B"H Tuesday, 24 Elul 5776 | September 27 2016
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Solano County Celebrates
 A New Torah, and A New Shul 
Photograph: Josh Redsun/Daily Republic
Sunday proved to be a momentous day for the Solano County Jewish community in Vacaville with the creation of a new Torah in Solano County. The Torah was completed Sunday in front of a packed room at the Hampton Inn and Suites by Rabbi Raleigh Resnick, Chabad of the Tri Valley, and Rabbi Moshe Klein ■ more
Tearful Farewell
 Thousands Escort Chief Rabbi to Resting Place 
Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo
The former Chief Rabbi of France, Rabbi Joseph Haim Sitruk, was brought to his final resting place Monday morning in Yerushalayim.After a service in France yesterday evening, Rabbi Sitruk was flown to Israel early Monday morning ■ more
Rare Footage
 Reliving Treasured Moments: Slichos 5737 
Photograph: Living Archives Screen Shot
Shturem presents JEM Living Archives raw footage of Motzoei Shabbos Slichos, 5737, filmed and naarated by photographer R' Levi Yitzchok Freidin ■ more 
Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Freiman - Baitch Chasene Gallery 
Freiman - Baitch Chasene Gallery
Mazel Tov! Last night (Sunday), the Freiman (Yerushalayim) and Baitch (Kfar Chabad) celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Menachem Mendel and Libby. The chasene took place at the Bais Menachem Hall in Kfar Chabad. To the photo gallery
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 First Night of Slichos with The Rebbe 
Photograph: Excerpt from JEM Clip
The first night of Selichos with the Rebbe- Motzoei Shabbos, 26th of Elul, 5747.  Rabbi Yosef Wineberg, ob"m, is the chazzan at 770 ■ more
Slichos Hakhel, 5776
 Slichos in Moscow iz nit Andersh 
Photograph: Levi Nazarov
The Jewish community of Moscow gathered last night to participate in the traditional pre-Slichos at the Marina Roscha Shul. At midnight they "shockeled to Slichos" as is the age-old Lubavitcher custom. Rabbi Zalman Shimon Deren, Mazkir of the Chief Rabbinate, led the Slichos ■ more
Happening Now
 "Sweet Year" Packets for Recuperating Yidden 
20,000 Yidden recuperating in Botei Refuah across Eretz Yisroel will be visited by the Shluchim assigned to the health establishments in the days before Rosh Hashana. They will be recipients of Shana Tova packets ■ more
Video: Tiku BaChodesh
 "Just Being There Gives Us Strength" 
Photograph: Screen Shot
The stirring nigun "Tiku Bachodesh" tells the story of a Chossid returning home after Tisheri, bringing the "Dibur Hamaschil" of the three Maamorim the Rebbe RaShaB said. The lesson of the story was updated by Tzivos Hashem in 5774 for our times and situation, with the unshakable knowledge that "The Rebbe is doh" ■ more
AD MOSAI? Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Loss: Elki Rosenfeld, OB"M 
With great sadness we inform you of the untimely passing of  Elki Rosenfeld, OBM, a Crown Heights resident and veteran educator who was beloved by all her students. She was 67 years old. The levaya will take place today, Sunday, beginning at Shomrei Hadas Chapels in Boro Park and continuing on to her burial at Wellwood Cemetery in Long Island ■ more
BDE: Former Chief Rabbi of France
 Loss: Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sitruk, OB"M 
Rabbi Sitruk with Shliach Rabbi Muleh Azimov
Rabbi Sitruk with Shliach Rabbi Muleh Azimov | Photograph: Shturem/ Chlouhim.com
With sadness we report the passing of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sitruk, OB"M, former chief Rabbi of France. Rabbi Sitruk served as Rov in Strasburg and Marseilles before being chosen as chief Rabbi of France.Rabbi Sitruk had great respect for The Rebbe, as related by Shliach Rabbi Shmuel Lubcki of Normandy ■ more
Slichos Hakhel, 5776
 Anash Go "Shockeldik" to Slichos 
Photograph: שטורעם.נט ניו-יורק
Thousands of Anash and Tmimim, early bird orchim alongside locals, farbrenged before Slichos, thus fulfilling the longtime Lubavitcher custom of going "shockeldik" to Slichos ■ more
Rabbi Simon Jacobson
 MyLife: Chassidus Applied Episode 133 
How to Deal with Prayer Fatigue and Disliking Davening? Should Secrets Be Kept From Our Spouses? Can We Have Yechidus with the Rebbe Today? What is the Role of a Parent in the Life of Their Married Children? Rabbi Simon Jacobson will provide insight on these and many more issues in tonight's episode of MyLife Chassidus Applied ■ more
Slichos Hakhel, 5776
 Huge Crowd at The Rebbe's Shul in Paris 
Photograph: M. Lubecki
A tremendous crowd of Anash, Tmimim and mekurovim came to say Slichos at the shul on 17 Rue Des Rosiers, better known as "The Rebbe's Shul ■ more
Photo Gallery
 B'Motzoei Menucha: Slichos in Kfar Chabad 
Photograph: Nitai Abel/ Shturem
Shturem photographer Nitai Abel documented the first Slichos, last night (Motzoei Shabbos)  in the many shuls of Kfar Chabad ■ more
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 Video: Elul with The Rebbe 
A beautiful clip that takes you on a journey through the month of Elul with a collection of unique images from some of the most memorable moments with the Rebbe during these special days ■ more
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 Are You Stuck Without a Slichos? 
Photograph: Meir Dahan/ Shturem Archives

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