B"H Sunday, 28 Shevat 5776 | February 07 2016
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Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 We Must Fulfill Mitzvas Hakhel! 
Much has been said over the past few months in relation to Shnas Hakhel. With all the Shturem however, many of us fail to grasp how passionate the Rebbe was in promoting and living it throughout the course of the year. This week’s Living Torah program from JEM is all about this special year and what it means to us today ■ more
Neirot In-Depth Sicha
 Parshas Mishpotim: Faith, Logic and Beyond 
This week’s parsha focuses on the rational laws of the Torah. Included in this Torah portion however, are the preparations for the giving of the Torah and the prohibition of milk and meat—both of which do not seem to fit into the above theme. Through an analysis of the chronology of events, this Sicha illustrates the need for faith along with rationale in the service of G-d and the fulfillment of His mitzvos ■ more
Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 Moshiach's Influence Permeates the World 
Moshiach's Influence Permeates the World: “They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation against nation shall not raise up a sword, nor shall they learn war any more” (Yeshayahu 2:4. Micha 4:3) is one of the promises of the true and complete Geulah through Moshiach, concerning the nations of the world. This will be brought about by Moshiach himself ■ more
The Chassidishe Parsha
 Vealah Hamishpatim Asher Tasim 
“Vealah Hamishpatim Asher Tasim…” Parshas Mishpatim contains many Torah commandments. The first commandment is the law of an Eved Ivri, the Jewish slave. The Mitzvah of an Eved Ivri is only performed during times when the Yovel is active. In today’s times, when we do not keep the Yovel, this law is no longer in practice. Nevertheless, the Torah is eternal and is called “Torah” from the term Horaah, meaning “lesson”. What eternal lesson does the Eved Ivri teach us in every generation ■ more
Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Bar Zohar - Lipsker Chasene Gallery 
Bar Zohar - Lipsker Chasene Gallery
 Mazel Tov! Last night the Bar Zohar (Chaifa) and Lipsker (Kfar Chabad) families, celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Yehuda Leib and Chaya. The chasene took place at the Bais Menachem Hall in Kfar Chabad. To the photo gallery ■
Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus
 A Small Bite of Shabbos Delight 
This week we read, learn and live the Torah reading of Mishpatim, and we bless the new month of Adar 1. Rosh Chodesh is Tuesday and Wednesday. The Rebbe emphasized many many times, that the name of a Torah reading contains its theme ■ more
Kiddush Shem Lubavitch
 Shliach Opens Senate with Prayer 
Shliach Rabbi Yosef Greenberg, of Alaska, opened yesterday's  US Senate session with a prayer. Rabbi Greenberg's invocation included The Rebbe's call for non-Jews to fulfill te Sheva Mitzvos B'nei Noach ■ more
Miracle in Yerushalayim
 R' Mendy Rivkin Comes Home 
Photograph: Shturem
With much gratitude to Hashem we report the miraculous recovery of R' Mendy Rivkin of Anash Yerushalayim, who was critically wounded in a stabbing terror attack last week ■ more
Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz
 Mishpotim: A Blessing or a Promise? 
Shliach Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz presents his weekly Parsha video shiur. This week, Parshas Mishpotim, Rabbi Minkowicz discusses receiving a guaranteed reward from Hashem ■ more
Purim Koton, Hakhel 5776
 Jr. Nshei Gearing Up for Global Hakhel 
Junior Nshei in Crown Heights is spearheading an international global Hakhel for Nshei Chabad around the world. It will take place on Purim Katan. We have communities in over 36 cities worldwide participating ■ more
Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier
 Mishpotim: Will You Keep This Up? 
When the Jewish people prepared to enter the Land of Israel, Hashem promised that they would succeed in conquering the entire land. But He also informed them that, "I will not drive them away from before you in one year, lest the land become desolate and the beasts of the field outnumber you. I will drive them out from before you little by little, until you have increased and can occupy the land." This encapsulates a timeless message: conquering new territory is a gradual process ■ more
A Pushka, Siddur, Chumash
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day 
Chinuch Horaah of the Day: ...The [child’s] room should contain a tzedakah pushka, a Siddur , and a Chumash ; then he will automatically remember matters of Torah and mitzvos. …The tzedakah pushka should be nailed to the wall, turning the entire room into a (room of tzedakah) ■ more
Chof Daled Shvat
 Yohrtzeit of Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel 
A gift from the Alter Rebbe to Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel
A gift from the Alter Rebbe to Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel | Photograph: He.Chabad.org /Aguch Library
Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel Slonim (5559-5648) was the daughter of the Mittele Rebbe. She is regarded a matriarch of the Chabad dynasty as well as Chevron's Jewish population in general ■ Hundreds of Anash, including her descendants, will be visiting her kever today. Shturem will be reporting from Chevron ■ more
Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Zalmanov - Margolius Chasene Gallery 

 Mazel Tov! Last night the Zalmanov (Kfar Chabad) and Marglius (Lod) families celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Effy and Esti. The chasene took place at the Bais Rivkah Hall in Kfar Chabad Bais. To the photo gallery


Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Pressman - Kaplan Chasene Gallery 
Pressman - Kaplan Chasene Gallery
Mazel Tov! Last night the Pressman (Bnei Brak) and Kaplan (Sitria) families celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Yossi and Leah. The chasene took place at the Bais Menachem Hall in Kfar Chabad. To the photo gallery
$8 Million, 30,000 Square Feet
 Chabad Chayil to Expand with New Building 
Photograph: Miami Herald
A Chabad educational center will soon rise in the Highland Lakes neighborhood in unincorporated Northeast Miami-Dade ■ “It’s been a lot of hard work, a lot of sweat,” Kievman said. “It’s going to beautify the area, make it a safer area. It’s going to light up the area and be a gem for the community ■ more

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