even More
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: 

Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: We see that it is the nature of a person to do everything in his power for his child to be a true lamdan – and not only as much as his father, but even more than his father. Likewise with a daughter: the mother wants her daughter to excel in matters of Yiddishkeit ■ more

Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 Here's my Story: "This is for the Arabs" 

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gluckowsky is the Assistant Director of the Chabad Rabbinate in Israel and the director of the Chabad Rabbinate in Rechovot: In 5738, I was part of a group of Chabad students sent to bolster Torah learning in Israel. We came to Jerusalem and joined the studies at the Tzemach Tzedek synagogue in the Old City of Yerushalayim. While there, I remember the day when the Chabad emissaries came in saying that they received a message from the Rebbe to make sure that we, the young students, were “being prepared for leadership positions ■ more

Mivtza Purim 5777
 Boundless Simcha in Kharkov 
Purim in Kharkov was celebrated around the clock, starting with an early morning performance at the Kharkov Circus with over 2,000 people in attendance.Everyone joined despite the early hour on Sunday to hear the megillah, get Mishloach Manos, put on Tefilin and enjoy the simcha of Purim ■ more

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