B"H Tuesday, 29 Nisan 5777 | April 25 2017
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Chabad of Towson and Goucher
 Judge Rules: Chabad Must Remove Structure 
A Baltimore County Circuit Court judge has ordered that a controversial 6,614-square-foot structure a religious organization built in a residential neighborhood in Towson must come down within the next year.The decision is the latest in a legal battle between Friends of Lubavitch Inc. and the organization's neighbors, who say that the structure the organization built  is out of character with the neighborhood ■ more
Revealing the Pnimiyus
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day 

Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: The woman is the akeres habayis. She is the one responsible for the home to be illuminated with an internal Jewish light and warmth, so that the Jewish home is protected from winds foreign to Yiddishkeit that blow in the outside world and endanger the Yiddishkeit. This is why the Jewish woman has been endowed with a greater measure of emotion and warmth ■ more

Got Bitachon?
 Why Wait in Galus for Great Wealth? 
The 'rechush gadol' - the substantial wealth that was promised to the Yidden when they would be redeemed from Mitzrayim, requires explanation. Taking into account the bitter exile they were enduring, one might recommend that it would be better let the Yidden leave earlier with no wealth, than to wait out the entire exile and then leave with great wealth ■ more
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 Here's My Story: Safe Skies 
Rabbi Dr. Chaim Shine is a law professor who lectures at Shaarei Mishpat Academic Center and Netanya College. He is also a columnist for the Israel HaYom Newspaper. He was interviewed by JEM’s My Encounter with the Rebbe project in his home in Ra’anana, Israel ■ more
Chabad of Chicago
 Impressive Pilpulim at Annual Kinus Torah 
t’s been happening for more than 50 years and it happened once again this year. The annual Kinus Torah in Chicago took place on Chol Hamoed Pesach at Cong. Bnei Ruven.The program began with divrei brocha by the event organizer, Head Shliach of Illinois Rabbi Meir Moscowitz and was followed by Rabbi Baruch Hertz, Mora D'asra who gave a talk in connection to sfiras haaomer ■ more
AD MOSAI? Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Loss: Rabbi Beryl Epstein, OB"M 
Photograph: CHI
With great sadness we inform you of the untimely passing of Rabbi Beryl Epstein OBM, a longtime Crown Heights resident who was famous for his walking tours of the neighborhood. He was 58 years old.For over thirty years Rabbi Epstein has lead tours of Crown Heights and Chabad in the neighborhood to groups of comprised of both Jews and non-Jews ■ more
Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 Moshiach's Seuda for all Jews 
MOSHIACH’S SEUDA FOR ALL JEWS There are those who ask: The whole concept of Moshiach is so lofty and sublime, it’s something that will only be in the future, how can we associate it with a “festive meal” and drinking “Four Cups” while we're still in exile ■ more
International Moshiach Campaign
 Reposted: A Special Guide for Seudas Moshiach 
Just in time for the upcoming Moshiach Seuda, The International Moshiach Campaign has put together an information manual pertaining to the particulars of the Moshiach seuda. Included are some interesting sichos and historical references to make the Moshiach seuda a more meaningful experience ■ more
Exclusive Shlichus Story
 Matzah: Food of Ahavas Yisroel 
Shliach Rabbi Zushe Silberstein writes: Two days before Pessach Mr. S E living on the African continent, contacted me via whatsApp asking if on Pessach one puts on Tefilin? In the course of the conversation I realised that the only proper thing he'll do for Pessach is NOT putting Tefilin! I then contacted the Rebbe's Shliach in Congo R. Shlomo Bentolila, who is about 4200 KM away from Bouake. He immediately got in touch with this forlorn Jew and invited him to a Seder in "Abidjan ■ more
Mivtza Pesach 5777
 4,187 Yidden Celebrate Seder in Thailand 
A Seder in Thailand
A Seder in Thailand
The number of participants in the sedorim in Thailand jumped by 30% this year, with a grand total of 4,187 Yidden fulfilling the mivtzos of the Seder night. Shluchim across Thailand hosted large Sedorim, with 1,500 guests joining the public Seder at Bais Chabad Ko Samui ■ more
 Tragedy: Shliach Rabbi Mendel Deitsch, OB"M 
With profound sadness we report the tragic and untimely passing of Shliach Rabbi Menachem Mendel Deitsch, OB"M, who was fatally injured after being attacked on the eve of the fifth of Tishrei this year ■ Levaye details will be posted ■ more
Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus
 A Small Bite of Shabbos Delight 
The final day of Pesach radiates with Moshiach. The entire Haftorah is about Moshiach, and the custom to have "The Feast of Moshiach", as originally instituted by the Baal Shem Tov, continues to grow like wildfire in communities throughout the world. Moshe was the first Redeemer of the Jewish people. Moshiach is the final Redeemer of the Jewish people. Every day, we must balance our lives, with both Moshe and Moshiach ■ more
 Pharaoh Opposes Bitachon 

We derive powerful bitachon lessons from some of the decrees that King Pharaoh decreed on the Yidden in Mitzrayim. One of the worst of these was the decree on the children, that the boys be drowned in the Nile River. The Torah's narration of this decree seems peculiar. First the Torah relates that Pharaoh wanted all the boys thrown into the river, and then the Torah continues and tells us that Pharaoh said that all the girls should live ■ more

 Loss: R' Chaim Bentzion Batashvilli, OB"M 
 With profound sadness we report the untimely passing of R' Chaim Bentzion Batashvilli, OB"M, a member of Anash of Nachlas Har Chabad. R' Chaim Bentzion battled a devastating and prolonged illness, r"l. The levaye took place today ■ more
Yom HaBohir Yud Alef Nissan 5777
 65 Centimeter Torah Honors Gruzia's Jews 
Photograph: Sholom Levi

 In an impressive ceremony, a 65 centimeter high Sefer Torah was brought to the Kosel Maarovi, dedicated to the Jews of Gruzia (Georgia). The writing of the Torah began 6 years ago, on the auspicious day of Chai (18) Elul) and was concluded on Yom HaBohir Yud Alef Nissan 5777 ■ more


Got Bitochon?
 Chizkiyahu HaMelech's Complete Bitochon 
One of the most fundamental bitachon historical incidents happened on Pesach. The[1] king of Ashur a.k.a. Assyria, was conquering much of the inhabited world at the time, and he came upon Yerushalayim as well to wage battle and take control ■ more

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