B"H Wednesday, 16 Nisan 5774 | April 16 2014
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The 11th Plague
 Ma Nishtanah? Gefilte Fish Scarce this Year 
Photograph: NY Times/Dave Sanders
Erik Antes spent most of Sunday, the day before the start of Passover, on the phone behind the counter at BenZ’s Gourmet in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, fielding frantic phone calls. “Yes, yes, I understand; I’m sorry, we’re all out,” Mr. Antes, the store manager, said into the receiver. “I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. Next year, maybe ■ more 
A Call for Achdus
 When It Becomes too Much... 

The past few weeks for the Jewish world globally have been indescribably devastating.  A short while before the Seder, a wonderful father and officer was shot dead by terrorists as he drove to Kiryat Arba with his wife and children. Three Jews were murdered by an anti-Semitic KKK member in Kansas.And in the Chabad community of which I am a member: We stood, helpless to the sudden loss of Rashi Minkowitz, a young mother of 8, who suddenly died unexpectedly in her sleep at the age of 37 ■ more

Mivtza Matza, Pesach 5774
 200,000 Shmurah Matzos to IDF 
Photograph: Jerusalem Post
Some 200,000 hand-baked “shmura,” or watched, matzot were donated to soldiers ahead of Seder night by the Friends of the IDF organization and the Or L’Hayal nonprofit group connected to the Chabad movement ■ more
Beijing, China
 Burning Chometz under Communism 
Photograph: JDN

Shliach Rabbi Shimon Freundlich, of Beijing, China, burns his chometz. Beijing is the capitol of the Communist People's Republic of China ■ more 

Pesach 5774
 A Kosher'n Freilichen Pesach 
Photograph: LT Graphics
Shturem.org editorial staff wishes our readers, Anash, and all Klal Yisroel a Kosher'n Freilachen Pesach.  May we all be zoche, today, to be makriv Korbon Pesach in the Bais HaMikdosh ■ more
 Tragedy: Baby Dovid Ida , OB"M 

AD MOSAI?? Tragedy: With much sadness and shock we report the sudden passing of infant Dovid Ida, ob"m of Yavne. Two month old Baby Dovid is the son of - yibodlu l'chaim tovim - R Efraim and Efrat Ida of Yavne. The levaye will take place today, Wednesday, at 12:00 noon ■ more

Gallery of the Day
 Bais Chayeinu Kosher for Pesach 
Photograph: Shturem

The main Zal in 770 was emptied of its daily hustle and bustle, with crowds of Anash and Tmimim davening and learning throughout the day. The mispallelim were relegated to alternative venues in 770 ■ more 

Pesach 5774
 Burning Chometz in Cyprus 

Shliach and Chief Rabbi Aryeh Ze'ev Raskin of Cyprus burns his chometz with members of the local Jewish communitymore 

Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Tragedy:Rabbi Mordechai Abramowitz, OB"M 

 With much sadness and anguish we report the very untimely passing of Rabbi Mordechai Abramowitz, ob"m, of Kiryat Ata.The levaye will take place today, Erev Pesach at 2:45 pm, from his home - 54 Nordau Street, Kiryat Ata ■ more

This Chol HaMoed
 Ketores @ the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens 
This Pesach Chol haMoed holiday visitors to Crown Heights will be learning about the Ketoreth at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens thanks to a Crown Heights resident. Over the last few years the Botanical Gardens has been cultivating collection of the Ketoreth under the watchful eye of Rabbi Yehuda Benchemhoun. There are many herbs and plants needed to make the Ketores incense that could be ground into the daily incense offering in the Beis HaMikdosh ■ more
A Rebbe Mofes
 Nepal: Shipment Arrives, Shluchim Relieved 
Photograph: Shturem Archives
The world watched with baited breath as a dramatic race took place- the world's largest Seder shipment, against the ticking clock ■ The Pesach shipment to the Chabad House of Katmandu was held up due to an Israeli Foreign Misitry strike ■ Despite all odds, the shipment is in Nepal, the Shluchim are greatly relieved, as are all the guests. Chani Lifshitz reports from Nepal: We have merited a true miracle from the Rebbe ■ more
In the Press
 Hands On Learning at JCrafts Matzah Bakery 
Photograph: The Washington Times/Andrew Harnik
The “18-minute rule” for making matzah might have its roots in the Old Testament, but it’s also the cutoff point for the attention spans of young bakers.Perhaps no one knows this rule better than Rabbi Levi Raskin, director of JCrafts, and last Wednesday, the patient head baker taught eager — and easily distracted — youngsters the importance of matzah at Passover ■ more
Yud Daled Nissan
 Yom Huledes:Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon 
Rambam - Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon - was born on the fourteenth day of Nissan – the day before Passover – in the year 11351, in Cordova, Spain. He was a descendent of a distinguished and scholarly family tracing its ancestry to Rabbi Yehudah HaNassi, the compiler of the Mishnah, and even further back to the royal house of King David ■ The Rebbe instructed to celebrate the Rambam's yom huledes with a farbrengen ■ more
No Modifying
 Shaarei Chinuch Directive of the Day 

Chinuch horaah of the day:  The Freidiker Rebbe said about his father, the Rebbe Rashab, that when he started going to cheder, his grandfather, the Tzemach Tzedek threw candies on him and told him that Malach Michoel threw them on him.  This made the candies very precious to him and so he saved them and did not eat them ■ more
Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz
 Pesach: What is True Freedom 
Join Shliach Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz's weekly Parsha video, dedicated to the ,e,ory of Mrs. Rashi Minkowicz, ob"m. This week, Rabbi Minkowicz tackles the timely and pertinent question: "What is true freedom ■ more
Leb'n Mit Dem Rebbe'n
 Kol Chamira: Rare Photos of the Rebbe 
Shturem.org presents a timely gallery of the Rebbe at biur chometz. The Rebbe is see leaving his holy adobe on President Street, accompanied by Mazkir Rabbi Hodakov ■ read more

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