B"H Monday, 22 Tishrey 5777 | October 24 2016
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Sisu v'Simchu B'Simchas Torah
 Shturem.org Wishes A Gut Yom Tov to All 
As the exalted and heilige days of Shmini Atzeres and Simchas Torah are about to envelop us in three days of simcha, Shturem.org editorial staff wishes all our readers a Gut Yom Tov ■ more
Tishrei 5777 in Lubavitch
 Stamford Hill: Huge Crowd Rejoices with Chabad 
Photograph: JDN
Rabbi Shmuel Lew and the Lubavitcher community of Stamford Hill, London, hosted a freiliche Simchas Bais Hashoeva. The crowd danced enthusiastically until the wee hours ■ more
Tishrei 5777 in Bais Chayeinu
 Hoshana Rabba at the Ohel & 770 
Photograph: Shturem/NY
At the conclusion of Shabbos a large crowd bagan to gather at the Ohel for a Siyum HaRamBaM, Chumash Devorin and Tehillim. In 770 the throngs danced from the last Simchas Bais Hashoeiva to 770 for Tehillim ■ more
Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Loss: Rabbi Shimshon Halperin, OB"M 
With sadness we report the passing today, Shabbos Chol Hamoed, of Rabbi Shimshon Halperin, OB"M, of Yerushalayim. Rabbi Halperin is the father of - yibodel l'chaim tovim - Rabbi Aharon Dov Halperin, editor of the Kfar Chabad Magazine. The levaye took place tonight ■ more
 Is It a Mitzvah to Travel to a Rebbe 
Chassidim have long traveled to their Rebbe, is it a mitzvah for men and women to do this? Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, dean of the Online Smicha Program, addresses this very pertinent and timely topic ■ more
AD MOSAI??????
 Tragedy: HaYeled Shmuel Sarfati, OB"M 
Photograph: Mordechai Lubecki
Thousands of distraught mourners gathered at Bais Chaya Mushka in Paris to bid their final farewell to a young boy, Chayal b'Tzivos Hashem 7-year-old Shmuel Sarfati, OB"M, who was killed in a horrific freak-accident involving a construction vehicle on the first day of Yomtov. The levaye will take place tomorrow, Erev Shabbos, at the Shamgar Funeral Home, at 8:30 AM, after which he will be buried on Har Hazeisim ■ more
Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz
 V'Zos Habracha: Achieving Greatest Happiness 
In honor of Parshas V'zos Habracha please enjoy this special video shiur by Shliach Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz, based on the teachings of the Rebbe ■ more
Sukkos 5777
 18th Annual CBD Sukkos Luncheon 

Chabad of Melbourne CBD (Central Business District) held their 18th Sukkos Luncheon in the center of the City Square, the heart of Melbourne. Shliach Rabbi Chaim Herzog said that this year was a special occasion being the 18th year, the number 18 represents life and with Hashem's help we hope to bring you many more Sukkos celebrations ■ more 

It's Official!
 Dneper Street Named in Honor of The Rebbe 
“It was Ukrainians within our city who initiated the project of renaming this street for the Rebbe,” says Kaminezki by phone. “They are renaming places after their national heroes, and they felt that the Rebbe, who grew up here, is one of their heroes as well ■ “Every time you come to school named after the Rebbe’s father and located on the Rebbe’s street, you have to keep it in mind. “You have to learn in a way that brings nachas to the Rebbe ■ more 
Tishrei in Beis Chayeinu
 Yom Tov Meals in Vaad Sukkah 
Photograph: Shimmy Kutner
Vaad Talmidei HaTmimim provides satisfying Yom Tov and Chol HaMoed meals for orchim at their Sukkah, situated opposite 770 near Kehos. Shturem photographer Shimmy Kutner was there ■ more
Tishrei 5777 with The Rebbe
 The Streets of Crown Heights Shake 
Photograph: Shturem/NY
The streets of Crown Heights literally shook all through the night, until daybreak, to the peppy nigunim by the talented menagnim. Men, women and children take to the streets of The Rebbe's schchuna every night, all night, to soak in simcha for the entire year ■ more
Take the Children, Too
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day 
Photograph: JEM Screen Shot

Chinuch Horaah of the Day: During the festival of Sukkos, one is encouraged to travel out of the city in order to bring Simchahs Beis HaSho’evah to the Jews there... It would be even better for one’s spouse and children to accompany him in his travels in order to educate them as well on the importance of “spreading the wellsprings ■ more

Tishrei in Beis Chayeinu
 Mashpia & Tmimim Farbreng till the Wee Hours 
Photograph: Shimmy Kutner
Rabbi Mendel Gordon, Mashpia in Tomchei Tmimim London, farbrengen with the orchim in the Succah of Vaad Talmidei HaTmimim. The farbrengen took place on Motzoei Yom Tov and continued until the wee hours, after which they joined the Simchas Bais HaShoeva ■ more
Succos 5777
 Photo Gallery: The Talmud Torah Rejoices 
Photograph: Nitai Abel/ Shturem
Last night (Tuesday) the talmidim of the Talmud Torah in Kfar Chabad celebrated a special Simchas Bais HaShoeva with Simcha Friedman providing the simcha . The entire event was coordinated by principal Rabbi Menachem Mendel Arad and R' Aharon Cohen, under the strict supervision of the Mara d'Asra Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi ■ more 
Tehillim Still Needed
 Rabbi Deitch's Attackers Arrested 
Four suspects have been arrested in connection with the brutal beating and robbery of Rabbi Mendel Deitsch, police in Zhitomir, Ukraine say that the four – two men and two women – were arrested and charged in connection with the brutal incident which occurred two weeks ago ■ more
Tishrei in Lubavitch, 5777
 Erev Yom Tov in The Rebbe's Shchuna 
Photograph: JDN
Hours before Zman Simchoseinu: Last minute purchases and preparations in the Rebbe's Shchuna. Enjoy the colorful photo gallery ■ more 

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