B"H Wednesday, 24 Tishrey 5776 | October 07 2015
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Video of the Day
 The Rebbe: Hoshaana Rabba 5745 
Photograph: Excerpt fromJEM Clip
In honor of Hoshaana Rabba we present a short clip of the Rebbe in 770 davening Hallel and Hoshaanos on Hoshaana Rabba 5745 ■ more 
Sisu v'Simchu B'Simchas Torah
 Shturem.org Wishes A Gut Yom Tov to All 
As the exalted and heilige days of Shmini Atzeres and Simchas Torah are about to envelop us in three days of simcha, Shturem.org editorial staff wishes all our readers a Gut Yom Tov ■ more
Rare Audio
 Kos Shel Brocho, Motzoei Simchas Torah, 5743 
Illustartion: Kos Shel Brocho
Illustartion: Kos Shel Brocho | Photograph: Shturem Archives
On the night of Simchas Torah 5743, the Rebbe confiscated a bottle of mashke from someone who was acting wild, put it on the Stender in front of him, and then took it out of Shul with him. The next night, when this man went by the Rebbe for Kos Shel Brocho ■ more
Sukkos Hakhel, 5776
 Thousands in Kfar for Hakofos Shniyos 
Photograph: Nitai Abel/ Shturem
Amazing Achdus in Kfar Chabad: Last night a huge crowd of Yidden from every possible background and affiliation danced together to the music of Gershon Freistat and his musicians, Nemuel Harush's vocals, with unbelievable vitality and pure joy ■ more
Sukkos Hakhel, 5776
 Gallery: Hoshana Rabba in Moscow 
Photograph: Levi Nazarov
Shturem presents a photo gallery of Hoshana Rabba at the Marina Roscha shul in Moscow, headed by Head Shliach and Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar ■ more
It's A Girl!
 Mazel Tov to Shturem Chief Editor 
Mazel Tov!
Mazel Tov!
Heartfelt Mazel Tov to Shturem Chief Editor R' Shimmy Segal and family on the birth of their daughter.  May they raise their new daughter, along with their older children, l'Torah, l'chuppah u'l'maasim tovim, with Chassidishe nachas ■ more
RARA Shluchim
 The Only Connection to Yiddishkeit 
Traveling in a motor home armed with Jewish gear, Rabbi Yossi and Malki Rodal make their way around the Australian outback in search of Jews. Some 7000 Jews live in outlying areas with no Jewish community infrastructure, so these “Jewish Detectives,” as they were dubbed by Australian ABC radio, are on a roll. The challenge? To meet and greet every single Jew in the outback at least twice a year with the offer of friendship and mitzvahs ■ more
Torah Gemach Pairs with Merkos
 16 Kehillos Get Sifrei Torah 
What do the Jewish business people in Chengdu, China, and the inmates in the Federal Correction Facility in Danbury, Conn., have in common? Come Simchas Torah, they’ll be among the 16 communities to be dancing with newly refurbished Torah scrolls that just arrived to their congregations via the Beis Yisroel Torah Gemach ■ more
Photo Gallery
 Aruban Prime Minister Visits Chabad HQ 

Mr. Mike Eman, Jewish prime minister of Aruba and longtime friend of Chabad, included Chabad-Lubavitch Headquarters on his itinerary during a visit to New York last week. Accompanied by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice-chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kantor, head shliach to Thailand, Rabbi Mendel Kotlarsky, and Rabbi Peretz Blasberg, father of Aruba shliach Rabbi Aharon Blasberg, Mr. Eman visited the Rebbe’s room and the Jewish Children’s Museum and then participated in a reception ■ more

Tonight Near the Kosel
 Two Kedoshim Stabbed to Death, HY"D 
Zev Sofer, Ichud Hatzala Volunteer
Zev Sofer, Ichud Hatzala Volunteer
An Arab terrorist stabbed and killed two members of a family on their way to the Kosel via Shaar Ha’arayos (the Lion’s Gate) tonight, shortly after Shabbos. Several of the victims are members of the same family, INN reports ■ more
Sukkos Hakhel 5776
 The Streets of London Rejoice 
The streets of Stamford Hill, London, reverberated withSukkos joy at the main Simchas Bais Hashoeva ■ more
Sukkos Hakhel 5776
 Unbridled Simcha in Crown Heights 
The inclement weather and the possible threat of an impending hurricane, didn't dampen the simcha at the mass Hakhel and Simchas Bais HaShoeva in The Rebbe's Shchuna ■ more
Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm
 Did You Buy a Yom Tov Gift for Your Wife? 
A timely shiur by Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, dean of the Online Smicha programs, serves as a reminder for those who forgot: Buy your wife a gift for Yom Tov ■ more
Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz
 "What is the Quality of a Jewish Leader? 
Join Shliach Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz's weekly short Parsha video, based on the Sichos Kodesh of The Rebbe. This week, on Simchas Torah, we will be concluding the Torah with the reading of Parshas Zos Habrocho ■ more
Sukkos Hakhel 5776
 Mivtza Daled Minim with Ambassador Gilon 
The Ambassador with Shluchim
The Ambassador with Shluchim | Photograph: Facebook Photo
Shliach Rabbi Menachem Lazar of Italy, helps Ambassador Naor Gilon fulfill the mitzvah of bentching Daled Minim ■ more
Sukkos Hakhel 5776
 Gallery: Pe'elei Chabad Sukkamobiles 
Photograph: Schneur Schiff
36 Sukkahmobiles manned by "Pe'elei Chabad" spread out in the Tel Aviv area to bring Yom Tov joy and the mitzvos of the day to the Jewish population in Tel Aviv ■ more

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